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  1. Oh, great thanks Gocken, you are always here for help. Unfortunately, I cannot open your file for format compatibility. I am using the 8 simio academic edition. What is your edition ? If you can just tell me what went wrong please. Slts.
  2. Hello, I am working on a model that process jobs (dolls) on a single station. I have 3 types of job that could be processed by just 1 resource. Resources are flexible and may do the same job but each one has its own time to do the task. Jobs are processed based on their smallest processing time. So far, the attached model could select the smallest processing time and pick the right resource (based on the index on the table) but I could not find a way to physically seize the right resource. On the seize step, I just put the preferred one; which means, it will always seize Resource 1. Her
  3. What do you mean by storage element? Through my current model, I tried to just understand the issue and found out that Job 1 is the first one to be created and the first one to be transferred from Input@Server1 to Server 1 Input Buffer, which means, in that transfer fraction of seconds, Job 1 seizes Server 1 and starts processing it. Meanwhile, the remaining jobs are transferred to Server 1 Input Buffer based on their creation order and getting time to be sorted based on their processing time.
  4. Yes, still process job 1 first which should be the last one. I am trying to find out an extra logic for that. Meanwhile, the contribution of all members will be much appreciated.
  5. Thanks gocken for your reply. Unfortunately, I could not open your file due to format compatibility, even though I have the Simio 8 edition but academic one.
  6. Hello, I am trying to rank (order) jobs based on their processing times. On the attached model, the server should process jobs as : Job4, Job3, Job2 then Job1 but that is not the case because Job1 is always the first to be processed and the remaining jobs are ranked as expected. Is there anyone who can explain to me why is that ? Thanks. MyNewModel.spfx
  7. Thanks Dave for your response, Your suggestion is so clear but I guess it considers the processing Times are known in advance in order to set the resources accordingly. In my model, the processing times are not necessary known in advance, it could be generated Random.Uniform(2,4) for example (stochastic). To make it simple, I am going to work on 1 station and 4 resource and get 3 types of dolls (model attached). I know that the order of my resource list (ObjectList Instance) is the same on the Service Times Table of each doll type: So, once I get green doll (type 0) for example, th
  8. Hello, I am trying to model a doll shop and hope I can get some help. Different type of Dolls come in and need some adjustments. We have 4 workstations that need 4 resources to do the job (1 resource per station). Resources may change the station based on rule that is explained later on. Each resource has its own service time to process each doll type. What I have done so far is pretty cool but still some improvements. Dolls come in and choose randomly the first available resource to process the doll. The model is able to know the resource index and pick the right service time. What I am
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