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Simio makes it easy to obtain, learn and teach what your students need to be successful. The resources of the Simio Academic Community support your objectives to stay ahead of the technology curve and meet the demands of next generation technology. With software, course development, texts and discussion forums, the Simio Academic Community adds to your knowledge base and allows you to offer critical skill development.

Teaching Resources To Make Teaching EASY

Simio principles and all of the Simio book authors are current simulation instructors. We know that it is hard to teach something new and we want to make it as easy as possible to get started. To that end, we have provided extensive teaching materials for both our commercial and academic users. Matching the associated publications, we have made available: presentation slides; example problems and solutions; homework problems and solutions; student projects; and, lab materials with video training. We now have online classes that you can use in your current online learning system.

Student Competition that is Industry leading

Simio holds a biannual simulation competition. This competition is open to both graduates and undergraduate teams. In addition to resume building experience and “bragging rights”, Simio gives out cash prizes totaling $3,250 to the top 3 teams. This competition will not only challenge student model-building skills, but also require some creativity, project management, and even video production and presentation skills. We believe that students will find participation to be both interesting and valuable. We have 1000s of students every semester!

Unlock Educational Access to Simio’s Simulation and Digital Twin Products

Simio is committed to education. At Simio, we believe that the solutions to today’s challenges will be solved by tomorrow’s designers, engineers, and innovators. This is why Simio provides students, educators, and educational institutions access to our Simulation and Digital Twin software, as well as, the learning resources needed to understand and make use of them.

Simio is currently used by thousands of professional users, and in 800 universities across the world. You can start your students' journey to solving tomorrow’s problems by joining the Simio Academic Community today. Your decision to sign up comes with the teaching resources needed to simplify simulation education and access to the Simio Academic Grant.

Get Teaching Resources

To build the foundational skills your students require to become proficient in simulation application, expressive learning resources that simplify the technical process involved with simulation is required. Simio offers multiple resources that take into consideration the experience levels of students. These resources include lesson plans and courses for beginners and refresher courses for educators who may have some simulation experience.

The teaching resources Simio provides is designed to help educators learn while teaching something new to your students. To that end, Simio lesson plans consist of simplified test books, presentations, lab materials, and sample problems which can be used to develop fully-fledged coursework for your students. Simio also provides access to online classes which institutions can incorporate into their curriculum and online learning systems or programs.

Download Free Simulation Software through the Simio Academic Grant

Simio offers FREE educational grants that students and educators can take advantage of. The grant ensures educators can provide hands-on educational instructions to students both in physical and virtual classrooms. Simio software also makes accessing team projects from diverse locations possible for your students. This ensures everyone can participate in lab sessions and practical learning regardless of a student’s location.
Simio Software is a best-in-class tool for simulation and Digital Twin development. The software provides educators with an intuitive user-interface and the modern tools needed to teach and solve complex simulation problems. With the Simio software educational license, you can easily plan and execute laboratory coursework and get everyone involved with the learning process.

Simio Education Software provides the supporting features and tools needed to teach discrete, continuous, and agent-based simulation including their nuances to students. The software integrates 3D modeling, the use of 3D models, and animation to ensure simulation concepts and results are easily understood by first-time users. The interactive capabilities of Simio 3D models and animations can also be the catalyst you need to captivate and keep your students engaged when teaching the technical aspects of simulation.

To obtain the Simio Educational Grant and the free software needed to teach both undergraduate and graduate students, follow this link.

Download Free Simio Teaching Resources

One of the important perks of the Simio Academic Program is access to Simio-specific learning resources, as well as, vendor-neutral materials about learning the basics of Simulation. Simio provides course materials for graduates, undergraduates, and professionals interested in learning and applying Simio to real-world problems.

The course materials we provide can be used with the Simio Reference Guide, which is included with the free software version, and to teach general simulation topics. Applying to join the Simio Academic Program unlocks your access to Simio teaching resources and the Simio software at no costs. Note that the free software comes with the Simio Academic Grant license and not the commercial license we offer.

Stay Motivated with the Student Simulation Competition

The incentives for reward or success are an excellent motivational tool to get students excited about learning new technology solutions. The bi-annual Simio’s Student Simulation Competition is an avenue for your students to showcase what they have learned through your simulation program to win great prizes. The competition challenges your students’ proficiency with simulation software and their ability to apply creative solutions to solve complex problems. It also prepares students for the workplace as it integrates the need to produce presentations to defend the solutions they developed.

The competition comes with cash prices totaling $6,500. Participants can be either undergraduate students or graduate student teams. Educators can enroll student teams as participants during the course work so they have something to look forward to at the end of the program. You can learn about the details of the Student Simulation Competition here. If interested in participating, educators or instructors can register student teams through the signup link.

Simio Academic Grant’s Covid19 Response

The effects of Covid19 on education have led to an increase in the application of virtual or online learning programs to educate both local and foreign students. At Simio, we understand the challenges associated with virtual classrooms this is why we have ensured that the teaching materials, lab work, and presentations are available online and can be integrated into your online learning systems with ease. Simio is a simulation software which ensures students can interact with it through enabled devices with access to the software.


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