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Simio is a family of products that includes simulation and scheduling software.

In contrast to other simulation packages, even those that market themselves as object oriented, Simio software is designed from the ground up to support the object modeling paradigm . It also supports the seamless use of multiple modeling paradigms, including process and event orientation. Furthermore, Simio software also fully supports both discrete and continuous systems, along with large scale applications based on agent-based modeling. These modeling paradigms can be freely mixed within a single model.

Unlike other scheduling solutions, Simio allows you to perform Risk Analysis in Real Time! How important is it to you for your customers to know when you will deliver their order when the unexpected happens?

How does it work?

Intelligent objects are built by modelers, for use in building hierarchical models. An object might be a machine, robot, airplane, customer, doctor, tank, bus, ship, or any other item that may be encountered in a system.

A model is built by combining objects that represent the physical components of the system. A Simio software model looks exactly like the real system. Objects may be animated to reflect their changing states. The model logic and animation is built as a single step.

Objects can be stored in libraries so that they are easily shared and can be reused in multiple projects. A learner may prefer to use pre-built objects from libraries; however Simio software is designed to make it easy for even new modelers to build their own intelligent objects.

Why Simio's Process Digital Twin Differs from Others

Simio provides a systematic roadmap to improve your factory operations, to synchronize and fix the information contained in your Enterprise systems and to harmonize people and processes to finally deliver a production schedule which is fully executable. Schedule feasibility is possible because Simio considers all operational constraints as well as the business logic required to successfully operate the factory concurrently, when creating the schedule.

We provide a 3D Process Digital Twin that is generated and driven by your enterprise data, which simulates the expected outcome into the future to provide predictive and prescriptive analysis of the system and is used to improve both the design and operations of complex systems.

Why Use Simio's Process Digital Twin?

Increased Throughput & Operational Efficiency

  • Eliminate siloed planning by concurrently scheduling all the operational areas
  • Reduce unplanned downtime by synchronizing all capacity and material constraints to meet demand
  • Reduce costs of setups by reducing changeovers without compromising on time delivery

Probability of Meeting On Time Delivery & Cost

  • Risk Analysis of meeting targets, such as on time delivery or cost
  • Constraint analysis of the root causes of delays and inefficiencies (labor, materials, capacity, etc.)
  • Avoid late penalties by addressing high-risk orders proactively

Synchronize the Factory through Global Visibility

  • Schedule visibility to the organization & all stakeholders in the supply chain via Azure
  • Visibility to suppliers for when and where raw materials and parts are needed (JIT)
  • Management dashboards to track performance

Dynamic Near-Realtime Event-based Scheduling

  • React to events in the system, such as unplanned downtime, signals from sensors or new orders
  • Eliminate manual, time consuming planning in Excel-based systems
  • Effective what-if analysis and plan comparisons to optimize business KPIs


Simulation Software

Simio simulates systems and processes using its Intelligent Objects. These can be from pre-built object libraries, or custom made, to represent e.g. machines, robots, planes, customers, ships, doctors, etc.

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Simio Digital Twin

Simio provides a systematic road-map to improve your factory operations, to synchronize and fix the information contained in your Enterprise systems and to harmonize people and processes to finally deliver a production schedule which is fully executable.

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Risk-based Planning and Scheduling

This full-service solution is sure to improve your processes and accuracy. Handling your production line schedule has never been easier, once you incorporate our advanced planning and scheduling software into your day-to-day operations. For both large and small business, our software has a variety of benefits for schedulers:

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