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Learning Simio

We want to make it as easy as possible to get started using and teaching Simio. Some people (especially those with prior simulation background) can install and start using Simio immediately for simple projects. But to appreciate Simio’s richness and unique benefits we recommend spending some time getting to know it before starting. Fortunately, we provide many ways (most of them free) to get to know Simio.

  • Review our commercial training presentation materials, paying particular attention to the presenter notes on each slide. You can download them here.
  • View and follow along with the Simio training videos, located here. Many of these topics parallel discussions in the course materials and can be used by either instructor or students for preparation/review.
  • Read the help or reference guide for detailed discussions of product features (see the Simio Start Page for a link).
  • Work through some of the SimBits included with Simio (see the Simio Help or Simio Start page). SimBits are small examples that illustrate how to accomplish a specific task and each comes with complete discussions of the content and approach. If you examine the model and read the associated help or pdf file, you will start to realize and better understand some of the possibilities in Simio.
  • Review some of the example models available for Simio (many are in the install image) for illustrations of what a complete model looks like.
  • Look on our support knowledge base or Simio Insiders forum for information and discussions on topics of interest.
  • Finally, if you prefer more formal training options, several of our partners offer formal training courses.

New Learning Simio Lab Modules

A new lab series can be be used with any book to "teach Simio" while the class lecture possibly concentrates on other aspects of simulation. This is designed to make it much easier to get started with Simio – let the videos provide the product-specific expertise.

Each module is targeted for a 2-3 hour lab session. There is an "in-class" component with associated videos and a "homework" component where the student will be expected to build on the material from the in-class component. Each module has Power point slides, videos, and sample models. (Assignment solutions are available to registered faculty.) All materials are available via free download - no charge to students or faculty.

The modules can be found at Learning Simio Lab Modules.

Flexible Manufacturing Video Series

This free video series illustrates how to build and operate a small flexible manufacturing cell. This eleven part series is divided into two major sections.

Section I contains seven videos that illustrate a typical simulation project. It walks you through project specification, static analysis, model building, verification, experimentation, and optimization.

Section II then builds on that initial analysis to take advantage of Simio Enterprise's Risk-based Planning and Scheduling (RPS) features as an operational production planning tool. It includes adding schedules, binding to external data, adding performance targets, enabling resource logging, creating a plan, analyzing the risk, and illustrates how to use the feature set to improve on-time performance.

Textbooks for Simio Simulation Software

Simio Textbook

Simio and Simulation: Modeling, Analysis, Applications Textbook

This fifth edition textbook is targeted for use as the primary text in introductory and second courses in simulation at both the advanced-undergraduate and beginning-graduate levels. We have incorporated many new features as well as reader suggestions. We have enhanced the Monte Carlo, input analysis, and output analysis content, and added new coverage of data-driven and data-generated modeling techniques. Finally, we enhanced a chapter named Simulation-based Scheduling in Industry 4.0, which illustrates how simulation is contributing to the creation and effective operation of digital twins and operational scheduling and control.

Click here to learn more or buy the book.

Simio Workbook

Simulation Modeling with SIMIO: A Workbook

Authors Jeffrey A. Joines and Stephen D. Roberts invite you to turn on your computer, load Simio, and get ready to learn the simulation software with this "participatory style" workbook. This book expects your active participation in using Simio as you turn the pages.

Click here to learn more or buy the book.

Other Publications

Simio offers a large number of publications and translations. Learn more on the Simio Publications page.

Other Resources

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