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CKE Restaurants Tests and Implements Operational Process and Products Using Simio's Digital Twin Technology

Sewickley, Pa. – CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc. embraces virtual reality and Simio’s digital twin technology to test and implement new business operations and products in a faster, more efficient way.

CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc., known for its Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants, is using virtual reality and Digital Twin technology to reconfigure its kitchen arrangements and add new equipment in its restaurants. The company also integrated the use of augmented reality to increase the performance levels of its workforce through training and redesigning layouts to minimize resource waste and maximize the time spent fulfilling orders.

The digital transformation of CKE Restaurants has made it possible to create models of every aspect of its physical buildings and business operations in a virtual environment. Thus, creating a conducive digital environment for simulating layouts, customer schedules, and delivery plans that can enhance its drive-through experiences for employees and customers.

The new VR and Digital Twin technology were tested at a recent event for Hardee’s. With these technologies, more than five distinct layouts, 10 equipment changes, and thousands of store-related data were added to the simulation and tested to see their effect on business operations. The simulations and predictive analysis were done using Simio’s simulation and Digital Twin solutions. The result was a more efficient layout and operational approach for the Hardee’s store.

Eric Howard, Vice President of Marketing of Simio stated, "Digital Twin technology is poised to change how businesses operate, implement new policies, and receive business insights across diverse industries. CKE’s use of Simio highlights the importance of the Digital Twin to the restaurant and hospitality industry ... they (CKE) have set the pace for others to follow."

The CKE franchise community who witnessed the Hardee’s restaurant VR and Digital Twin test also believe that these technologies can help manage the poor employee turnover rate in the industry. This can be accomplished by creating a more conducive and interactive environment for employees to retain them and streamline training procedures.

“Simio enabled us to cost-effectively build a Virtual Twin of a CKE restaurant, which enabled data-based product and operating decisions faster than ever before. The ability to have a simulation model that can test proposed process changes and get statistical results without disrupting operations has jump-started their improvement and innovation processes. The simulation output data allows them to find and focus on high-value projects faster than ever before. Being able to share the visuals of the Virtual Twin operating, including the Virtual Reality, have proven extremely valuable in bringing along CKE leadership and decision-makers in the validity of the model and results," states Paul Glaser of (Kitchen)Simp, who helped with the model.

"We have tested beta versions of augmented reality and motion tracking in the kitchen that will allow some of these things to come to life. Additionally, we are using VR technology to ensure our equipment and layouts accurately reflect our workforce versus the one-size-fits-all approach of the past," Jacob Brewer, the senior director of operation at CKE said. He also stated further that "we (CKE) have gone from physically building, staffing, recording, analyzing and retesting mock kitchen processes to changing a layout with a drag-and-drop exercise. It has shaved months and, in some cases, millions of dollars off the process."

A feature on Forbes' online magazine also highlighted the benefits of Digital Twin technology and Simio’s solutions in managing CKE Restaurant's facilities and implementing new ideas while saving cost. Simio intends to continue offering its Digital Twin and simulation technology to CKE to enhance its operations. Simio also partners with educational institutions and diverse businesses to enhance their operational and learning process using Digital Twin technology.

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