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"[it was] nearly impossible to make an informed decision without analyzing the various modeling scenarios provided by the [HDR] simulation [in Simio]. We now feel confident that our recommendations are well thought out and reflect our likely utilization of these operating suites."

  • Matthew A. Mormino, M.D.
    Orthopedic Surgery Residency Director
    Nebraska Medical

Simio is the perfect software for all your critical decisions!

Optimize Healthcare Systems and Maximize Hospital Resources with Simio.

On Time
Optimize Healthcare Systems

  • Improve capacity planning to optimize patient care
  • Evaluate complex systems to increase operational efficiency levels
  • Gain insight into patient demands to improve resource allocation

Global Visibility
Enhance Laboratory Operations

  • Gain Insight into resources requirements to meet varying test demand profiles
  • Evaluate resource allocation requirements to optimize labor costs
  • Optimize laboratory capacity plans to meet fluctuating demand

Event Based Scheduling
Gain Insight from Healthcare Data

  • Evaluate outpatient care to improve revenue generation
  • Gain insight into smart systems to optimize healthcare services

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated due to the sensitive nature of the services the industry offers. Today, the provision of healthcare and the research that occurs within laboratory facilities is under a lot of constraints driven by regulations and the need to offer excellent patient care. Simulation modeling provides the perfect virtual environment to evaluate the effects of these constraints without risks.

Simio Software for healthcare simulation modeling is powerful object-based simulation software you can use to optimize pharmaceutical operations, healthcare capacity planning, epidemiology research, and evaluate policies.


Capture and Optimize the Dynamics of Healthcare Systems

Improving the performance levels of healthcare systems lead to increased healthcare provider (HCP) satisfaction levels and reducing the costs of providing excellent care to diverse patients. Simio Software provides healthcare facilities with the tools needed to capture the dynamic interrelated systems that define the level of care your facilities provide.

You can leverage Simio Software healthcare simulation models to carry out extensive analysis on resource allocation, the effects of private patient care on a facility’s layout, and optimize administrative tasks. Administrators can introduce industry-specific constraints and policies to get optimized visualized answers to ‘what-if’ questions with Simio Software.

Take Advantage of Predictive Modeling

Gain insight into the diverse causation factors within your healthcare facilities and their future effects on its ability to deliver excellent care for every patient that works through your doors. Simio software healthcare simulation models are powerful environments for predicting the effects of increased patient inflow and on-demand healthcare on available resources.

Identifying potential risk factors and future challenges to delivering optimal healthcare in diverse scenarios provide the foundation for mitigating risk. Simio Software supports the analysis of healthcare systems at the facility-level and operational-level which provides the information needed to make accurate decisions.

Optimize Epidemiological Research and Covid-19 Responses

The ability to model social interactions and understand their effects on a given population is an indispensable tool for epidemiology research. Evaluating responses to increased patient inflow due to a pandemic provides the insight needed to allocate resources such as bed spaces and protective gear to ensure safety.

Simio Software is a powerful research tool for modeling the effects of pandemics and evaluating the results of the diverse measures healthcare facilities intend to apply. Simio Software provides you with an excellent 3D visualized environment to view social interactions and the effects of specialized care. Download a model on how Simio can be used with a pandemic like Covid-19.

Enhance Digital Transformation Initiatives

Keeping up with digital transformation strategies within the healthcare industry is an overwhelming process. Your healthcare facility produces a lot of data and deciding which technology or strategy to implement to simplify complex systems can be difficult. Simio Software provides the flexibility you require when adapting to the digital era.

A digital twin of your facilities provides an accurate virtual model to track the effects of your innovative solutions to the entire healthcare process. Digital twins for healthcare facilities ensure administrators can monitor complex systems remotely and in near real-time. The insight a digital twin provides can fine-tune the digital transformation strategy you choose while optimizing patient care.

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