Cyber Security in Industry 4.0

Enhancing digital safety through digital twin technology and simulation. Simulate DDoS and malware attacks to determine the effects on enterprise systems using Simio.

The field of cybersecurity is a constantly evolving one because of the ever-changing threats IT infrastructures face. Thus, why cybersecurity tools and measures become more resilient there is still a lot of room for growth. This is where digital twin technology and simulations can help security teams and enterprises refine the security measures they have in place.

With digital twin software applications, facilities can carry out predictive tests to understand the behavioral patterns of attacks, the tools hackers use and discover loopholes within facility networks. Digital Twin solutions can be used in the following capacities:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Distributed Denial of Service Checks
  • Network Analysis
  • Downtime Analysis

Improving Digital Safety Using Digital Twin Simulations

With enough data, a digital twin of cyberattack patterns can be recreated using the algorithms applied by hackers. Cyberattacks can then be introduced into a digital twin of facility networks and systems to determine their effects. In this situation, the digital twin will serve as a semi-security information and event management (SIEM) tool. The information gotten from simulated attacks can then provide insight into the threat detection and prevention tools an enterprise needs.

The digital twin can also be used to simulate the effects of downtime caused by the unavailability of breached computers, equipment or assets. In this scenario, the simulation will integrate the loss of assets and how this affects the production cycle. With the data collected from these simulations, enterprises can develop enhanced remediation and vulnerability management plans that reduce downtime. Here, downtime is reduced by simulating planning and scheduling processes that take into account non-functional assets. The simulation will function with only functional assets to produce an optimized path for production that reduces the effect of the defective assets.

Our Digital Twin Solution

The Simio software is a digital twin platform that enterprises use in digitizing physical assets, processes, and systems including enterprise networks. The modeled ecosystems serve as the basis for pentesting networks and assessing the effects of successful attacks on shop floor assets.

Simio’s digital twin capacity for accessing the effects of security breaches and simulating alternative results to eliminate downtime makes it a useful tool for security teams. It also provides a platform for explaining the effects of downtime to senior management and non-technical staff. This is due to the interactive nature of Simio and its 3D modeling features.

The automated simulation learning opportunities Simio provides creates a safe space to explore every type of online attack as well as hardware related challenges. This makes Simio an all-round security assessment tool as it can simulate the effect of cyberattacks and the physical challenges a facility encounters.

The Benefits

Predict the Actions of Hackers – Simio’s digital twin technology makes it possible to discover patterns and make sense from them. This threat intelligence feature puts you in the mind of the attacker which helps you understand the motives, tools, and techniques behind attacks.

An Intuitive Interface – Simio software offers a user-friendly interface which security teams can use to assess security loopholes within networks and digital facilities. It also simplifies the collaboration process when multiple decision-makers are involved in a project. Simio also leverages the cloud which provides access to provisioned devices regardless of their location.

Learn More About Simio

You can learn more about applying Simio as a cybersecurity tool within facilities and industrial networks by speaking with an experienced digital twin consultant today. You can also choose to schedule a demo of Simio’s features at your convenience.

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