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  4. Hi bennodual You can create a table inside your customised object(say MyObject) and the column type match your properties, ie,he first of type datetime and the second of type real. and then convert it to a repeatgroup ,for example its name : tableA and on parent model you can instantiate your object and on the property panel, you will see the repeatgroup to assign. you can create a table directly via the schema dropdown list with the name MyObject, select MyObject.tableA and the table will be automatically created. the next step is refer to this table on the properties panel.
  5. I'm dealing with a similar situation with my model. I'm trying to tell my model to seize 1 resource object for every 3 entities. How can I go about this?
  6. Hi, I am working on a transportation model where the vehicle drops off customers at a station and is parked at the node until it is further required. Is there a way to limit the number of vehicles a station can hold? Thanks, Amit Sinha
  7. Processing Time.spfx I have attached a simple simulation model where by a part has a processing time of lognormal distribution time in minutes (4.5 minutes) for machine 1. But when the model is running, i can see that entities are processed in over 200 minutes. Can anyone help me with this issue?
  8. Hello, I am new to Simio, and I am still trying to figure out which Simio product will be most valuable in my case. I have some specific questions: I would like to confirm the following: If I build a simulation model in Simio Simulation Software, can I import it into Simio Scheduling Software and build on it? When you say that Simio Scheduling Software allows performing risk analysis in real time, do you mean that: You can actually connect the software to sensors where the software automatically performs the analysis based on real-time data? OR you manua
  9. @Ryan Welch Lutttrell, wondering if you might have any thoughts?
  10. Any updates on this for 2020?
  11. Were you able to find an answer? I have the same question. I have about 10 tables that i have to import data into and I'm trying to figure out how to automatically import those in a certain order.
  12. Hi All,

    How do I add Efficiency to a server, so that it runs with set Eff, in capacity type I have work schedule and I do not want to use failure equations.



  13. I am wondering if there is a way to end all tasks in a task sequence when a ModelEntity transfers out of the station. I tried setting the Token Action On Associated Object Transferred to EndProcess but I guess that only works upon exiting the current step.
  14. Hi, See attached model that uses an output table to log information on each entity. You could just as easily you an ExcelWrite/Write Step to do the same thing. Cheers, Lucas. Data Table Entity Log.spfx
  15. Hi! I have been using SIMIO for quite some time now, but I have barely come across this need. I need to record the time spent per entity at any given path/server in the simulation, rather than obtaining the average time for all entities at the end of the simulation. Take the image below as an example. I need to record the time spent in the link (TimeOnLink) per entity generated. The path corresponds to that connecting the source to servers 2-7. Then, I need to record the time spent per entity on servers 2-7 (TimeInStation). I can display the unique ID number for each entity by Entity.ID,
  16. Hi FranMora, It seems like something is interfering with your vehicles' inherent OnCapacityChanged process which should cause the vehicle to travel home once off-shift. It could be that it has been seized or that it is parked in a station. If you could share your model I could get a better idea of the issue and give you more specific advice.
  17. Hi, I have a relatively complex model for which I had to create a a custom fixed object and vehicles go in and out of the several instances of this object. I need to vehicle to come back home once its shift has ended, but since it is within a different facility view it is failing. I've been stuck at this cross roads for hours and cant get it to work. Any ideas that might help?
  18. Hi All,

    I have a server and I have to write out in a csv whenever the resource state of the server changes like from processing to blocked  or from blocked to processing and so on, I do not have a RPS version. any suggestions to this will be really helpful. Thanks


    1. gocken


      Hi Chandak, 
      from definitions tab add a monitor element (i.e., monitor1) in your model and set its state variable name property to i.e., Server1.ResourceState. Also, from definitions tab include an excelconnect element which is a user defined element. set its excel workbook property as i.e., resource_state.xlsx (create a resource_state.xlsx file in the same folder where your .spfx file will run). In processes tab create a new process i.e., Process 1 and in there place an assign step and an excel write step (from user defined steps). Define a state variable i.e., row_index. in assign step set state variable name property as row_index and set new value property as row_index+1. In excel write step set excelconnect property as ExcelConnect1, set worksheet as "sheet 1" (resource_state.xlsx excel file's sheet name), set row as row_index, leave starting column property as default, and add two items such as "ResourceState" and "Run.TimeNow". at last, select process1 and set triggering event name as Monitor1.Event. 
      also, in order to get different resource states in your excel file you can define a work schedule or a failure mechanism on your server object. Hope it works?  

    2. Unmesh.Chandak


      Dear Gocken,

      Thank you so much for your response. That is really helpful. Appreciate it.



  19. To have a record of Utilization, the entity must be considered a resource. As a resource, the entity will have capacity that can be seized and released. While the capacity is seized, the entity is considered utilized. To change the ModelEntity to be a resource, go to the ModelEntity definition, located in the Navigation pane in the upper right corner. Right click ModelEntity and select Properties. Under Advanced Options, you will want to change the property Resource Object to 'True'. Back to the ModelEntity Instance in the Model, you will need to have the entity acting as a resource
  20. Simulation Setting: Hospital Situation: In a hospital setting tasks are done in a preferred order on a patient, currently using processing tasks functionality to accomplish this. However if a certain task can not be done due to a resource constraint they should continue with the task profile but queue the task to be done when available. For example: if a patient needs to be intubated but no qualified person is available, the patient should continue with the task profile but should continue with trying to seize a qualified person, and when they can the task could continue as normal. Is th
  21. Hi All,

    I have defined the input buffer capacity and output buffer capacity for my servers, If the input buffer of destination server is full the vehicle still picks the entity(from output buffer of previous server) and moves to the destination(next) server and just waits with the entity unless input buffer capacity is available , how can I restrict the forklift from not picking up the entity or should only pick when the next server/destination has input buffer capacity available. any thoughts on this would be helpful.

  22. Hello ttarken, A simplified approach might be use a Resource to constrain the system until the required operator is available. If the operator should move with the Crane, a good starting point might be to try seizing a Worker and requesting a move to the pickup Node. Then, you could try using a Move step to move the Worker from the pickup Node to the drop-off Node with the Crane. Please see below a link to a similar post discussing how to use two Cranes to move a single entity. The example model attached to the other post might provide guidance for your application.
  23. How can we add a secondary resource requirement to the Crane such as Operator?
  24. Hi Gocken, Sorry for delayed reply. This is very interesting! I have been wondering how a search might work. Thank you so much for kindly taking the time to follow up with this answer. It is very helpful! I am particularly interested in the ability to search the entire population. Thank You! Beat Regards, Jim
  25. Hi all, In a warehouse the transporter needs to work in different logic based on part size condition. If the part is large, it should pickup only one type of part and drop to a single destination which is easy to model with the default vehicle object. However if the same vehicle picks up a "small" part, it should pick up all the other "small" items in other locations (output of server) which have the same destination and drop them to the destination (working like a supermarket cart or milkrun). We are struggling to model this picking process and having the transporter work in either way b
  26. Thanks, for the quick response. Found my problem was with the assigning of the entity_reference_state_variable an then it still did not work until i used your create token process. Thanks a lot, saved me hours of debugging.
  27. Hello, Storing this information in a Data Table and using a Search step might be the best approach. The Search expression will probably need to look for a specific Group and also check that the MaterialName is in stock. If the Table is listed in priority order, you will need to just Search forward until the criteria is met. You will either need to execute the Search step a few times and have a variable for the Group letter, or just have three separate Search steps specifying the exact group. Liz
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