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  1. Hello, I have a question regarding the compatibility between the Simio Enterprise and Team editions. Specifically, in my company we are developing using the Simio Enterprise Edition, and we would like to know the impact of sharing our models with a Client that has only the Team Edition. How does this work? Could they still open, edit and save the model we provide? What happens to Enterprise-specific functionalities in this situation? Just to be clear, I know already that these versions are compatible in the sense that, when using the Team Edition, one can open and run models that wer
  2. Hello, I am modeling a store with a few workers and 3 cash desk. Two of them are always open. If the Queue in front of the two cash desk gets to long a 3rd worker is opening the 3rd cash desk. The Problem is: I dont know how to tell the Entities to only chose the 3rd cash desk if it is in use/open. Thanks in advance
  3. I cannot open this because I have a commercial edition. Is there a way to open it in a commercial edition?
  4. Cant open your model... use a monitor element and set the condition to i.e. 75% of processing time...catch the process and seize the required resources with a move the objects...be sure to reserve the resources (block) upon arrival.... You will need to take your resources assignments out of the task sequences as currently defined. I am online today if you want me to have a look.
  5. Hello! Probably it's a easy problem to solve, but I'm struggling with it! I'm going to describe my little system (please see the attached image): At lunch time (12h PM), the students enter the restaurant through the ticket gate (1) and chose the self-service food buffet (servers A, B or C) with the lowest queue. My question is: when it is 1h PM the "C" buffet closes, for this action I've put on the first "C" server a "Work Period Exception" that makes the server to have a new capacity = 0, but its queue (with more than 30 people) continues on "C" inputbuffer, thus I would li
  6. Hi Mark, I was able to get the jibcrane example to work within a small example. I simply specified the network of the hook/ grabber. Directly open the attached file and select the SmallExample object in the project window then run. Thanks for the share. JibCraneLibraryB.spfx
  7. Thank you Gocken for your solution. Although it almost looks like what we're trying to achieve, the starting point of the 90 minute simulation is two servers (counters) open and when the average queue exceeds 5 minutes another one is opened and once the average queue gets below 2 minutes one of them will close, so a minimum capacity of 2 servers.
  8. Hello Simio team. My group and I are currently working on solutions reguarding queue related issues. We are working on a case where we can implement a loop system similar to the Sim Bit called "Add and remove server capacity", altough we would like relate the opening and closing of capacity based on the maximum queue time (5 minutes = Open another server) and (3 minutes = Closer a server) in the TransferRode instead of the numbers entities in the TransferNodes. We have tried to follow the pdf step by step in the Sim Bit, but we have not been able to get it to work. I hope yo
  9. We have a SimBit named 'AddAndRemoveServerCapacity' that includes 6 servers and decision logic to turn on/off the server capacity based on the number of entities in the various lines for the 'open' servers. Monitor Elements within the Definitions window are used to evaluate the lines and a common process is used to turn on capacity. Also, for updating the processing time based on the number of workers, see this user forum link for more information - http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2196&p=7147&hilit=change+processing+time+based+on+workers#p7147.
  10. Hello all. I'm stuck on a project I'm working on. I'm trying to simulate a supermarket, where the cashiers open new check-outs when necessary (2 are always open and when there are 5 or more in queue they open another). To simulate this I've using 4 servers, with paths leading from the source to the first two nodes, setting up a balking system and then pathing from the first two servers the third server, and then the same for the fourth server, but the supermarket also closes the check-outs when there aren't enough customers to need it and I've been unable to figure out a way to do this. T
  11. can not open your model due to edition conflict! Still you should add a "batchsizecolumn" (can be an iteger type) to your table and define a state variable for modelentity object named batchsize. After you create your modelentities you should assign "modelentity.batchsize == table1.batchsizecolumn". Then use modelentity.batchsize as the batsize propery of combiber...
  12. Hi Simio I am struggling to apply costs to aspects of the flow library. How do you associate a cost to a regulator being open? And how do you associate a cost to a model entity per unit of volume? For example, the cost of a fluid per litre of fluid. Thank you
  13. see attached files. place both of them on desktop and open run simio file. It does not work properly because path 3's none of the add-on processes work (i.e., I set process 2 for 4 add-ons of Path 3 but it does not write to excel. In order to make it work properly I defined an add-on process to first test's output note (set process 2 for exited add-on of first test) and it works. This should be a bug and must be fixed. Pls report this to support team. 1.xlsx ExcelWriteTest.spfx
  14. Hello, I have a process Vehicle1_EnteredNode that moves a vehicle and seizes the two workers needed to operate. The two workers work from 8 to 12 and 13 to 17. When they are off the schedule, process AAInterruptCarMove is used to interrupt and release correctly the server and the vehicle. To make the Interrupt process, I’ve checked simbit VehicleStopsWhenServerOffshift. Then, I’ve used process AAInterruptGrutierEtAccrocheur to interrupt and release the two workers. The problem is, the two workers don’t get released. Instead, they go offshiftBusy which I don’t want because while OffshiftBus
  15. Thank you for your reply! But the file does not open. Here is the message displayed. Can you resend it please ? Thank you, Flora
  16. Hi, I am busy modeling a meat and fish shop and would like to ask for some help with the worker scheduling. I need to figure out the optimal number of workers that need to be assigned between the MeatandFishCounter and DeliCounter in 30 minute intervals (workers can only be added or removed in 30 minute intervals) so that the entities entering the LunchtimeCustomerOnly sink are in the store for a maximum of 3 minutes, the entities entering the NormalCustomerOnly sink are in the store for a maximum of 5 minutes and the entities entering the NormalCustomerBoth sink are in the store f
  17. Hello. I am trying to model the brewing process of a local brewery. They have 8 different types of beer, 6-30 barrel fermentation tanks and 4-15 barrel fermentation tanks. Each "job" is 15 barrels, therefore if two "jobs" are the same type of beer, they may brew together in a 30 barrel tank. 15 barrel jobs can still brew in 30 barrel tanks, they just cant mix with an unlike entity. I am relatively to simio, so please if you can explain in simplified terms that would be good. I need to know how to make sure that only identical entities brew at the same time within a 30-barrel tank. If the
  18. Simio is pleased to announce the 1st Annual Simio User Group Meeting, scheduled for May 24-25, 2017, in Pittsburgh, PA. This meeting will be very interactive and informative for current or future users of Simio’s simulation and scheduling software. The meeting will be held at the Drury Plaza Hotel Pittsburgh Downtown, which is a brand new hotel built in the historic Federal Reserve Bank building. Who Can Attend? Anyone currently using Simio’s simulation and scheduling software for any industry is invited to attend. Alternatively, if your company is considering using Simio softwa
  19. Oh, great thanks Gocken, you are always here for help. Unfortunately, I cannot open your file for format compatibility. I am using the 8 simio academic edition. What is your edition ? If you can just tell me what went wrong please. Slts.
  20. First you have to define a cost center for your model. Select definitions tab then elements and click cost center from the ribbon. Then Process 1 is defined to be triggered by all vehicles "entered node" add-on process. I assumed that all vehicles charged transportation cost if they are transporting entities. Otherwise, no cost is added to costcenter1 of model. For the the second topic you mentioned simply set "PathTravelingCost" property's default value to 1.82. This value will appear as default whenever you place a mypath object to the facility layout. This can save time and energy. Browse t
  21. Thanks gocken for your reply. Unfortunately, I could not open your file due to format compatibility, even though I have the Simio 8 edition but academic one.
  22. Currently working on the logic piece for the design of the simulation. We have a simple source, server and sink operation to model a current state hospital operation. Our model is going to be based off the data shown below. PATIENT _____ ORDER CREATED _________ ORDER COMPLETED ________ PT Patient 1 _____ 2016/05/06 09:19:00 _____ 2016/05/06 13:35:00 _____ Jane Patient 2 _____ 2016/06/09 15:59:00 _____ 2016/06/10 12:36:00 _____ Mike Patient 3 _____ 2016/06/10 08:23:00 _____ 2016/06/10 12:36:00 _____ Luke Patient 4 _____ 2016/06/21 18:02:00 _
  23. At the end of the run you can open up the watch window and everything you need should be available there. You can select all objects you want to display (click, ctrl-click,...) then right-click and select Watch. TIP: If you have a large model and want to select all objects of a given type, you can open up the Properties Window (either on Project Home ribbon or right click on an object), display all the objects of that type, and hit Ctrl-A to select them all. Then right-click in facility window on any one selected and select Watch.
  24. hi Glenn, I am having a trouble with Connection String. I use MS-SQL Server and I define my connection string as " Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=db_projectReport; User Id=sa; Password=aaa " Since I did not get the whole definitions of Simbit DBReadWrite example's connection string which is "Server=localhost; Port=3306; Database=world; Uid=root; Pwd=root" , I do not know exactly what I need to define in my Connection String. Maybe I need to install something similar "MySQL connector" to make a connection between Simio and MS-SQL Server. My error is "A runtime error was d
  25. Thanks Gochen for your reply. I really appreciate it. I just rechecked your model but still giving me 10 jobs some of them are duplicated which does not represent 10 different entities (jobs). Anyway, I am going to keep looking for an elegant way to do it based on your hits. Now, let me explain the next step; since the source problem is solved (at least temporary), now I am going to tackle the server and resource objects. I have 10 different jobs waiting to be processed in front of the first sever in the shop. The server cannot process them without resource such as tool, worker, etc...Each
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