Port Simulation Software


"Simio can improve both the design and operation of maritime systems – including ports, terminals, and offshore platforms. When the life of your business is at stake Simio helps you make critical decisions to improve operations and avoid unnecessary expenditures."

Need to factor in variations as complicated as wind speed and wave height? Simio is your tool!

Our maritime and port solutions encompass harbor design, port authorities, and terminal operators. Typical application areas are:

  • Design of a new container terminal.
  • Port operations.
  • Harbor design.

Our modeling solutions provide answers to key questions such as:

  • What is the best layout for my container terminal with respect to service, quality and cost?
  • What is the impact of implementing a new material handling system?
  • What staffing levels are required to meet different planned ship arrival/departure schedules?
  • What performance gains in terms of throughput and on-time delivery can I achieve with investments in new equipment or changes in operations?

What is a good simulation application?

Systems where it is too expensive or risky to do live tests. Simulation provides an inexpensive, risk-free way to test changes ranging from a "simple" revision to an existing production line to emulation of a new control system or redesign of an entire supply chain.

Large or complex systems for which change is being considered. A "best guess" is usually a poor substitute for an objective analysis. Simulation can accurately predict their behavior under changed conditions and reduce the risk of making a poor decision.

Systems where predicting process variability is important. A spreadsheet analysis cannot capture the dynamic aspects of a system, aspects which can have a major impact on system performance. Simulation can help you understand how various components interact with each other and how they affect overall system performance.

Systems where you have incomplete data. Simulation cannot invent data where it does not exist, but simulation does well at determining sensitivity to unknowns. A high-level model can help you explore alternatives. A more detailed model can help you identify the most important missing data.

Systems where you need to communicate ideas. Development of a simulation helps participants better understand the system. Modern 3D animation and other tools promote communication and understanding across a wide audience.

Simio Port Simulation Software Success

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