Simio Digital Twin

What is the Simio Digital Twin

The Simio Digital Twin is an object-based, data driven, 3D animated simulation model of the process that is connected to real time data from the ERP, MES, and related data sources. The Digital Twin is fully generated and driven by the Enterprise data, allowing it to automatically adapt to changes in the environment such as adding or removing equipment, revised labor skill and shift requirements, new part introduction, etc.

The Simio Digital Twin simulates into the future to provide predictive and prescriptive analysis of the system to provide a fully forward-looking view of the expected production and delivery performance of the factory. This allows the Simio Digital Twin to generate a detailed, feasible operational schedule including all the relevant resource task lists and associated material requirements at each point in the process. The Simio Digital Twin also performs a risk assessment of defined targets, such as delivery dates and cost to highlight the associated risk with for all the orders in the system allowing the planners to act pro-actively to avoid or minimize customer service issues. With its dual use of allowing you to simulate the expected outcome into the future to provide predictive and prescriptive analysis of the system, the Simio Digital Twin can be used to both design and operate your system in one application.

For the Digital Twin to replicate the true behavior of the physical process the simulation model logic includes the following:

  • A detailed constraint model of the process including all the equipment, labor, tooling, transportation, material, etc. including the equipment and material characteristics driving the operational decisions.
  • The business rules that regulates the operations such as inventory policies, labor policies, operating procedures, transportation restrictions, etc.
  • The detail day to day decision logic as applied by the planners, operators, and supervisors managing the process.

Industry 4.0 and The Smart Factory is an idea whose time has come, and the Simio Digital Twin is a critical component as part of the digital transformation.

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