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"[it was] nearly impossible to make an informed decision without analyzing the various modeling scenarios provided by the [HDR] simulation [in Simio]. We now feel confident that our recommendations are well thought out and reflect our likely utilization of these operating suites."

  • Matthew A. Mormino, M.D.
    Orthopedic Surgery Residency Director
    Nebraska Medical

Simio is the perfect software for all your critical decisions!

Simio Simulation Software Creates Confidence in Healthcare Management Decisions

Whether it’s designing a new office, evaluating new surgical scheduling strategies, or predicting variables like changing the number of staff members working at any given time, Simio Healthcare Simulation Software can help create stress-free decisions. Small or large-scale changes can be easily simulated before they are implemented to ensure healthcare institutions are incorporating changes confidently.

Trying to make predictions regarding healthcare supply chain management can be virtually impossible. With so many variables to take into consideration, mistakes can be made. But those errors can be minimized with the Simio simulation software. It accounts for the different variables you have input based on historical data. That means more accurate predictions prior to making a significant business decision.

Simulate Changes to Avoid Critical Mistakes

Simio Healthcare Simulation Software gives healthcare institutions clear 3D models of what will happen as a result of a possible changes ahead. This includes the most common healthcare institution alterations including:

  • Upgrading facilities
  • Changing workforce
  • Implementing new systems and processes
  • Creating better service such as less wait time
  • Lowering costs

Nebraska Medical Center Case Study

During the programming phase of The Nebraska Medical Center’s future Comprehensive Cancer Center, the hospital wanted to analyze the locations of their current surgery suite and the future eye, cancer and ambulatory centers. The hospital’s goal was to determine the best location for specific patients based on prioritized operational goals.

With information provided by the hospital including current arrival times, travel distances, staffing and resources, Simio’s simulation software modeled the current system and optimized it in a virtual environment to identify and reduce variation and bottlenecks before the actual plan’s implementation.

Our model identified outcomes and opportunities for improvement including:

  1. More operating room use during peak staff hours
  2. Less operating room use during non-peak staff hours
  3. More use of equipment-specific rooms for less total operating rooms
  4. Less surgeon travel frequency and distances
  5. Less patient travel time
  6. Less turnover times according to service

This knowledge allowed the hospital to link programming strategy with the design of the new centers, and ensured the most efficient model for the hospital’s future.

Simio Simulation Software allows healthcare institutions to efficiently and confidently make decisions for the good of their patients and employees. Without simulating different scenarios, the chances for critical unknown mistakes increases significantly. Running various simulations eliminates the unknown by identifying potential flaws in new ideas or designs. This helps improve patient experience, employee morale and overall efficiency.

Improving efficiency in healthcare institutions can greatly improve a patient’s experience, so be sure to contact us to see how we can help. Simio has proven results helping the healthcare industry by incorporating simulation software.

What is Quality Simulation Software?

Quality simulation software allows companies to test changes in a their general systems and processes, all without risk. When large-scale changes are being considered, good simulation software can accurately predict the consequences of the change, so poor decisions are eliminated. Even the smallest variable will be identified with high-quality simulation software. Incomplete data is easily identified so companies know what needs to be fixed. With 3D simulation animation, companies can easily communicate ideas to different sectors for better understanding of the bigger picture.


Simio Healthcare Simulation and Scheduling Software Success

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