Pharmaceuticals Simulation and Scheduling Software

Solve complex forecasting, planning, and risk management challenges while reducing current expenditure, with Simio.

Increased Reliability and Availability
Optimize Resource Allocation and Distribution

  • Reduce manufacturing cost through optimal inventory and resource management
  • Evaluate manufacturing operations and their effects on resources to implement lean manufacturing practices
  • Create optimized schedules that maximize the use of available resources

Harness Factory Data to Optimize Manufacturing Plans
Enhance Supply Chain and Production Planning

  • Evaluate the effect of increased demand on external supply chains and material handling systems
  • Leverage plant floor data to develop optimized schedules and master production plans

Improve Go-to-market Strategies
Optimize Production Schedules and Capacity Planning

  • Increase throughput with optimized scheduling and capacity plans
  • Gain insight into full-scale manufacturing operations

The need for cost-effective manufacturing operations and the ability to receive business insight from plant floor data are some of the challenges the Pharmaceutical industry currently faces. Other challenges include navigating a complex supply chain and optimizing the use of available resources to provide profitable value-based products and services to customers.

Simulation modeling is a powerful analytical tool your pharmaceutical facilities and enterprise can employ to simplify complex processes, optimize production lines, and capture the dynamics of pharmaceutical manufacturing systems.

Analyze Industry-specific Systems at All Levels

Gain insight into your supply chains, material handling systems, production lines, and the effect of forecasted demand to the production process using Simio Simulation Software. With Simio Software you get best-in-class intelligent object-based simulation software that captures the dynamism of your factory's operations. Simio Software supports the development of discrete-event simulations (DES), agent-based simulations, constraint-based simulations, and continuous simulation for your dynamic pharmaceutical systems.

Simio Software brings your data to life through its extensive 3D visualization and animation features. The interactive 3D virtual environments designed with Simio Software serve as insightful tools for presentations and providing stakeholders with data-driven business insight. You can incorporate constraints specific to the pharmaceutical industry into simulation models to optimize scheduling plans and master production plans.

Undertake Facility Expansions and Refurbishments Projects using Data

Take the guesswork out of capacity planning and layout planning for your facilities using optimized simulation modeling results. Simio Software integrates the use of a powerful simulation engine (OptQuest) to optimize answers to 'what-if' questions and complex manufacturing scenarios.

Optimized simulation results provide the foundation for developing accurate capacity plans and floor layouts to cater to increasing customer demand. With Simio Software you can answer questions such as:

  1. How will additional workstations affect the production process?
  2. How will increased customer demand affect available inventory and machine utilization?
  3. Evaluate the effect of diverse layout plans to productivity levels

Leverage the Power of the Digital Twin

Have you implemented a digital transformation strategy within your pharmaceutical facility capable of capturing shop floor data? If yes, then a digital twin of your facility provides an environment that supports continuous improvement, real-time monitoring, and Industry 4.0 Initiatives. Simio Digital Twin supports the combination of factory floor data with physical assets and processes.

With Simio Software you can harness the power of IoT and data analytics within a virtual 3D environment to reduce time-to-market, reduce material waste, and develop predictive strategies to forestall downtime and deal with industry-specific challenges.