Automotive Simulation and Scheduling Software

Simio, The Virtual Simulation Modeling, Scheduling, and Digital Twin Tool to Solve Complex Manufacturing Problems.

Increased Reliability and Availability
Virtual Testing and Process Evaluation

  • Evaluate operational plans, manufacturing strategies, and manufacturing systems to optimize vehicle assembly lines
  • Test factory layout plans and plant refurbishment plans virtually before implementation
  • Receive business insight into supply chains, inventory consumption, and the production capacity of your production line

Harness Factory Data to Optimize Manufacturing Plans
Optimize Manufacturing Processes

  • Evaluate the effects of increased manufacturing capacity and workstations to plant floor operations and available resources
  • Develop optimized schedules to increase throughput, machine utilization and operator efficiency levels
  • Visualize facility-wide operations and interactions that define the manufacturing process

Improve Go-to-market Strategies
Real-Time and Remote Monitoring

  • Leverage the digital twin to remotely monitor the production and assembly line
  • Take advantage of plant floor data to develop predictive and proactive strategies that reduce production costs
  • Visualize the plant floor, workstations, and floor operations in 3D for easy decision making

The competitive nature of the automotive industry means automakers must continuously innovate to beat the competition and innovation comes in many forms. One such form is the restructuring of plant floor layout, operations, schedules, manufacturing capacity, and master production plans to increase productivity and deliver high-performing automobiles.

Simulation software provides automobile manufacturers and Tier-1 automobile parts manufacturers with a powerful tool for analyzing and solving complex manufacturing and assembly challenges. Are you interested in learning how an additional workstation, an alternate supply chain, industrial automation or a new schedule will affect productivity, inventory use or other shop floor operations? A simulation model of your facility can help you answer these questions and more.

Optimize Your Production Line with Simio Software

Simio simulation software provides your automobile manufacturing or assembly facility with the tools needed to answer hard questions. You can evaluate how new changes, as well as, specific constraints will affect the throughput, productivity level or available inventory within your facilities. Simio allows you to create accurate 3D models of your facilities and processes to help you answer any ‘what-if’ questions relating to the factory floor.

Simio software ensures you get the best solutions from a simulated scenario or answers to ‘what-if’ question through its OptQuest feature. With OptQuest, optimized results that enhance scheduling plans, production process, and inventory management processes will be provided for implementation within your plant floor.

Redefine Business Models with Simio Software

As the automobile industry enters a new decade, manufacturers must understand today’s challenges, which include customer requests, government policies, and a changing supply chain. New changes such as the increasing demand for low emission rates also mean traditional production lines must be refurbished or restructured to support the manufacturing of combustion automobiles, hybrid vehicles, and electric vehicles.

Simio provides automobile manufacturers with a cutting edge simulation and scheduling software to evaluate plant restructuring exercises. Manufacturers interested in building custom facilities or merging production of the different powered-vehicle types within a facility can evaluate facility operations within Simio’s virtual environment. Simio software enables you to integrate diverse manufacturing constraints and their effects of plant floor operations. The business insight simulation models provide will help with cost reduction as you implement new business models within your facilities in the new decade.

Get the Best from Your Digital Transformation Strategies

Capturing and storing the data from your automobile factor using digital technology simply stores data while receiving near real-time insight into every aspect of the production process is needed for growth. Simio software takes your shop floor data and recreates accurate digital twin representations for analyzing complex operational systems and to mirror real-world operations.

You can choose to apply the digital twin in diverse ways such as for remote monitoring, devising predictive maintenance strategies, or employing data-driven processes to optimize facility operations.