Simio Insiders

Who are Simio Insiders?

Simio Insiders are individuals granted early access to designs and software on the cutting edge of simulation technology. Each person is encouraged to add ideas so they can have immediate impact on product development.

Why join Simio Insiders?

The most important reason to join Simio Insiders is the unique opportunity to help change the simulation industry. With your help, we have already made significant advances in modeling flexibility, analysis, ease of use, risk analysis, scheduling and many more areas. And there are lots of new ideas on the way.

Over the last 30 years, Simio team members redefined the simulation industry by introducing PC simulation, PC animation, graphical model building, templates, and more.

Now this team is redefining the industry again. And you are invited to add your own ideas by joining Simio Insiders.

Here are a few more reasons to participate as a Simio Insider

  • Access to early designs and concepts
  • Access to pre-release product downloads
  • An opportunity to ensure that the future releases meet your needs
  • Exchange tips, techniques, and modeling approaches with other users
  • Direct access to Simio team members
  • Share libraries, objects, and add-ons with other users

About Simio's Software Development Strategy

Simio is a different kind of company in many ways:

  1. The first is the degree with which we welcome your ideas. You are invited to participate in early planning and design – the point at which your feedback can have the greatest impact. We want your ideas for new features, opinions on our early designs and concepts, and opinions on the ideas of others. The Simio Insider Forum is one of the ways we hope to encourage your involvement.
  2. A second way is that we are agile. Simio follows an agile development process incorporating continuous reprioritization and frequent releases. In short this means every idea will get logged and immediately prioritized. The highest priority ideas may be seen in new software in as little as a few weeks.

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