Forecasting Production Resources With Simulation Software

The Challenge

Defense contractors need to reliably plan and predict production resources to meet the military’s needs on time and within budget. Contract managers seek more effective production resource risk mitigation methods. They demand accurate and timely key risk indicators (KRIs) for materials, labor and production equipment.

The Solution

Simio Enterprise Edition software with scheduling functionality includes a patented risk-based planning and scheduling (RPS) functionality that integrates traditional planning and scheduling features with stochastic modeling for risk analysis.

Simio’s scheduling software provides planners and schedulers with a customized interface for generating schedules, performing risk and cost analysis, investigating potential improvements, and viewing 3D animations. Gantt charts make it easy to see the timing of processes, and to explore how changes in equipment or employees affect that timing.

Users of Simio software, such as BAE Systems, can run simulations whenever system downtime, employee availability or other factors change, resulting in a “finger on the pulse” awareness that enables quick adjustments and aids confident decision-making.

The Payoff

Simio Enterprise Edition software with scheduling functionality helped BAE Systems meet
production deadlines and now is used for a variety of forecasting and scheduling challenges including decreasing overtime, developing training goals, writing proposals, and evaluating capital investments.