Consumer Packaged Goods Simulation and Scheduling Software

Implement Data-Driven Strategies to Optimize Manufacturing Processes Using Simio.

On Time
Optimize Production Efficiency

  • Evaluate and implement innovative solutions that optimize productivity levels
  • Receive business insight into manufacturing processes to make better decisions
  • Reduce waste and downtime with optimized scheduling plans

Global Visibility
Incorporate Lean Manufacturing Strategies

  • Evaluate the effects and returns on lean manufacturing initiatives before implementation
  • Investigate the effects of industry-specific constraints on your production line
  • Optimize resource and material management strategies to reduce waste

Event Based Scheduling
Optimize Capacity and Production Plans

  • Perfect factory layout to increase throughput
  • Receive the insight required to eliminate risks during capacity planning
  • Optimize master production plans

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is going through a stage of disruption where consumers and the government now demand more accountability and sustainable products in their homes. The increasing list of competitors within the CPG industry also means stakeholders in the industry must continue to innovate beat the competition. To stay ahead of the competition while providing consumers with sustainable goods require accurate insight into every aspect of the production process. This insight is what simulation modeling provides.

Intelligent object-based simulation modeling and scheduling software will enable you to leverage factory and production data to optimize your manufacturing processes. With Simio Software, you get a powerful tool and optimization engine which enables you to evaluate diverse production scenarios, develop optimized solutions, and visualize these solutions in an intuitive 3D environment.

Explore Innovative Optimization Strategies with Simio

CPG manufacturers looking to deliver continuous growth in one of the most competitive markets, the implementation of innovative strategies is required. Simio Software ensures you do not apply quick-fixes to complex decisions without insight into the result. You can integrate specific constraints and growth strategies into models of your facility operations to evaluate their effects on manufacturing systems.

Simio Software enables you to discover solutions to complex advanced planning and scheduling challenges through its powerful OptQuest engine. With OptQuest, you get optimized results and strategies that boost production efficiency levels.

Speed-up Your Go-to-Market Timeline with Simio

Designing ground-breaking products is just the first step in dominating your market. Ensuring your product secures all the benefits that first-mover advantage provides are the second and most important step and going-to-market quickly is important to securing that advantage.
Simio Software provides you with the tools to create optimized schedules and evaluate production plans against specified constraints to avoid rework. The constraints you can integrate into your production plans include manufacturing deadlines and inventory limits to evaluate their effect on throughput and the quality of items produced. The results from Simio provide the business insight needed to make capacity planning decisions that speed up the production process without reducing quality.

Leverage the Digital Twin to Develop Innovative Solutions

Visualize your entire production process and how operators interact within your factory floor with Simio digital twin technology. The digital twin is a digital mirror of your plant floor processes including material handling systems and other industrial automated systems. Simio digital twin takes your digital transformation initiatives to the next level through accurate 3D visualizations and data analytics.