The Story of Simio

True Process Digital Twin Software

A Digital Twin, or Device Shadow, provides an actual virtual representation of all the elements involved in an operation. This allows its performance to be studied and optimized, avoiding potential problem areas to achieve optimal outcomes.

Working as a Digital Twin, Simio Software:

  • Models production processes, including Industry 4.0
  • Interacts with MES/MRP/ERP systems in Real Time
  • Optimizes schedules and reschedules when required.

Next Generation Simulation Software

The only simulation software that is fully object oriented, Simio defines processes and objects step-by-step, graphically, with no programming required. Fast and easy portrayal of components allows analysis and removal of risk from complex systems.

Simio Simulation Software:

  • Optimizes the use of critical resources
  • Predicts the impact of proposed process changes
  • Improves performance through optimized facility design

Risk-Based Production Scheduling Software

Simio’s patented risk analysis function allows variations in production schedules to simulate imperfect environments. This provides the necessary information to schedulers to allow them to optimize for peak performance.

Simio Risk-Based Production Scheduling Software:

  • Estimates process risks using probabilistic analysis
  • Ensures operation always meets user-defined targets
  • Mitigates risk and uncertainty to reduce costs

The History of Simio

The company Simio LLC was established to deliver leading edge solutions for the design, emulation, and scheduling of complex systems. The name Simio comes from SImulation Modeling framework based on Intelligent Objects.

A private company headquartered in Sewickley, Pittsburgh, PA, Simio is dedicated to delivering the best possible suite of simulation and production scheduling tools. Simio’s global network of partners spans the world, with representation in more than 28 countries. More than 800 universities, internationally, choose Simio’s powerful, high quality software for simulation education.

C. Dennis Pegden, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Simio, has over 30 years of experience in simulation and scheduling and has been widely recognized as an industry leader. He developed SLAM and then founded Systems Modeling Corporation, now part of Rockwell Automation. Dr. Pegden led the creation of the market-leading simulation products SIMAN® and Arena®, as well as the finite capacity scheduling product Tempo, later renamed RS Scheduler.

How Simio Can Help You

Every organization can benefit from the application of Simio software; Governments, Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s largest corporations rely on Simio software for simulation, production scheduling and decision-making.

Industries using Simio’s world-leading simulation software include:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Mining
  4. Ports & Maritime
  5. Supply Chain
  6. Transportation

Let Simio simulation-supported decision-making find powerful solutions for your business.

What does Simio Allow You to Do

Make Better Decisions

See Into The Future

Simulation provides an accurate model of system behavior that can be used for decision-making, documentation and performance improvement purposes. Simio Object-Based Modeling allows easy mimicking of real life objects and processes. Learn More about Simio Simulation Software.

Conduct Real Time Risk Analysis

Simulate Production Scheduling

Scheduling is made easy with accurate modeling of systems, including their inherent constraints and variations. This allows planning and management of uncertainty, enabling risks to be mitigated and targets met. Learn More about Simio Production Scheduling Software.

Solve Complex Problems

Answer big questions by optimization

Simio can be used to find the best solutions through optimization using the OptQuest add-in. Powerful algorithms and sophisticated analysis techniques are applied to devise and investigate scenarios that can then be used to pinpoint the best decision. Learn More about OptQuest.

First in Simulation Education

Meet the demands of next generation technology with the support of the Simio Academic Community. Used in over 800 universities, Simio makes it easy to obtain the required resources and successfully teach intelligent object-based simulation. Meet the Simio Academic Community.

Agile & Responsive

Simio Insiders contribute to product development by participating in planning and design. Simio’s collaborative development process means that individuals have access to early releases, exchanging support and ideas through a 24/7 online user forum. Join the Simio Insiders.