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Aerospace and Defense

"I have been using Simio to optimize airport operations for six years and have been very happy with its ease of use, versatility, built-in features, and capability to customize processes. Technical support from Simio has always been good. People are pleased with the quality of the visual output and now that we can use the Occulus Rift to provide an immersive experience, there is even more to be pleased."

  • Pascal Poudenx
    Manager, Process Design & Sustainability
    Vantage Airport Group.

With Aerospace and Defense projects, Simio helps you prevent error to save time and money!

Optimize Manufacturing Cost, Facility Layouts, and Implement Innovative Ideas Using Simio.

On Time
Optimize Production Strategies

  • Reduce manufacturing cost and optimize resource allocations to meet demand
  • Improve operational plans and reduce scrap rate to maximize profit
  • Achieve sustainable industrial growth and process optimization to deliver quality products

Global Visibility
Analyze Factory Environments and Predict Strategic Outcomes

  • Evaluate the effects of specific constraints on factory operations
  • Develop plans to reduce emission rate and factory floor safety

Event Based Scheduling
Evaluate Effects of Industry Regulations to Factory Operations

  • React to events in the system, such as unplanned downtime, signals from sensors or new orders
  • Eliminate manual, time consuming planning in Excel-based systems
  • Effective what-if analysis and plan comparisons to optimize business KPIs

The aerospace factory of today and the future is generating data at an unprecedented rate. Simulation modeling provides the perfect environment to analyze the big data sets coming from aerospace facilities to understand the root cause of deviations in production lines, reduce operational costs, and evaluating 'cause-effects or what-if' scenarios.

Simio Software can ensure your factory equipment, inventory, and processes are utilized to their optimal potential. Simio Software provides an intelligent object-based environment that aerospace enterprises and original equipment manufacturers can utilize to create simulation models and digital twin representations of complex facilities and operations.

Validate Aerospace Manufacturing Processes and Plans with Simio

Harness the power of simulation modeling to evaluate facility layout plans, master production plans, and capacity plans with Simio in an industry where every process is subjected to strict regulations. The virtual environment Simio provides is a safe haven for evaluating complex problems such as the effects of increased demand on available industry and manufacturing assets.

Aerospace enterprises can leverage the tools Simio Software provides to answer questions that relate to reducing scrap, integrating lean manufacturing procedures, and developing refurbishment plans or new facilities.

Predict Human-Machine Interactions within the Context of the Factory Floor

Gain insight into operator or engineer interactions with assets on the factory floor and its interrelated operational processes. Decision-makers within the aerospace industry can evaluate assembly sequences to develop schedules that optimize the production process within the factory floor. With the insight gotten from Simio simulation models, stakeholders can create optimized maintenance schedules to eliminate downtime and develop predictive maintenance strategies.

Simulation models that model the factory floor dynamics provide the environment for analyzing the effects of increased demand to operator schedules and assets on the factory floor. The insight simulation provides serve as a foundation for making decisions that relate to increasing the available workforce or equipment to meet increased demand.

Leverage the Digital Twin for IIoT Implementations and Data

The data from connected systems or IoT implementations provide the resources needed to develop accurate digital twin representations of aerospace facilities and interrelated operations. With Simio Software, you can create digital mirrors of real-time processes that match the changes that occur within the factory floor.

The real-time mirroring and monitoring of aerospace facilities and operating systems provide the information needed to make accurate predictions concerning facility-wide operations, asset utilization, throughput, and optimization strategies.