Student Resources

Simio is committed to empowering students and educators across the globe through the provision of academic resources. Students can take advantage of these resources to complement academic projects and meet specific course requirements. With Simio free educational tools, you can explore simulation modeling technology and access expansive educational content to position yourself for academic and career success.

Simio Student Software

Dive into simulation modeling by downloading the Simio Personal Edition Software to get started. Simio Personal Edition enables you to explore simulation modeling with Simio to its full extent. With this version, there are no limits to what you can model because you get Simio Software’s complete modeling functionalities for small models.

If your instructor has made the necessary arrangement to ensure Simio is available in your institution, you will be able to make use of the Simio Software throughout your coursework. You can also inform your instructor about Simio Academic Programs and Grants if the necessary arrangements have not been made. Simio Academic Grant provides your institution with multiple versions of the Simio Software to execute complex simulation and scheduling course work.

Interested students can also obtain a personal copy of Simio Software for installation and use on your personal computer. The personal copy is the academic equivalent of Simio Design Edition which can be used to create multiple models, objects, and execute 150 steps using the full functionality of Simio Software. You can obtain a personal copy of Simio Software for $25 to access the same simulation modeling software used by industry-leading organizations worldwide.

ExpertFit Distribution-Fitting Software for Students

ExpertFit is the leading software for fitting probability distributions to data since its invention in 1983. ExpertFit applies speed and precision to automatically figure out which probability distribution accurately represents your data sets.

ExpertFit comes equipped with extensive features including 40 distributions, 30 graphical plots, 4 technically correct goodness-of-fit tests, the ability to analyze 13 built-in data sets etc. You also get extensive documentation and support when using limited data sets for distribution fitting.

Download ExpertFit. Download ExpertFit brochure.

Simulation Publications and Workbooks for Students

Improve your simulation modeling knowledge and ability to solve complex problems with Simio Software using the workbooks and textbooks written by experts in the field. Simio publications are written for students and are student-friendly. View the publications available to you here.

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