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  1. SJP

    Jib Crane Library

    Hi Mark, I was able to get the jibcrane example to work within a small example. I simply specified the network of the hook/ grabber. Directly open the attached file and select the SmallExample object in the project window then run. Thanks for the share. JibCraneLibraryB.spfx
  2. SJP

    Jib Crane Library

    Hi Mark, I tried running the "generic crane model V3" under sprint 173 and I am getting a number of errors / warnings. Is a specific sprint required to run this? All the best and thanks for the share, Steve
  3. SJP

    Problem/Error using Cranes! Please Help!

    And you will have to resize your Bay2. Very Nice. Very Cool. Congrats.
  4. SJP

    Problem/Error using Cranes! Please Help!

    Hi Jason, Try increasing the "Upper extension" of the lift1 object to 42. Regards,
  5. Hi again, Another usefull addition would be height filters. The ability to hide objects not found between Y = 350 and Y = 400 would eliminate much of the clutter and enable easy viewing and object selections.
  6. Hi, Drawing underground networks can be complex. Adding a node to one can be very tedious, especially if the links are long, as it normally involves redrawing 2 complex curves in 3D. Something which would simplify this a great deal would be the ability to convert link vertices into nodes. The ability to directly import networks into node and links would also be great. All the best,
  7. Hi, Has anyone interfaced Simio to ILOG? Any war stories out there? Looking to use ILOG agents to control the behavior of Simio objects such as cranes, entities and transporters. Any insights would be appreciated. All the best, Steve
  8. Hi, This is a model I developed in Simio a few years ago. Not sure that it will run in the current version of the product. It was originally designed as a proof of concept illustrating how an object could be used as both a projection medium and a repository of movement equations between positions expressed as longitudes and latitudes. The movements equations were never generalized so coordinates should be limited to northern / western hemispheres. The first run click displays the airports; the second displays the flights. To see the flights reach their destinations, you should extend the run length. all the best, SJP Earth2012T.spfx
  9. SJP

    Agent Based Boids Model

    Nice. Have you had a chance to look at the issue of obstacle detection and avoidance? Very Cool. Great work. All the best,
  10. SJP

    FileElement Property

    I'd try creating the file element from within a write step in the lower level object using "Create New". Once it is created, place your object on screen then enter your file name in the newly added property. All the best,
  11. SJP

    Train vehicle

    Hi, I have done a few of these but always using paths never free space. In a nutshell: Both the locomotive and the cars are entities that share a TrainID state. Locomotive and cars are assembled. When it is time to go, a process is run that searches for the entities that have the correct TrainID, then sets the destination and the speed. Modeling a train in seperate entities also improves animation. You get a system in which the cars actually follow the tracks. You can get a glipse of such a model by following this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBXJ_IP0ibs All the best,
  12. SJP

    Get object triggering a process

    Hi,Nicolas, Not sure that this will address your issue but it could give you ideas. In the following model, entity colors are assigned using a top level process. The color assigned is determined by the server from which the process was called. All the best, LocationDictatesCommonProcess.spfx LocationDictatesCommonProcess.spfx
  13. SJP

    Path decorators

    Hi, There is an article on creating custom path decorators in the Knowledge Zone. (Article 101) All the best,
  14. Not sure I fully understand your issue but here is an idea. How about simply defining a variable (NbObstacles) in your top level model? Everytime a pan is created :NbObstacle = NbObstacle + 1 Everytime a pan is moved out of the way: NbObstacle = NbObstacle - 1 Monitor the value of NbObstacle. If it is equal to 0 then move the car. Whether you have 30 or 300, this should work. All the best, Steve
  15. Hi, There are some free 3rd party solutions out there. I personnaly use Camtasia (not free). It's powerful and easy to learn. An evaluation copy can be downloaded using the following link: http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia2-1111.html?gclid=CMKFv6L48K8CFSWFQAodP2XFUg All the best,