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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, In a warehouse the transporter needs to work in different logic based on part size condition. If the part is large, it should pickup only one type of part and drop to a single destination which is easy to model with the default vehicle object. However if the same vehicle picks up a "small" part, it should pick up all the other "small" items in other locations (output of server) which have the same destination and drop them to the destination (working like a supermarket cart or milkrun). We are struggling to model this picking process and having the transporter work in either way based on the condition. If we can embed this rule to the vehicle with driver object it would be even better. We would be glad if anyone can help. Kind regards
  2. I'm having some trouble with worker actions and transfer steps. Below is a picture of my current model. I have also attached the simio file itself. What I want to happen: Worker1 carries both entities to their respective nodes and leaves them in their respective stations after worker(A/B) "checks them" (I used a delay to simulate this check) and then Worker1 moves on. The worker(A/B) only picks up the entity if needed. So if the worker was with another entity in process (like Srv(A/B)), he would go check the new entity so that worker1 can move on, but would return to finish out the first entity to the end. My problem: Worker1 doesn't wait for the other workers to check and move on, just puts in station and moves on. I can suspend and resume the processes and get the worker to the (A/B)PICK nodes, but the worker picks the new entity up and starts that. The entity they were working on before just vanishes or something. Then everything becomes a standstill. Lastly, I run into this transfer error so much, and can never figure out exactly what causes it. ModelForQuestionCOPY2.spfx
  3. Hi I am currently working on modeling a facility whose description I provide below and attach its simio file to this message: 1)There are Two entities each titled 'Small Package' and 'Large Package' that enter the system through a Server titled 'Shooter' 2) Four worker elements take the incoming packages to 16 Sinks titled as 'Carts' 3) I have set up a process at the Output@Server1 so that each worker element serves a specific set of Carts Worker 1 -> Cart1, Cart2, Cart 3, Cart 4 Worker 2 -> Cart 5, Cart 6, Cart 7, Cart 8 Worker 3 -> Cart 9, Cart 10, Cart 11, Cart 12 Worker 4 -> Cart 13, Cart 14, Cart 15, Cart 16 4) I have used paths elements to keep track of worker distance covered over the period of time I run the simulation 5) I have also placed 8 Transfer Nodes whose locations will be clear on viewing the attached file. My questions are as follows: Q.1) Say worker 1 collects his first package and goes to place it on to cart 4, can worker 1 than collect the next package for say cart2 from the transfer node close to cart 2? Essentially I would like the workers to move as less as possible because in reality they just pick packages from in front of the respective carts. Is there a smart way to do this keeping my process logic for Output@Server1 intact? Q.2) Currently I have my experiments monitor Utilization of workers, their Idle time and distance covered. I would love to hear from experts here as to what other Responses might be good yard sticks that can help better understand the efficiency of the system or its bottle necks? Thanks, Best Regards, 16sinks_edit3.spfx
  4. I've got multiple workers going to single server. As the title implies, I'd like these workers to mimic the real-life behaviour of randomly going on leave for a random amount of time. Ideally I'm looking for something that's shown in vehicles or servers, but for workers. Does anyone here know an easy workaround for this? I did think about adding in a add-on process after the worker releases an entity with a counter, and after a certain count the worker is seized for a random amount of time. I just thought there would be a better way. Another alternative would be creating a work schedule for each worker, but there's over 60, so that might take a while.
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