Mining Simulation Software


Simulation has shifted from a nice-to-have tool to a Must-have Technology for the Mining Industry


Simio, Optimize Mining Operations and Enhance Risk Mitigation Strategies with the Best-in-class Simulation Software

On Time
Mitigate Risks in Real-time

  • Conduct risk analysis to evaluate risk causation factors in pit operations with a digital twin
  • Recreate and test different scenarios within an interactive 3D simulation model

Global Visibility
Experiment with Process Optimization

  • Schedule visibility for mining operations to optimize throughput
  • Evaluate the performance of material handling systems before implementation
  • Analyze equipment utilization rates, routing, and scheduling within mining operations

Event Based Scheduling
Harness The Power of A Digital Twin

  • Receive near real-time insight into mining operations to improve safety and mining operations
  • Evaluate the real-time effects of new innovative solutions to mining operations

The building blocks of every mining operation are the ability to manage risk and optimize production efficiency levels. To run an efficient and profitable mining operation requires innovative planning and the implementation of new technology to secure mines. Today, IoT provides a means to capture data from an industry known for the difficulties with extracting its data while mining simulation can apply the captured data to improve mining operations.
Today, simulation has become an increasingly important tool for operators looking to optimize mining workflows and analyze mine operations. The increasing popularity of simulation can be traced to its ability to handle the inherently random nature of mine operations and account for the diverse variables that affect mining. The ability to apply simulation modeling to optimize processes and predict system performance for both surface and underground mines is another reason the mining industry takes simulation seriously.

Analyzing Mining Operations for Business Insight

Mining presents a host of problems to operators and stakeholders. These problems include determining the efficiency of material handling systems in underground mines, optimizing truck movement and haulage techniques, and scheduling mining operations to ensure efficiency.
The Simio software provides the tools required to develop end-to-end dynamic simulation models for analyzing the complex operations that occur within mines. The mining simulation model becomes a virtual testing ground for testing the effects of new material handling systems or equipment to existing mining operations. Simulation ensures optimal plans for mining operations can be developed and the amount of equipment and materials used in an operation can be estimated to determine the operational cost. The simulation results provide decision-makers with the insight needed to make difficult business decisions.

Simio Mining Simulation Software Success

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