Learn Simio Simulation Software

Introductory Topics

  • Why Choose Simio

    A brief introduction to Simio and the power of Intelligent Objects, followed by a quick introduction to Simio's Standard Library, data representation, and experimentation capabilities.  These five short videos, viewable in about 20 minutes total, provide a quick overview of Simio and why it is the fastest growing simulation product; already used by over 800 universities worldwide.

  • Simio Quick Start

    This is a quick overview of the Simio basics. This 15-minute video will help you discover the basics of the user interface, building models, running experiments, and interpreting results. Then it surveys some ways to learn  more including SimBits, Examples, Videos, the User Forum, and Help. No matter how you prefer to learn, this  video will help you get there faster.

  • Introduction to Simulation and Scheduling

    This 2.5 hour video set illustrates how to build and operate a small flexible manufacturing cell while illustrating the basic components of a simulation project using Simio. 

  • Introduction to Simulation and Scheduling: Level 1 Certification

    This course tracks your progress on quizzes and will earn you a printable certificate certifying Basic (Level 1) skills. This video series illustrates how to build and operate a small flexible manufacturing cell while illustrating the basic components of a simulation project using Simio. 

Intermediate Topics

  • Introduction to Simio

    Led by Simio Vice-President of Operations David Sturrock, this informal seven-part training session is the video companion to the book Rapid Modeling Solutions: Introduction to Simulation and Simio. Follow along as David runs through Simio's Standard Library, Processes, Data-Driven Models, Object Definitions, and more. This is not a polished video, but rather an informal recording of seven live training sessions, each just over an hour in duration. 

  • Simio Online Learning Series: Level 2 Certification

    This is a series of 13 modules that each have explanatory videos, a problem statement, and solution models, designed for independent study or for use with any textbook. Successful completion of all modules will prepare the student with a solid (Level 2) background in Simio and simulation modeling techniques. 

Special Topics

  • Wonderware MES Integration with Simio

    Join Renee Thiesing, Simio Sr. Application Engineer, in a detailed demonstration of the interface between Wonderware's Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Simio's Risk-based Planning and Scheduling (RPS) solution. This 20 minute video set introduces both Wonderware and Simio, then describes how the integration works and its benefits for you.

E-Book Downloads

  • Rapid Modeling Solutions: Introduction to Simulation and Simio

    This book introduces the concepts of simulation and how to be successful with it, then walks through the basics of Simio and some sample models. We encourage you to read this as you start modeling. A matching 8 hour Introduction to Simio video series is available on-line at no cost. This book may be suitable for use as a textbook supplement for short courses and courses that are part of a larger, more general course.

  • Simio Wonderware MES Integration Guide

    Simio provides Wonderware MES with Finite Capacity Scheduling and Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionality. Simio’s patented approach to planning and scheduling is first to automate comparing a deterministic schedule from MRP with a variation adjusted schedule to let you effectively deal with breakdowns, unplanned events and material shortages. You can then re-schedule resources to acceptable levels of risk. Data is brought into memory for fast execution. While Simio takes full advantage of your existing data to quickly and automatically build you scheduling model, that base model can also be enhanced as needed to accurately capture complexity unique to your system.

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