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  2. Hi Guys, I am doing a model for my hospital. My last step is to let the patient have some animation for example sit or lie down so I decide to use the animated symbol like I used to do. But this time when I choose the entities button and type in ModelEntity.Animation, the Animation function disappears and when I choose the sever, the animation part is all in grey and not available to type in any function to change the animation. Can you guys help me with that?
  3. Hello! I have been following the FMC scheduling tutorial from simio's learning portal. I am trying to do scheduling and minimize the maximum lateness in orders by allowing simio to change the start time of the various orders (which will be greater or equal to the release time). However, I am unable to subtract the ship dates (date time - state) and due dates (standard property-date time) to calculate tardiness value for each order. I have tried defining it as expression property and also state property. For some reason I am unable to subtract the date time values for ship date and due date. I would really appreciate any advice on how to get around this or if someone can point me in the right direction.
  4. If you look at the list of animations of a symbol (as shown in my previous reply), you'll see the animation 21 (Sleep), assuming you're looking at a animated person symbol. So set the Current Animation Index of your ModelEntity to something like this: Math.If( condition when your entity is bed , 21 , index of the animation when it's not in bed )
  5. ok for the names, i will change them. I fixed the thing you writed in the new model, but it doesn't work the same.. Model.spfx
  6. Thank you so much. I got one more question. Do you know how to make a symbol lie down? I can do rotate on a horizontal plane but can't make them lie down.
  7. hard to understand your model. there is a lot of questions: first one, bad naming convention for steps, you better assign a meaningful name for each steps instead of using' Assign1', 'Search1' etc... In Search1 step, you used BOM.prodotti.Name == MyToken1.productname,but you never use MyToken1 as the Token Class Name for that process, and I did not see you assign any product name to this token??
  8. Yes, I need to create a material based on the entities' arriving (each entity has a BOM ) and the entities have to wait in the node untill the production of the material (leather). It seems that the model can't see the process and it doesn't produce the material and it doesn't respect the lead time. Maybe there is a problem with the tokens and the varaibles' assignments.
  9. can you tell me what do you want to achieve here,
  10. It is possible to reference a column in a expression property ( e.g.: Table1[1].Separator1 ) But I suggest: Working with Work Schedules on your Data tab Or rearrange your table to include a Object Instance Property column containing all your servers, following by Integer Property column with its capacities. This should make the referecing easier.
  11. Hy, tahnk you so much to answer me how can i cahange it?
  12. Last week
  13. Change animation by setting a number or a expression on your object's Current Animation Index property. You can check its symbol available animation by right-clicking your object and selecting List of Animations of Active Symbol. In the Drawing tab, draw your wall using polyline or curve, set the Object Height and apply the texture by clicking in the wall. Check these two attached images for a better understanding.
  14. Hello, I have been utilizing SIMIO for a couple of months, but I am still relatively new to some of the features and I recently encountered a difficulty that leads me to the following question. Is it possible to include an entire table in the model as a reference property in an experiment? I have a Table that controls the capacity of all servers at specific intervals within the simulation time, but I would like to include a warm up period in my simulation. The only manner I encountered to make this possible is through an experiment. The attached picture shows the Table, but there are too many parameters to reference them individually. If not possible, or perhaps an easier solution, is there a manner to include a warm up period in the simulation without having to perform an experiment? I would only like to take the model into a steady state prior to collecting statistics, but a need does not necessarily exist for me to perform an experiment.
  15. Hello deal fellows, I just entered a hospital and we wanna a very small attempt model to monitor the length of stay for a department. You have very good examples but it is still to hard for me to follow. I have several questions below. 1.We have symbols for patients and bed. Do you know how to let the symbol do action like lying on a bed or control them to which part of another symbol? 2.How to build like walls and curve walls I mean textures to surround the properties? Thank you so much
  16. Hy, i have some problems with my models. I created a worehouse of raw materials (leather) and when i start the run, after 24 or 72 hours, the model gives me this error: Search.matchcondition:invalid operation types of operands must match. Do you know how to manage this error? Thank you so much Model.spfx
  17. Hi, Has there been any progress on this? We are experiencing the exact same issue that Adam noted. Regards, Willem
  18. Thanks, that's a good trick! I like what the competitor does, you can access to pretty much everything from the tree - if you can see it, then you can get the variable to it; if you can do it by a mouse or keyboard click, then you can do it in the script.
  19. You can use a trick to do that, as attached...I used a transparent png picture as texture for the resource. haha:) Model toggle resource picture index.spfx
  20. Thanks. Yes, it can be done by set a 0 size. But if we can toggle the external visual by just one click, there should be a variable linked to it. If we can get access to the variable, it would be much easier to just assign a value in a process every time we want to make change.
  21. Hi, I believe you approach is correct. I would suggest you look at the CombineMultipleEntityTypesOntoPallets Simbit for help on how to have the shirts be combined with the totes (this may help alleviate your confusion about the worker fetching totes instead of shirts). Another suggestion would be the think of the combiner in a slightly different way than the real system (parent object, like the pallets in the above node) and the shirts are then feed into the member input and combined when there are 5 shirts. Meaning the shirts are combined with the tote, then once 3 totes are filled the ARM can move them out (utilizing an evaluating seize request add-on process for the ARM transporter). Hope this helps. Jason
  22. Earlier
  23. Nvm, I solved it. See attached image.
  24. Hi, I would like to return information from an entity in a queue (parent input buffer) at a specific index. If I use the search step with following property values (see attached image) I receive an error (see attached image). What does this error exactly mean and how can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance! Christa
  25. Hello, One way you can control the visibility of a resource (among other things) that exists within a submodel (e.g., model ProcessABC) via a boolean property that exists in the main model (e.g., MainModel) is the following: create a boolean property in ProcessABC (Res1_expr) In the OnRunInitialized process of ProcessABC, have a decide step reference Res1_expr, then the true and false conditions can control the resource visibility parameters (Resource1.Size...) via Assign steps In the MainModel, create a boolean property (Res1_expr), and reference this for the Res1_expr property of ProcessABC This is assuming you just want to set the visibility of the resource once, and at the start of the run... Hope this helps.
  26. Nadere

    Time In System

    Thanks a lot. It is very helpful
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