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  2. Hi everyone! I am currently working on a model to simulate how an airport security checkpoint works. I have most of the model ready, but I am having issues when separating customers from their bags. I am using separators creating copies of the entity, and setting the copy entity type to bags. The issue that I am coming up with is that I cant figure out how to make a separator wait between making two copies. What I need the system to do is to wait an amount of time determined randomly by a distribution, send one bag to x-ray scanning, wait again some time as determined ran
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  4. Hello, In my model I have multiple vehicles driving from the source to the sink. I connected the source and sink via a path on which the vehicles travel. But now I want that the path length changes for each vehicle. Is it possible to change the path length via a distribution? Thank you very much for the help! Kind regards, Cindy
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  6. Good day, I want to export to export my model (the graphics of the facility) and model processes (the steps and the paths) to png or jpeg. Currently, this only seems possible via screenshots. Is there a way around this to have higher quality images or to include the entire model/process for models and processes with many functional blocks/steps? Kind regards, Eduan
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  8. ----------------------- This may be in the wrong forum categorization; however, I couldn't figure out where it should exactly go. ------------------------------- Hello Everyone, I am working on a project attempting to model the flow of several categories of patients (e.g., Urgent, Moderate, Predictive) through different types of healthcare facilities (e.g., Primary Care, Emergency Department). Essentially, my desire is make the flow through the various types of facilities easier so that the patients might be directed to a more appropriate level of care. However, I seem to encounter t
  9. Import your drawing into SketchUp, save in SketchUp format and then import from SketchUp format into Simio. You will probably need a paid SketchUp license to do this.
  10. Hi Lucas, Thanks again for the response. when you mention SketchUp, is it to import the models onto 3D warehouse and again import the same into simio from ware house. Thanks, Alen
  11. Hi Alen, I've found it best to import CAD models into SketchUp prior to importing into Simio. Cheers, Lucas.
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  13. I use fixed route for the transporters in my model and I just want to let the transporters follow the fixed route once rather than repeat over and over. Is it possible to stop the repeat of a fixed route? Thank you in advance for any help.
  14. Hi , i am a trying to import CAD Models to replace default server and source. but the models being heavy simio is crashing. Please suggest any lighter specified format to which CAD models can be converted and imported to simio. Thanks, Alen
  15. A demo model on how to create sub-classed object with moving part, collect stats and show on dashboard. Have fun! ParkingEntryAndExitBoomGates.spfx
  16. First of all you would need to assign acidic percentage and base percentage to the entity. once that is done, in the process tab you can use decide step and add conditions like, if model.entity.acid<=10&& model.entity.base<=20 true set node to server 1/2(i am just taking a example and considering acid as a state assigned to entity) else set node to 3/10 . u can add a transfer node after the source generates the entity and the above decide condition as the entity enters the transfer node. I hope that helps. Regards, Unmesh
  17. I'm a newbie to Simio and any help in this regard would be appreciated. I'm trying to simulate a situation where a server can be selected only if the incoming input satisfies a few condtions. Ex: Choose amongst Server 1, server 2 and Server 3 if the input entity has 10% acid and 20% base; Choose amongst Server 1, Server 3 and Server 10 if the input entity has 30% acid and 40% base and so on. Kindly guide me through this.
  18. Hello, Is it possible to run SIMIO programatically from terminal? If yes, can you please provide what should we write in order to start the simulation to specific runtime?
  19. I suggest investigating a Repeating Group Property. There is a SimBit (located in the Support ribbon) called "Hierachy With Tables" which demonstrates this concept. Happy modeling! Liz
  20. The SkyBox icon on the View Ribbon opens a library of static and dynamic scenes that can be placed in the 3D animation. Dynamic scenery includes several options for clouds that move with the animation as the model runs. Typically, the Speed Factor should be set to 5 - 10 or greater to see movement. Static skybox options include many indoor and outdoor scenes. Indoor applications include adding building walls to surround your model. The 'None' option will remove any existing skybox. Users can create their own SkyBoxes as well. The “library” skyboxes are simply *.zip files with images inside the
  21. Sure, here you are. You can try this one. The inputs are the function name without .m and the function address. CallMATLAB2.dll
  22. Try creating a global variable(model) and assigning the value to state variable in entity Regards, Unmesh
  23. Hi everybody In a process, located in an entity, I would like to access data that is stored in the parent model (Data), where the entity is created. How can I achieve this? Thanks
  24. Hi Cindy, There is a nice Simbit included with Simio called "Electric Vehicle" that goes pretty close to doing exactly what you're after. In the Simbit it is tracking the charge remaining for an electric vehicle to determine when it should be sent to a charging station. Regards, Lucas
  25. Hi, I modelled a system in which vehicles transport containers from the sources (quay side of a container terminal) to the sink (stack of the container terminals). The vehicles wait at a parking place for a container to enter, then the vehicles carry the containers, drop them off and drive back to their parking place. This system works so far. However, now I want to add fuel consumption of the vehicles. Each vehicle has a tank which can carry 1200 Liters diesel and each meter the vehicle drives it uses 0.0025 Liters of Diesel. How can I add this to the vehicles? Also, if the D
  26. Hi, To get the desired behaviour you want to change the Create Type in your create step from 'CopyAssociatedObject' to 'NewObject'. CopyAssociatedObject will copy the table row reference of the order entity. NewObject will result in each newly created object having a reference to the table row found in the search step. As a side note you can also simplify your search by removing the Match Condition. The Order entity already has a reference to the Order in the Orders table. So when you use the search step with Search Related Rows Only set to true it will only return the
  27. Hello, In my model, I have five machines (Serial manufacturing line), first machine has seven types of failure, second machine has four types of failure, third machine has three, six type for fourth machine and five types of failure for last machine, each failure mode has its own time to failure and time to repair distribution, I don't know how Simio can realize if only one failure mode among seven in the first machine results in stopping machine no.3 for 15 minutes and reset distribution parameters mode of machine 3 because preventive maintenance tasks have been performed during that tim
  28. Hi All,

    In my Model I have a input table and while trouble shooting if I have to pick a particular order as in the below screen shot, it takes a while to search the same( I have approx. 2000 rows). Are their any efficient methods to search a particular row in table if not can this be added as a feature in Simio's next update? Right now its a drop down and then the order needs to be searched.

    Thank you.




  29. I found that the extra one was the entity in the path from the source to the server.
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