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Student Projects

Try the above link to see what others have been doing in their class projects. With a brief case study you can use your student or academic copy of Simio to do real projects as part of your course requirements. Grab the opportunity to do some interesting, challenging projects. Show off your school and your personal accomplishments. Get a good experience that also looks good on a resume! Learn More.

Student Simulation Competition

Simio is introducing a new simulation contest starting October 2014. This will be open to both graduate and undergraduate student teams with both spring and a fall competitions. In addition to the fame and glory (and exposing your work to potential employers) there will be cash prizes totalling $6000. More details will be available soon. Watch this space or talk to your instructor for more information. Join Today!

Student Software

As a student, you have several software options. If you want to get started immediately, you can use the button below to download Simio Personal Edition. This version of Simio puts no limits on what you can model and is fully functional for small models.

Your instructor has probably already arranged to have Simio software available in your institution labs. This lab software is recommended for use in most courses and may also include the scheduling features from Simio Enterprise Edition.

For $25 you can also obtain a personal copy of Simio for installation on your own machine. This is the academic equivalent of Simio Design Edition. Your instructor must arrange for you to obtain that software - see your instructor for the link.

Download the Student Version of ExpertFit© Distribution-Fitting Software

ExpertFit has been the leading software for fitting probability distributions to data since 1983, with a large number of features designed specifically for simulation modeling.  The Student Version of ExpertFit will allow you to completely analyze 13 built-in data sets corresponding to examples and problems in the widely used textbook Simulation Modeling and Analysis (5th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2015) by Dr. Averill M. Law.

Download the software. Download the brochure.

Simulation Publications

There are many workbooks and textboooks that will help you out with simulation and Simio. Many of these have great examples and problems as well. View the List

Expand Your Simulation Network

Free Simio Personal Edition Download

Simio Personal Edition is a fully functional version of our award winning, patented software, only with limits on the size of the model you can build. Models built with the Simio Personal Edition can be imported into any of our flagship products.

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Simio Student Competition

Simio has the largest student competition in the industry. Join the 1000s of other and compete in our competition

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Simio Academic Program

Why research and teach with outdated technology when you can join over 800 global universities employing Simio with the free Simio grant? We supply all the resources to make the conversion easy including online teaching resources for a virtual classroom!

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