Scheduling with Simio

The underlying flexibility of Simio's Risk-based Planning and Scheduling (RPS) model has allowed it to be applied across many industries, not least the manufacturing industry where it provides the essential functionality in a Smart Factory.

In the Industry 4.0 environment, the production system is fully connected and automated. Most traditional scheduling tools are inadequate for handling the sheer volume of data that is collected and stored from such a digital manufacturing environment.

Simio's RPS software supports connection to real-time data sources, the processing and storage of the relational data and allows for complex dynamic decision rules to be applied.

The software integrates with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), adding rules that make allowance for potential variations caused by issues such as constraints, loading and equipment availability.

The result is consistently accurate and realistic scheduling in the connected Industry 4.0 factory, with fast re-scheduling when variations or unplanned events occur.

Detailed schedules and output information are displayed on Simio's Gantt Chars and Dashboards that are totally customizable according to requirements.

The Benefits of Good Scheduling

Simio RPS provides the essential functionality to capitalize on the opportunities of the Smart Factory model.

Ensuring on-time and on-cost delivery, through accurate data collection, analysis and processing, Simio software gives the manufacturer the Competitive Edge with reliability.

Good scheduling impacts positively on all important KPIs, including enhancing throughput, cost and revenue, resulting in annual savings of hundreds of millions of dollars for some Simio customers.

More than Satisfied Clients

One major manufacturer of aeronautical systems implemented Simio scheduling to assist them with becoming more reactive to their customers’ needs whilst still delivering on-time and remaining within budget.

Simio scheduling enabled the company to accurately model their processes in order to see the real time effect of changes in resources and loading. Rapid re-scheduling and quick, informed decision-making meant that they were then able to handle any eventuality.

As a result of improved scheduling with Simio, the company is not only meeting all production deadlines, it has also decreased costs due to overtime and managed equipment reliability issues. Further benefits of Simio scheduling software have evolved for them in the areas of developing training goals, writing proposals for new business and when evaluating potential capital investments.

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