Digital Twin Software

Simio Simulation Software can be used for Digital Twin where a virtual copy, or software model, of a physical entity is created. The entity may involve processes, people, places, systems and devices.

This model is then brought to life using real time data from sensors throughout the components of the entity. Industry 4.0 developments such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and advanced software analytics allow the development of a fully realistic digital representation.

Since the working representation is fed by real-time data, live streamed from embedded devices and other sources, it provides valuable insight into how the physical entity is operating. Furthermore, digital twin allows informed decisions to be made, in a safe environment, when scenarios are simulated using the software model. Risk-based analysis can be applied to the results, allowing the various scenario outcomes to be predicted and measured.

Digital twins may be made of single objects or composed of entire systems. First, 3D modeling is used to create a digital companion for any object or part of the system. Then the additional data is imposed on this representation to extend the virtual model so that it can duplicate the object’s exact position, motion and status in real-time. This projects the physical object into the digital world where further simulation and analysis of outcomes can take place.

A digital twin can also be known as a 'device shadow', 'cyberobject' or a 'digital avatar'.

The Digital Twin process is used across all industries; including construction, manufacturing, automotive, utilities, healthcare and mining. The simulated version of live events can illustrate materials flow, for example, estimating demand and allocating resources throughout the day. Other examples include monitoring wear and tear on important equipment or showing temperature and pressure conditions in buildings.

This real-time optimization capability yields massive benefits to the organization. With in-depth and fully accurately modeled knowledge of a system's state and condition, fact-based insights mean that its utilization and performance can be optimized. Digital twin software can even factor historical data into its calculations. All of this can be done without expending any use of the real asset until the best course of action has been determined.

Representing physical space in cyberspace drives value improvements and makes almost anything possible, allowing advanced studies into possibilities that were previously unimaginable.

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