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"...what gives a tool value is flexibility... Simio provides me greater value through flexibility with the addition of 3D animation."

  • Dr. John T. Carson
    Staff Operations Engineer
    Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Solve Your Complex Manufacturing Problems with Simio Simulation, Scheduling, and Digital Twin Software

The Future of Manufacturing is Digital. Implement Data-driven Strategies on Your Factory Floor with Simio.

Increased Reliability and Availability
Increased Reliability and Availability

  • Monitor, simulate, and evaluate production strategies to improve manufacturing operations performance
  • Reduce downtime by optimizing production schedules and inventory management processes
  • Improve product quality using insight gotten from analyzing the performance of your manufacturing facility

Harness Factory Data to Optimize Manufacturing Plans
Harness Factory Data to Optimize Manufacturing Plans

  • Implement data-driven strategies to improve capacity planning and to optimize manufacturing operations
  • Enhance Industry 4.0 and digital transformation deployments by evaluating transformation plans

Improve Go-to-market Strategies
Improve Go-to-market Strategies

  • Improve throughput and shorten go-to-market timelines to grow revenue
  • Evaluate the application of innovative production processes to provide value-based products to end-users
  • Understand dynamic demand rates and its effect on material availability and your supply chain

From the assembly line to lean manufacturing, you’ve witnessed how the implementation of innovative solutions has led to the advancement of the manufacturing industry. We believe the next great advancement in the manufacturing industry will be powered by the digital transformation of the factory floor. In this new age, digital transformative tools such as the Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, and the digital twin have important roles to play. Simio offers you the tools required to harness the data from digital technologies to solve complex problems and optimize your manufacturing processes.

Have you implemented a data collection process within your factory and like 70% of stakeholders, you struggle with receiving insight from shop floor data? Simio simulation and scheduling software provide you with the tools to analyze captured data and receive business insights into the diverse scenarios, systems, processes, and operations that occur within your factory floor.

Optimize Production Plans with Simulation Modeling

Changes to any aspect of the interrelated processes that define every manufacturing cycle produce either a positive or negative effect on the manufacturing process. Evaluating and understanding the effects of both little and extensive changes such as stockouts or the addition of a new workstation is needed when developing optimized master production plans.

Simio simulation and scheduling software enable you to develop accurate 3D environments of your factory including production data. With a simulation model that integrates manufacturing variables such as available material inventory, machine production capacity, and machine utilization data the outcomes of changes to manufacturing processes will be known. The simulation model supports complex analytics such as analyzing resource usage against emerging demand and specific constraints which you can define. The application of Simio simulation modeling will help you answer questions like:

  • How will the addition of more manufacturing equipment affect throughput?
  • How scheduling machine utilization will affect the need for constant maintenance and repairs?
  • How integrating additional processes to the production line will affect productivity?
  • How the implementation of just-in-time or lean manufacturing strategies will affect productivity and resource management?

Implementing Data-driven Optimization Strategies

Conventional factory processes are still guided by the rule-of-thumb and in many cases, this leads to downtime caused by machine failure, stockouts, and inadequate scheduling. Eliminating downtime and the revenue loss it causes starts with letting shop floor data guide your production strategies. This is where Simio comes into action.

With Simio simulation and scheduling software, you can create optimized scheduling plans that ensure the production process runs without hitches using shop floor data. You can also evaluate advanced plans such as the effects of a new material handling system to operations before implementation.

Optimizing Your Industry 4.0 Strategies with Simio Digital Twin

The manufacturing industry is expected to be the greatest benefactor of Industry 4.0 business models and technologies. With Industry 4.0, capturing data from the deepest parts of your manufacturing floor and integrating 50-year old equipment into modern interconnected networks become possible. The interconnectivity Industry 4.0 enables is supported by the digital twin. Industrial automation evaluation.

The digital twin is a virtual representation of your factory floor which enables you to include concepts such as near real-time monitoring, remote monitoring, and interoperability in your Industry 4.0 strategies. With the ability to collect more data using edge computing accurate digital twin models can be created. The accuracy of your digital twin ensures you can optimize your predictive maintenance initiatives, improve production quality, and speed up the go-to-market process for your products.

Optimizing Facility Design and Capacity Planning with Simio

The success of your facility design or refurbishment plans hinges on understanding the interactions between the different assets and operators on the factory floor. An optimized facility is one that eliminates unnecessary shop floor traffic, manages space, improves operator productivity, and can support future expansions. Simulation modeling provides the features for evaluating different facility designs and how these designs will perform in different scenarios and under specified constraints.

Simio integrates the use of 3D visualization to provide you with accurate visuals of the performance of the facility design been evaluated. The interactive 3D environment shows important production metrics when evaluating facility designs and manufacturing capacity plans. The insight the interactive simulation 3D model provides is easily understood by both technical and non-technical individuals. This makes Simio a universal planning, presentation, and business analytical tool for the manufacturing industry.

Simio Manufacturing Success

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