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Intelligent object-based simulation software is the future of simulation. But what can you do if you are still teaching yesterday's technology? This page will help you get off to a fast start.

Simio makes it easy to obtain, learn and teach what your students need to be successful. The resources of the Simio Academic Community support your objectives to stay ahead of the technology curve and meet the demands of next generation technology. With software, course development, texts and discussion forums, the Simio Academic Community adds to your knowledge base and allows you to offer critical skill development.

We think you will find our academic program to be quite attractive. We make top quality, state-of-the-art software available to professors, students, and researchers at no cost to the institution and minimal cost to students. To that end, we have a suite of products available to meet your needs.

Why Use Simio Simulation Software for Education

In order to provide the best possible education to your students, you want to educate them in a technology and a tool that will provide the greatest benefits both now and after they graduate. There are many compelling reasons why you should select Simio, especially compared to products with old architecture and little ongoing development. Not only is Simio more capable and easier to use -- its modern architecture and our commitment to advancement means it will still be around long after many older products will have faded into history.

Simio Simulation Products

To promote teaching of simulation we make top quality simulation software available for educational use. Our academic products are the functional equivalent of our commercial flagship Simio Design Edition but limited to non-commercial use. Our free versions support large models and are full featured including discrete, continuous, and agent-based modeling, code-free object building, object library development, input and output analysis, integrated optimization, and 3D animation. Our academic products do not limit the complexity of models that you can build. You can find more details on the Simio Academic Products page.

Teaching Materials and Textbooks for Simio Simulation Software

Simio has course materials for a typical graduate or undergraduate Introduction to Simulation course. This includes power point slides with presentation notes for instructors, workshop/example problems, homework problems and solutions, and aids for learning Simio.

The course materials can be used with the Simio Reference Guide (included free in the Simio download) for the language-specific portions and a light treatment of general simulation topics. This material is written in such a way that it can also be optionally supplemented with your favorite textbook for more thorough treatment of the general simulation topics. You can find more details on our Simio Academic Resources page.

Learning Simio Simulation Software

We want to make it as easy as possible to get started using and teaching Simio. Some people (especially those with prior simulation background) can install and start using Simio immediately for simple projects. But to appreciate Simio's richness and unique benefits we recommend spending some time getting to know it before starting. Fortunately, we provide many ways (most of them free) to get to know Simio. You can explore these on our Simio Academic Resources page.

Student Simulation Competition

The new Simio simulation contest is conducted twice each year and can be used to complement your class activities. This is open to both graduate and undergraduate student teams. In addition to the fame and glory for your institution, student work is exposed to potential employers. And there are annual cash prizes totaling $6000. Competition details.

This problem will not only challenge student model-building skills, but also require some creativity, project management, and even video production and presentation skills. We believe that students will find participation to be both interesting and valuable. Students can participate on an ad-hoc basis (e.g., an optional or extra-curricular project) or you can incorporate it as a formal part of your class. To do the latter you can go directly to the Instructor Signup Link to register your class.

How to Obtain a Grant for Simio Educational Software

To obtain software with the Simio Educational Grant for use in teaching undergraduate or graduate simulation, follow this link. You will need the following information:

  • Academic institution name, address, web address
  • Primary contact name, phone, email, address
  • Names and emails of professors or other staff authorized to contact us for support
  • Total number of University Version activations desired for installation on university computers

Some institutions like to publish a joint press release acknowledging the grant so that they can be recognized for progressive action and forming industry partnerships. We are happy to support that effort.

Simio Enterprise Academic Software

Simio’s Risk-based Planning and Scheduling (RPS) system is designed to provide the virtual factory model for the Smart Factory of the future. Simio RPS differs from traditional simulation modeling and scheduling tools in that it is designed from the ground up to execute as a live component of a factory execution system. Simio RPS supports complex in-memory relational data, connections to real time data sources, complex dynamic decision rules, detailed resource, material, and task logging, along with customizable Gantts, reports, and dashboards for communicating scheduling results.

If your institution is interested in research and education programs involving simulation-based scheduling and providing a connected virtual factory model (“Digital Twin”) in a Smart Factory follow this link then request an upgrade to Enterprise Academic.

Frequently Asked Questions about Simio Educational Software

Still have questions? Check out our Academic Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to the most frequently asked questions about our academic offerings.

Simio Workbook

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Simio Textbook

Simio Textbook

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Praise for Simio

"I've worked with a lot of different simulation software, and Simio is probably the most promising and exciting one I've seen in all that time."

Dr. David Kelton, professor and program director of the Master of Science in quantitative analysis at the University of Cincinnati.

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