Simio Academic Simulation Products

Simio provides state of the art simulation software for educational use with full supporting materials including slides, videos, course labs, and textbooks. The products below are the functional equivalent of Simio Design Edition. They support large models and are full featured including discrete, continuous, and agent-based modeling, code-free object building, object library development, input and output analysis, integrated optimization, and 3D animation. Our academic products do not limit the complexity of models that you can build. All academic products are limited to non-commercial use by accredited institutions whose primary business is teaching.

Simio Academic Version for Institutional Use

The normal cost of Simio Academic Edition is $2400 US, however we provide software at no charge to academic institutions that teach Simio and publicly acknowledge the grant. We will provide the licenses you need for installation in classrooms and computer labs as well as any other institutional computers. In some regions (including North America) unlimited software is available under full grant. Elsewhere the 100% grant provides software limited to large models and a supplemental fee is required to obtain unlimited software. Instructors may request software here.

How does a "grant" differ from "free" software?

Our Simio Personal Edition (described below) is designed to support only light-duty training needs. It prevents the saving of models large enough to solve most real problems and so is not appropriate for most academic classes where assignments must be "turned in".

Our grant provides a two year license to use the equivalent of our commercial Design Edition software plus the OptQuest add-on. The value of this 2 year license is $2400 US per seat, but in exchange for a commitment to publicize the grant and your use of Simio for educational purposes we provide a grant to your institution to completely offset the cost of the software.

Simio Student Version for Personal Use

Students may use the above Academic Version installed in institution labs and classrooms at no charge. Remote students may also be supported by license sharing via VPN. Using one or more of these options, most institutions will be able to supply the Academic Version to their students.

We also provide full capability software for undergraduate and graduate student use on their personal (non-university) computers while enrolled in a registered simulation course. We will supply the institution with a link where students can obtain their own software and activations for a nominal fee. The activations supplied to individual students are for 12 months. This software also has no functional limits and is equivalent to Simio Design Edition. The Student Version does have model size limits, but they are large enough to complete even large projects and may be expanded on request. Students should contact their instructor who can arrange for student software availability.

Simio Personal Edition

Simio Personal Edition is freely downloadable from the Simio web site. This version of Simio puts no limits on what you can model and is fully functional for models up to 5 models, 30 objects and 30 steps. If you exceed those limits, it retains full model-building capability, but loses the ability to save the model or run experiments. While this is useful for personal learning and short classes, the small-model limitation generally makes it inadequate for a classroom environment where larger problems and projects may be involved.

Limitations for Educational Use

Academic software is provided to support teaching and research - independent consulting activities and use by commercial entities are explicitly prohibited. Academic software cannot be used to directly benefit a commercial entity except as described here:

  • Academic software can be used by currently registered students for any project that fulfills a for-credit class requirement including capstone projects and graduate thesis projects.
  • Academic software can be used for commercial projects within academic institutions teaching Simio providing that the projects are billed through the academic institution. This is limited to work performed by currently registered students and/or active full-time faculty at institutions that regularly teach Simio.

In either case above, a brief case study suitable for publication (minimum of a project title and sections describing objectives, challenges,and results, and a screen shot or short video) must be supplied to Simio when the results are delivered to the commercial customer. No proprietary information need be disclosed. It is desired but not required that the company name and student names be disclosed. See Student Projects for examples.

Student use for commercial benefit outside of a class project is prohibited. Direct billing (e.g., by students or faculty) for services provided based on the use of a Simio Academic software is prohibited. Direct use of Simio Academic software by a commercial entity is not permitted under any circumstances.

Large academic models are not compatible with commercial or Personal Edition. On request, Simio may convert an academic model to a form that can be loaded in commercial software or into free run-time software. Some limitations apply.

If your project is commercial, then we still have a solution for you. Discounted commercial software is available to faculty who regularly teach Simio.You may use Simio Design, Team, or Enterprise Edition. You can find out more about these on our products page. We recommend using the Team Edition so that you may distribute the project to others for use in runtime mode.