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Simio, A Highly Flexibly and Secure Environment for Analyzing Complex Defense Facilities, Systems, and Operations.

Increased Reliability and Availability
Operations and Response Planning

  • Evaluate and optimize supply and logistics plans, facility refurbishment plans, and civil response operations with simulation modeling.
  • Receive insight into the implementation of new technology and processes within controlled environments.
  • Optimize time-sensitive operations through simulation analysis to create optimized schedules

Harness Factory Data to Optimize Manufacturing Plans
Secure, High-performing Digital Twins for Strategic Planning

  • Develop controlled Simulation and Digital Twin models that guarantee information security
  • Deploy and evaluate industrial automation systems within digital representations of physical facilities

Improve Go-to-market Strategies
Optimize Facility Operations and Processes

  • Enhance services to military personnel using analytics from simulated experiences
  • Receive accurate insight into facility operations to improve service-levels

Maintaining optimal performances while ensuring affordability when designing defense facilities, systems, and refurbishing operational environments is a priority for the Department of Defense (DoD) and other modern defense agencies. The changing demands of new technologies in the defense industry and their effects on existing systems and operations require constant extensive analysis. Defense modeling and simulation presents stakeholders with an excellent tool to meet the fluid demands of the DoD and the defense industry.

SIMIO is a best-in-class defense modeling and simulation software that provides the resources, features, and an optimal digital environment for capturing and analyzing complex military systems and defense facilities. Using SIMIO software, defense systems can be developed, tested, and optimized before implementation. With SIMIO, operational plans with regards to military facilities can be modeled, tested, and analyzed to receive more insight into complex operations.

Optimizing Civil Defense Planning and Operations

Disaster response and emergency response plans in the civil space are only as effective as the planning that goes into the process. SIMIO provides the flexible virtual environment needed to model diverse response scenarios and evaluate the success rate of response and evacuation plans within specified time frames. With the SIMIO software, environmental variables, human behavior, and other external factors can be integrated into civil defense simulation models. The accuracy of such models ensures response plans and operations are extensively scrutinized and tested to develop effective contingency plans for civil defense operations. Simulation modeling can be harnessed to evaluate:

  • Border checkpoint or checkpoint activities
  • Exposure to harmful diseases or agents
  • The spread of harmful diseases
  • Facility capacity plans
  • Response plans and response material availability and use rates

Enhancing Defense Facility and Process Operations

The integration of digital transformative technologies and industrial automation within military facilities and operations require careful planning to eliminate resource waste while reducing operational costs. Simio provides extensive simulation modeling, and scheduling support for evaluating the operations within a facility. Defense departments or facilities can make use of Simio to evaluate the effects of implementing an automated transportation or material handling system within a facility.
Simio can be applied to evaluating the success rate of diverse processes such as supply strategies, reconnaissance activities, and transportation. The detailed 3D visualizations and statistics from simulated models provide the insight needed to optimize decision-making processes and implement new strategies. Simio can enhance defense-related processes within:

  • Repair and maintenance facilities
  • Military hospitals and personnel facilities
  • Supply chain and logistics plans
  • Environments with complex interactions and workflows
  • The evaluation of refurbishment operations

Harness the Power of the Digital Twin

 The digital twin provides defense facilities with a near real-time analysis of the ongoing diverse operations within production lines, manufacturing facilities, and military bases. The ability to monitor environmental activities, integrate constraints and evaluate the real-time effects of specific actions is an asset to every defense operation. Simio provides industry-leading features and tools for incorporating sensitive data to create digital twins for diverse defense applications. With a digital twin, extensive analysis such as the use of limited items and their effects on operations can be accurately evaluated.

The Advantages of Simio Defense Modeling and Simulation Solutions

Using Simio, decision-makers and operators within the defense industry can accurately evaluate diverse scenarios and answer important questions such as:

  • What is the best layout for my refurbishment plan which minimizes cost while optimizing quality?
  • How will the implementation of new processes affect existing systems?
What performance gains can the department get from investing in new equipment or technology systems?

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