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  1. Hi Mark, I was able to get the jibcrane example to work within a small example. I simply specified the network of the hook/ grabber. Directly open the attached file and select the SmallExample object in the project window then run. Thanks for the share. JibCraneLibraryB.spfx
  2. Hi Mark, I tried running the "generic crane model V3" under sprint 173 and I am getting a number of errors / warnings. Is a specific sprint required to run this? All the best and thanks for the share, Steve
  3. Hi, This is a model I developed in Simio a few years ago. Not sure that it will run in the current version of the product. It was originally designed as a proof of concept illustrating how an object could be used as both a projection medium and a repository of movement equations between positions expressed as longitudes and latitudes. The movements equations were never generalized so coordinates should be limited to northern / western hemispheres. The first run click displays the airports; the second displays the flights. To see the flights reach their destinations,
  4. I'd try creating the file element from within a write step in the lower level object using "Create New". Once it is created, place your object on screen then enter your file name in the newly added property. All the best,
  5. Hi, In order to extract date time infortmation from TimeNow, I combine the use of the FromDateTime and Substring functions. For example: To get the date in a MM/DD/YY format, I use : String.Substring(String.FromDateTime( TimeNow ),1, To get tim information in HH:MM:SS, I use : String.Substring(String.FromDateTime( TimeNow ),12, Happy Modeling,
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