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  3. Yes!! Thank you! I was modifying all sorts of settings: secondary resources, reservations, what the resource should do in down time. It didn't occur to me to use an add-on process. I really appreciate your assistance!
  4. Is this what you are looking for? regarding the vehicle spend a few minutes in that server, you can change Example Model_revised_Jeff.spfx
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  6. I have a vehicle that is delivering product to a warehouse. There are times when the warehouse is unavailable (locked, unmanned, etc.). I want the vehicle to stay at the warehouse until the warehouse is available, then unload and move on. Currently, I have the vehicle picking up an entity (the delivery) at the output of one node, and bringing it to the input of a server (Warehouse_unload). After that, the delivery (without the vehicle) gets processed at Warehouse_Processing, and when ready, can get picked up again by a vehicle to return to the PickupLocation. That Warehouse_unload server has a work schedule, where it goes offline on a regular basis, but I cannot figure out how to get the vehicle to stop at that server when the server is offline. I did check out the VehicleStopsWhenServerOffShift simbit. I don't want the vehicle to stop no matter where it is, though, just when arriving at the server. I feel like this should be pretty easy and I'm just missing something simple. Things seem ok until the 3rd delivery, when the Warehouse_Unload is offline when the vehicle arrives. The vehicle just keeps moving, but I'd like it to stop until the Warehouse_Unload comes online again. Then, the vehicle and entity spend a few minutes in that server. Then, the entity moves on (without vehicle) to Warehouse_Processing and vehicle checks for any entities in the output of Warehouse_Processing and continues back to input of PickupLocation. I also tried to set the vehicle to the Secondary Resource at Warehouse_Unload, but couldn't get that to work right either. I'm attaching a simple example. Thank you for your help. Example Model.spfx
  7. In Simio, I want specific entities to go to both servers, but other entities to only go to one. For an example EntityA and EntityB can go to both Server1 and Server2, but EntityC and EntityD can only go to Server1. Is there a way to do this where EntityA and EntityB actually do through both Servers and Exit properly without using Link By Weight because Link By Weight doesn't really discriminate against entities, nor do the entities actually process through the server, they just jump to a different one.
  8. I’m trying to simulate an Attraction at an Amusement Park with multiple entities that each have different sequences. The entities, or guest, enter through one Source, have to travel one of the two queues, depending on their sequence, have to travel to Merge, and then to either of the two stations. From there, they have to merge and go on the ride, get off the ride and either go up the Speedramp or the Elevator and then exit. For an example: a Regular Guest has to go through the Standard Queue and go to Merge, but they can go to either the right station or the left station. While another Guest with a wheelchair can go to either the Standard Queue or the Fast Queue, but they have to go the right station, they cannot go to the left station. I kind of managed this with processes and having multiple sequences, but now the Guest keep jumping back to the Entrance of the attraction and they never ride the ride and exit. Can anyone help me with this? Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction.spfx
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  10. Check if you specify the file extension (NameOfFile.xlsx) See this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ONiKDq4Bhc
  11. Hi all, Is it possible to auto-create model properties and states from data tables or in any other way? I know entities, objects, and elements can be auto-created but I want to create many expression properties and state varaibles quickly with specific names I want to assign to them. Is there a way to do that?
  12. Hi All,

    In my model, I have a transfer node and the entity could go to either of the next 2 serves as in the picture.

    I have assigned product number(1,2,3...) to entities …., if product “1” moves from transfer node to S1 and the next product is also “1”, it should also move to S1 and if the product number changes its should change the server to S2. So the entire batch gets processed on one server.

    After processing from S1 and S2 the entity should flow in batch so that at S3 I have batch production

    Right now the entities go based on “By Link Weight” and randomly goes to the server which affects S1,S2,S3 servers setup time

    Any thoughts how can that be achieved, I do not want to setup a sequence table.


  13. Please have a look at this, let me know if that's what you were seeking? look in the process tab Model_AssignStep.spfx
  14. Hi Jon, let me know if this helps. I added priorities to entities and changed the dynamic selection. Unmesh Model_worker.spfx
  15. Hello! I would like to know if I can somehow assign two values to two different states using the same Math.If function or another SIMIO tool. For example, if a uniform(0,100) random variable were to be lower than 40, how can I make different states alter their value? Thanks for the help!
  16. I've hunted through the forums and online and cannot seem to find a fix for my simple application. I have 1 worker operating multiple work centers (Simio server). He should finish all work at one "server" before moving on to the next server. Otherwise, his utilization goes down substantially due to him bouncing back and forth between the servers and walking all day. I.e. Server A: Parts in Que: 1,2,3,4,5,6 Server B: Parts in Que 1,2,3,4,5,6 Worker is doing A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, B3, A4, B4, A5, B5, A6, B6 with a walking time inbetween each part. I want worker to do A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, walk, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 I would prefer not to use constraint logic due to the complexity. I've read that somehow the solution seems to lie in setting the Secondary Resources "Repeat Group" status to false and attempting to use the "keep reservation" function, however I have not had any luck. I set the "keep reservation if" function to "ServerA.InputBuffer.Contents.NumberWaiting > 0" which in theory should fix the problem, however my worker continues running back and forth. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jon
  17. Perfect, somehow I was overlooking the flow library and was trying to drag the entity from the model navigation window, which didn't work.
  18. Hi Rachel, To change the maximum number of copies of any entity accepted in the model, place one instance of that entity in the model, click on it, go to their Properties Windows and then enter the value on Population/Maximum Number in System Limit. Regards,
  19. I need to model a system that usually has around 6000 entities in it. I edited the property "maximum number in system limit" for the model entity, but no matter what value I gave it I still got the same error message. What am I doing wrong?
  20. there is another paper similar: https://dl.acm.org/doi/abs/10.5555/3427510.3427538
  21. Senior Industrial Engineer - Simulation Req #: 67308BR York, Pennsylvania, United States Engineering & Technology Platforms & Services Posted on:03/29/2021 Job Summary Career Level Experienced Travel Percentage 10% Full-Time / Part-Time Full-Time Clearance Level - Must Currently Possess None Shift 1st Shift Relocation Available Yes ITAR: U.S Citizen or Green Card Required Yes Clearance Level - Must Be Able to Obtain None Job Description What motivates you? If the answer is a position where you can develop your skills and earn opportunities for advancement while being part of a forward looking team then this is what awaits you in a career at BAE Systems. Our employees work on the world’s most advanced combat vehicle systems. From the M109A7 Mobile Howitzer with its long range firepower to the Amphibious Combat Vehicle that transports America’s Marines from ship to shore, we are developing the technology of tomorrow while delivering the most cutting-edge equipment available today. Our flexible work environment provides every opportunity to positively impact the company without giving up your personal life and we welcome all those who understand the importance of improving production velocity, having big ideas, and craving innovation. We draw strength from our diversity and always put our customers first through an unwavering commitment to bring the warfighter home safe. Does this sound like a team you want to be a part of? If so, come build your career with BAE Systems. The Combat Vehicles line of business within the Platforms & Services (P&S) Sector of BAE Systems is looking for a self-motivated Senior Industrial Engineer to support the production scheduling of armored military vehicles. Working as a team member of a larger Industrial Engineering Group, this Engineer will be required to build and maintain simulations for varied fabrication, assembly, and testing processes. The candidate must also be comfortable with soliciting input through face to face interaction and, in general, must demonstrate that they possess strong analytical, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills that will support individual and team growth. A strong background in discrete event simulation, specifically with the use of SIMIO, is necessary. Specific responsibilities include: Day-to-Day · Complete simulation support activities such as time studies, production line balancing and production metric development · Evaluate complex Technical Data Packages (Drawings, Bills of Material) and be able to understand how a component or vehicle is assembled · Utilize a strong understanding of integration activities like implementation of standard work, material kitting, metric tracking, and process improvement to advance manufacturing methods. · Work on the manufacturing floor with other Engineering disciplines, production supervisors, and employees that directly interact with the components or vehicles being produced. Internal and External Customer Relationships · Engage in regular communications with production support, planning, logistics, quality, manufacturing supervisors, and direct labor workforce to assess operations performance. · Summarize and present findings to internal customers to gain buy-in for improvement efforts · Discuss the status of metrics and key performance indicators with appropriate decision makers Development · Work with Industrial Engineering leadership to understand the expectations of new Engineer within the organization and company · Share responsibility of self-development with immediate supervisor · Maintain a safe work environment and ensure compliance with safety objectives and policies. Required Education, Experience, & Skills - 4+ years of simulation experience within SIMIO - BS degree from an accredited university Preferred Education, Experience, & Skills Demonstrated capability with the use and application of SIMIO discrete event simulation software. About BAE Systems Platforms & Services BAE Systems, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of BAE Systems plc, an international defense, aerospace and security company which delivers a full range of products and services for air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology solutions and customer support services. Improving the future and protecting lives is an ambitious mission, but it’s what we do at BAE Systems. Working here means using your passion and ingenuity where it counts – defending national security with breakthrough technology, superior products, and intelligence solutions. As you develop the latest technology and defend national security, you will continually hone your skills on a team—making a big impact on a global scale. At BAE Systems, you’ll find a rewarding career that truly makes a difference. 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Here, you will not only build your career, but you will also enjoy work-life balance, uncover new experiences, and collaborate with passionate colleagues. https://jobs.baesystems.com/global/en/job/67308BR/Senior-Industrial-Engineer-Simulation Thanks, Jenny Ridings, PHR Principal Talent Acquisition Specialist BAE Systems My pronouns are she / her M: +1 904 570 2489 | E: jenny.ridings@baesystems.com https://jobs.baesystems.com Connect with BAE Systems: Join our talent community!
  22. Thank you for the paper, quite interesting, we will think about how to use such an approach in our model.
  23. Pls refer to below paper for integrating simio and M/L algorithms. very good read. SIMIO和机器学习算法的整合框架【AI】Aston大学Andrew Greasley博士.pdf
  24. You might want to look into Arrival Tables. See the following screen grabs. Configure the source to create entities based on the arrival table as follows: Setup the arrival table to define the arrival time and the number of entities per arrival as follows: Hope this helps, Lucas.
  25. Hi, I have 6 entities arriving at exactly 8am each day. Each of the 6 entities will create a certain number of entities on arrival from their respective distributions. How do I model in my source? I cannot have multiple sources as each entity has its own server processing times. Please can you help? Thank you
  26. Thanks Hurol! The "problem" with that property is that this only serves to process one additional entity. In my case, there can be n>=1 entities and I need to process all of them.
  27. Hello, a Server block has a property named "Off Shift Rule" This is normally set to "Suspend Processing", i.e. the server signs off at the end of the shift and abandons all the waiting work. If you want to finish the waiting work, choose the other option, "Finish Work Already Started" I suppose that's what you want.
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