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Improve customer experience and lower costs with Simio!

Why Simio in Airlines and Airports?

With passengers and cargo increasing due to a more stabilized economy, airports are working harder than ever to become more efficient and lower costs. Simio Simulation Software is the answer to combining the best customer experience with low operating costs. Our airport simulation software can test every aspect of each organization in 3D with the goal of understanding how slight adjustments impact the entire organization.

Simio is used to understand, quantify, visualize and predict plans by:

  • Airlines
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Government agencies
  • Airports
  • Engineering consultants

Simio’s unique modeling tool combines process flexibility with the simplicity of objects!

Simio's easy drag-and-drop design allows the user to quickly create simulations for a look into the future. Through production of statistics, charts and animation, you can define, quantify and refine your ideas simply, safely and without risk. And Simio modeling can predict and help improve complex systems, including:

  • Logistics
  • Passenger processing
  • Ground transportation
  • Airside operations
  • Baggage handling

Impacts on Customer Experience

Each sector of an airport has a goal to provide the best customer experience possible, but also has to meet performance indicators. Simio airport simulation software can create the entire customer experience, from the time passengers step out of their vehicle to the time they board the plane.

Simio simulation can:

  • Pinpoint potentially serious issues that would have been overlooked otherwise
  • Test methods without compromising business processes in real-time
  • Model your entire organization quickly and accurately
  • Improve your system performance
  • Maximize current resources
  • Meet or exceed critical performance indicators

Using Simio simulation can help identify critical needs at each sector and allow for adjustments to improve the overall customer experience.

Nassau Airport Case Study

Simio Simulation Software was utilized by Vantage Airport Group who manages Nassau Airport Development Company. NAD was expanding the Lynden Pindling International Airport terminals. A Simio simulation model was used to show that the expanded terminal and single runway were sufficient to accommodate projected traffic.

Just like the airport’s real system, the software simulated arrival and departure schedules. The Simio 3D environment realistically showed aircraft fly, land, taxi to the gate and take-off again. This information validated that the new infrastructure in conjunction with a single runway would meet the needs of future traffic. Simio made it easy for the decision makers to understand a second runway wasn’t yet necessary and make projections for growth.

Running a cohesive airport has plenty of challenges, but Simio can help every step of the way through proven results. Contact us to see how Simio simulation software can reduce those challenges.

What is Quality Simulation Software?

Quality simulation software allows companies to test changes in a production line, supply chain or their general systems and processes, all without risk. When large-scale changes are being considered, good simulation software can accurately predict the consequences of the change, so poor decisions are eliminated. Even the smallest variable will be identified with high-quality simulation software. Incomplete data is easily identified so companies know what needs to be fixed. With 3D simulation animation, companies can easily communicate ideas to different sectors for better understanding of the bigger picture.

Simio Airport and Airlines Success

Here are some examples to prove Simio will work for you.

Select Airport and Airline Customers

  • Delta Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport
  • Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority
  • United Airlines
  • Vancouver International Airport Authority
  • Vantage Airport Group
  • Vienna Airport
  • Virgin Airlines
  • WestJet Airlines