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The future of simulation modeling is being defined by intelligent object-based simulation software. Relying on yesterday’s simulation technologies limits the educational experiences your students receive. So, what can you do to change the status quo and adequately prepare your students for a changing world? Update the simulation software you currently use to Simio’s state-of-the-art object-based simulation, scheduling, and digital twin software.

Simio offers an extensive range of academic simulation products to educators and students interested in teaching or learning simulation modeling. The range of academic products available to educators and students include free versions of Simio simulation software and opportunities to apply for upgrades with unlimited features.

Simio Personal Edition

Do you want to learn and use modern intelligent object-based simulation software with no up-front investment? Then the Simio Personal Edition is the perfect version for you. With Simio Personal Edition you get cutting edge technology worth thousands of dollars at no cost! This edition provides you with access to explore and learn about Simio’s simulation and scheduling features, as well as the capabilities of intelligent object-based simulation software. This version of Simio supports the development of:

  • 5 models per project (most projects contain only 2-3 models)
  • 30 objects (objects are the physical components in your system (e.g., a machine), so 30 represents a small to medium-size model)
  • 45 process steps (typically used to represent complex custom logic, most novices use few or no process steps).

Note that you can build and run models that exceed the above limits, but after exceeding any limit, you can no longer save the model. That makes this software inappropriate for a course where large assignments must be submitted for grading. See below to download it and get started modeling today!

Academic and Student Software

Academic institution is defined as an institution whose primary business is teaching and is widely recognized as offering secondary, post-secondary, or graduate education. Typically, they would have an edu or equivalent email domain. Charitable institutions do not qualify, but Simio is highly committed to supporting worthy causes, so please contact us if you have a need.

The academic and student software discussed below is provided under no-cost grants or at a significant (>99%) discount with the limitation that it can be used for only non-commercial activities. The output is saved in an academic format which cannot be used in commercial software. See notes below for commercial software availability

We understand that the best simulation training often involves students doing real or realistic projects, including capstone projects. To allow for that, we will grant an exception to the above non-commercial limitation on the condition that the project is done as a requirement of a for-credit class and the students involved provide a case study on the project – see case study examples and guidelines. Unless otherwise noted each product below offers a choice of server-based (floating) activation or node-locked (fixed-machine) activation with the option to renew biannually.

Simio Academic Design Edition

Bring real-world scenarios to the classroom with the Simio Academic Design Edition which grants you limited access to Simio software used by businesses to optimize commercial facility operations. The Simio Academic Design Edition is similar to the commercial Simio Design Edition used globally for real-world applications.

Simio Academic Design Edition facilitates modeling, 3D animations, and object library development in academic institutions. It allows users to run experiments, access the built-in libraries, export tables, output analysis, and full add-on process utilization. Simio Academic Design Edition provides access to utilize the optimizing powers of OptQuest, a simulation optimization engine that delivers optimized solutions to simulated processes.

This version of Simio supports the development of:

  • 5 models per project (most projects contain only 2-3 models)
  • 200 objects (objects are the physical components in your system (e.g., a machine), so 200 represents a medium-size model)
  • 150 process steps (typically used to represent complex custom logic, so this supports learning about processes and building moderately complex models)

Simio Academic RPS Edition

Bring the digital twin to your classroom with the Simio Academic RPS Edition. This license incorporates all the features of the Simio Academic Design Edition while removing the above modeling limits. It also provides access to basic digital twin capabilities including scheduling, data logging, comprehensive Gantt charts, target analysis, and much more. This version supports learning and exploring scheduling and digital transformation, but is limited to:

  • 20 resources logged in Gantt
  • 2 Targets

While the general simulation components are unlimited , Academic RPS Edition will only support training-sized digital twin models and will not support an RPS project of significant size.

Simio Student Edition

If you are a currently enrolled student interested in furthering your simulation studies through personal use of state-of-the-art simulation software, then the Simio Student Edition may be the best option for you. While you can often take advantage of the academic software described above installed in an institution lab, you might want the convenience of having similar software on your own machine.

Simio Student Edition is designed for you to use on your personal machine (node-locked license only). It has the same features and model limitations as Simio Academic Design Edition. It has a student-friendly fee of $25 USD for a renewable one-year license (> 99% discount off equivalent commercial software). This is only available to registered students and relies on an activation pass code and pass phrase supplied by a certified instructor – it will not work without that information that is available only through your instructor.

Simio Student RPS Edition (upgrade)

Explore the possibilities of the digital twin alongside the cutting-edge simulation modeling and scheduling tools Simio software has to offer by applying for the Simio Student RPS Edition license. Simio Student RPS Edition is an upgrade on the Simio Student Unlimited Edition and it comes with features and limitations similar to Simio Academic RPS Edition. Students may apply for a free upgrade to the Simio Student RPS Edition by demonstrating their need.

Academic Discounts for Commercial Licenses

Simio Academic Software is not licensed for use in commercial applications. But if you have commercial consulting opportunities, Simio offers exclusive discounts on commercial software to departments who teach Simio.

To get started with a Simio Academic Commercial License, please contact

Beyond the Software - Simio Academic Support

At Simio, we appreciate the value of your academic programs, your business, and what it takes to educate students about simulation modeling and scheduling. To support the admirable work you do as educators, we offer extensive teaching tools and supportive programs with most materials offered freely to you. Educators can take advantage of the following academic support tools we offer:

  • Discounts on simulation modeling textbooks
  • Audiovisual teaching materials via YouTube
  • Free Canvas LMS courses which can be incorporated into your online LMS platforms
  • A support forum for students and instructors

You can contact us today to learn more about how we can ease your use of Simio software and our academic products through our ( ) email.


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