OptQuest add in for Simio

Improves Your Decision Making

Maximize Simulation Modeling Investment

Avoid Losing Crucial Knowledge

What is optimization?

Optimization technology allows analysts to search for optimal solutions to complex business and engineering problems.

The OptQuest® Engine, OptTek Systems, Inc.'s optimization software, enables you to find the best answer to questions such as:

  • What is the maximum return on budgets allocated to different uses, given uncertain product demand, machine reliability, and raw material availability?
  • What is the most effective configuration of machines for production scheduling under variable conditions of demand and operation?
  • What are the most effective location and release sequencing of raw materials to minimize waiting time?
  • What are the optimal work force allocations to minimize lead time and labor costs?
  • What are the optimal allocations for an investment portfolio?

Investigating every possible scenario can be extremely time-consuming and, in many cases, impossible. The OptQuest Engine replaces the inaccuracy of trial-and-error with a potent search engine that pinpoints the best decision. Users can quickly determine what combination of variables results in achieving their objectives.

How the OptQuest Engine works:

The OptQuest Engine is an optional add-in for Simio Simulation and Scheduling software that incorporates metaheuristics to guide its search algorithm toward better solutions. This approach remembers which solutions worked well and recombines them into new, better solutions. In addition, this technique does not get trapped in local solutions or get thrown off course by noisy (uncertain) model data.

The OptQuest Engine combines Tabu searchscatter search, integer programming, and neural networks into a single, composite search algorithm providing maximum efficiency in identifying new scenarios. OptTek's well-researched technology has been shown to be orders of magnitude faster than other approaches. The OptQuest Engine is also flexible, intelligent, and easy to use. And, according to experts in the field, it is the most reliable optimization software on the market today.

Through the power of optimization: OptQuest

  • Delivers the best possible answers—faster
    OptQuest searches, adjusts and analyzes input values and identifies the best possible outcomes with unparalleled efficiency, thanks to its built-in algorithms and analysis techniques.
  • Handles competing objectives with ease
    Most complex models and challenges present you with competing objectives. OptQuest balances and analyzes these competing objectives, identifies the associated trade-offs, selects the best input values, and determines the best possible outcomes.
  • Automates the entire simulation, optimization and analysis process
    Once OptQuest is integrated into Simio, it runs the most efficient set of simulation scenarios to deliver the best possible outcomes.

OptQuest is used by:

  • Organizations that build their own in-house simulation and scheduling models with Simio and want to embed optimization
  • Organizations that want to make better decisions through the use of optimized Simio simulations
  • Simio Engineers