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  1. Hello, I'm modeling an orange factory. One thing that I'm trying to solve is the modeling of the reception pools (of oranges). 1) Arrive trucks. 2) The truck is weight. Every truck have a random value of kilograms of oranges. (integer) 3) The truck dispose the oranges in a workstation. (workstation = reception pool). This is model with a Separator. 3.1) There are 3 workstation. 3.2) Every workstation has diferent Input Buffers. 3.3) The entity once entered in MemberOut@Separator1, it triggers a decide process. 3.3.1) This decide is to choose the
  2. Ohh... I get it ! Thank you very much. Thank you all !
  3. I tried what you say, but it didn't work anyway
  4. Hello! I'm having problems with ExcelWrite process. I have a few months in Simio and I didn't have this problem before. I need to write the "TestTime" of every entity in the system after the first test (server). 1) I created an Excel Document. 2) I created and excel connection. 3) I linked the excel connection with my excel document. 4) I made a process. 4.1) I made an assign, where an "i" integer variable take the value "i+1" so i can write all the data in different rows. 4.2) I added the ExcelWrite process to write the data that I need. This data is "i
  5. OOh! That's a very nice solution. I was trying something more complex needlessly Thank you very much !
  6. Hello! I'm having problems with the WAIT process. I'm modelling trucks who brings pallets. This trucks must be heavy at the server "weighing". Later, It goes to a separate, where the truck goes to the sink1. And the separate create 3 copies of pallets entities. This pallets must be heave at the server "weighingPallets" and finally go to the sink2. My problem is that i just can have one truck with his pallets (3 pallets) after the server "weighing". After the truck and his pallets go to them sinks, the next truck can advance. I create several process. 2 to count the quantity (
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