Management Team

Dennis Pegden picture

C. Dennis Pegden, PhD. - Chief Executive Officer
Dennis Pegden was the founder and CEO of Systems Modeling Corporation, later purchased by Rockwell Automation. He has held faculty positions at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and The Pennsylvania State University. He led in the development of the SLAM, SIMAN, Arena, and Simio simulation tools. He has co-authored three simulation textbooks and has published papers in a number of fields including mathematical programming, queuing, computer arithmetic, scheduling, and simulation.

David Sturrock picture

David Sturrock - Vice President of Operations
David Sturrock is responsible for design, development, support, and services for Simio simulation and scheduling products. He has held similar positions at Systems Modeling, Rockwell Automation, and Inland Steel. He has extensive experience in product development, product management, working with customers, and interacting with business partners as well as experience applying simulation and scheduling in a wide variety of applications. He has a proven record of making market successes.

Shelly Barber - Vice President Administration and Finance
Shelly is responsible for financial planning, accounting and contracts for Simio LLC. Before joining Simio, she held the position of Controller at FoodMinds, a consulting firm based out of Chicago, IL. Prior, she served as a Consultant for a Professional Services firm, providing consulting services to small and mid-sized firms in a broad range of industries. Her expertise covers a range of industries including software, public accounting, eTrade, health and nutrition, health care, graphic design, non-profit, oil and gas, textile production, and entertainment.


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Rich Ritchie - Vice President of Sales
Rich Ritchie is responsible for enterprise sales of the Simio scheduling application. Rich has held a variety of positions in sales and sales management. He specializes in developing mutually beneficial relationships with Fortune 1,000 customers. Rich was formerly CEO of Interim Sales Management Services; an interim sales management practice specializing in improving sales performance.

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Eric Howard - Vice President of Marketing
Eric Howard is responsible for the marketing activities for Simio LLC. Before joining Simio, he oversaw global marketing for several corporations.  He acquired his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, Katz Graduate School of Business and is certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics.  His expertise covers a range of marketing activities including digital marketing, social media marketing, brand management, and event planning.


Renee Thiesing - Vice President of Strategic Alliances
Renee is responsible for establishing and building strategic business and technology partnerships globally.  She was previously a Sr. Application Engineer with Simio where she provided consulting services and training to Simio customers in the fields of healthcare, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, food production and aerospace.   Renee has previous experience as a manager and consultant for software companies in both the telecommunications and warehouse management industries. Renee has a BS and MS of Industrial Engineering from the University Of Michigan and Auburn University. 


Gerrit Zaayman - Vice President of Scheduling and Digital Transformation
Gerrit Zaayman completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering. He then went on to specialize in process and workflow simulation and completed advanced courses in process simulation, business process reengineering and artificial intelligence. As part of this process he helped to establishing the leading process, supply chain and workflow simulation business in South Africa providing the Siman and later the Arena simulation systems to the market. He then joined i2 Technologies where he later became the country manager for South Africa. There he was responsible for sales and delivery of i2’s leading supply chain planning and optimization software to large enterprises gaining experience in planning and optimisation from the strategic design level down to detail scheduling. Gerrit also spent time at Softeon, a provider of warehouse management and optimization systems, as director of sales and marketing where he gained valuable experience in the planning and optimization of warehouse operations. Most recently, Gerrit spent three years as Director scheduling solutions at Simio LLC.

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Tony Innamorato - Vice President of Customer Solutions
Tony is responsible for delivering successful scheduling and simulation solutions that maximize the value of Simio for our customers. He manages all of our client facing projects as well as relationships with key project stakeholders.  Prior to Simio he was an engagement manager at McKinsey and spent 5 years in Navy Special Operations.  He received his MBA from Wharton.