Simio Academic Teaching Resources

Simio Academic resources are designed to support the educational and teaching processes instructors apply to teach simulation modeling and scheduling. Simio provides educators and instructors with hands-on materials to get started with using and teaching Simio.

Our academic resources support both educators without a working knowledge of simulation software and educators who have extensive simulation knowledge outside the Simio Software. We recommend that educators should take some time to study these resources to grasp the extensive and rich intelligent object-based features Simio Software has to offer.

Simio Academic Resources are also designed to help instructors create optimized course work, laboratory assignments, and case studies for students. With Simio Academic Resources, you can eliminate the complexities and difficulties many instructors struggle with when teaching simulation modeling and scheduling to students and get up to speed teaching much faster than with other products.

Simio Academic Tool Kit for Educators

Simio Academic Tool Kit combines audiovisuals, commercial training materials, presentations, and videos to simplify the topic of simulation modeling and working with Simio Software. The academic tool kit includes:

  • Training presentation materials – Our textbooks are accompanied by extensive training materials including sample problems, homework problems, workshops, and comprehensive PowerPoint slide sets with extensive instructor notes.
  • Simio Training Videos – Educational videos cover simulation topics and course work which can serve as a learning/teaching companion for educators.
  • Simio SimBits – SimBits are small examples that illustrate how to accomplish a specific task. These are useful for educators to learn and teach the concepts as well as supporting student self-directed study. Over 200 SimBits are included with the Simio software.
  • Example Models – Simio provides multiple sample models and illustrations to help you understand what a complete model looks like and the insight it can provide.

Virtual and “Flipped” Teaching Support

We have a complete, ready-to-teach Canvas® course available including 15 weekly lessons, objectives, workshops, quizzes, and over 100 5-15 minute videos. This can be used to support a “flipped” teaching methodology where the video-based instruction is done by students remotely and the instructor provides enrichment in class. This course was updated September 2020 for greater compatibility and is available directly through Canvas Commons™. An LMS-generic export of this course is also available for import into other LMS products like CourseWebs® and Blackboard®.

A set of direct links to the YouTube videos is also available for those who would prefer to create their own course using some or all of these 100 videos.

Simio Courses to Help You Learn

In addition to the training materials above, we have a comprehensive set of online courses available at here. These can be taken in a casual learning format or a more structured “guided learning” format. All video courses are discounted 50% for instructors, teaching assistants, and registered students

While live courses may be limited due to COVID, you can see our list of tentatively scheduled Public Training Classes ( for opportunities to attend a live course to get up to speed quickly. Live courses are also often available at a discount for instructors.

Textbooks for Simio Simulation Software

Simio offers multiple textbooks to help you enhance your skills, work more efficiently and teach students both basic and advanced simulation modeling subject matters. You can accelerate your student’s mastery of Simio Software features and simulation modeling using Simio textbooks. Find out more about Simio Textbooks and Publications.