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    I saw that Event can fire in custom step. But, Is it possible to fire Event at Add-in? I mean whenever the button is clicked, a specific event is fired. if I can get the value of the event to IEvent class, it could be easy to implement but .. I don't know how to assign the specific event to IEvent. Thank you . Jay.
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    Thank you .. this is amazing stuff. By the way, is it possible to import and export Process step as well?
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    I have changed the logic of the server 2's add-on process you included and add an additional search condition to output@server1. Also, delete all others. It seems it works like you want. see how it is? if there are any other issues do not hesitate to ask further pls. RoutingProblem_Myway.spfx
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    I think "TheCombinersName.MemberInputBuffer.Contents.AverageTimeWaiting" is the expression you are looking for. -Adam
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    So I see what you are trying to achieve, and your approach can be moddelled yet you will need to really know what you are doing if you want to start transferring entities in and out of queue's, as well as adjusting capacity of vehicles to circumvent default routing logic. Alternatively, I would set the Retailer capacities back to one and treat an entity as a shipment from the warehouse to a retailer. I would also look at add a material element to the transporter and each server and utilize Simio's produce and consume functionality to drive variation in supply and demand. This will allow you to utilize the base functionality of the transporters, without dabbling in capacitative resource allocation, unless you fully understand the intricacies of the inner workings of a transporter. Task Sequences embedded within the servers should allow you to easily accomplish your objective (basis production and consumption of material), without needing to utilize process logic and corresponding Produce and Consume Blocks. Hope this Helps.
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    I think 2 more entities (at ridestation of vehicle) for server 1 forces vehicle to wait at server 1. Because they have nowhere to go or wait ? Increasing the capacities of inputbuffers of both servers should solve this problem? if this option is not possible for your problem setting then you have to know how many entities to send from source to servers exactly? or think about many other solutions...
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    Hello, I'm trying to model a paint flow line where I have two servers in one line(series and not parallel). If one entity gets painted in server 1, then I want that entity to just pass server two without getting processed. If the entity does not gets painted in server one than it can get processed in Server 2. I'm not sure how I should put this logic in Simio. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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    I have created a simple model that I believe may have solved this problem. I used a dynamic selection rule of largest value first. I then multiplied the entity priority by the time in system. This expression can be extended to include other factors like the equation in the OP. Visually watching the model, it does as expected. If anyone has any suggestions or a better way to model this, feel free to share! I attached the example model. Example Model.spfx
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    Hello everyone, I kindly request your help, i would like to change my software version, from 32 to 64 bits. Do i need to uninstall my SIMIO software? I want to do this because with my actual version some of my models do not run. I highly appreciate your comments on this. Greetings!!!
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    Hello all, I am trying this new feature on SIMIO and any help is appreciated. Now, I have a CAD drawing of my plant layout. I want to know if I can import the CAD drawing into SIMIO to automatically develop a model. Now, I have already done this with the excel spreadsheet where I am able to import the database to create the model. I want to know if a similar step is possible with the CAD drawing. Thanks, Ravi
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    Is there a easier/better way to add links to networks besides right clicking and selecting "add to network"? There is almost 200 different networks in the model and it is very time consuming to add links to the networks, even when using multiple selections. Is there any process logic one can use to "assign" a link to a network using tables for instance? Any help would be appreciated.
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    The OptQuest that is currently implemented in Simio pursues minimizing or maximizing a single objective function. If you want to optimize multiple objectives you must reduce them to a single objective by implementing an expression with your own weighting. For example to optimize profit and quality you might optimize based on an expression like "Profit - (75 * NumRejects)". OptTek has somewhat recently made available a hueristic that provides optimization of multiple objectives. How important is this to you?