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  1. Heidy, maybe you can do it using 2 timers. The first one for the starting time and the second one for the 3 hrs period. You can also use the first timer and a Delay step of 3hrs, then a Fire step. Rds
  2. I was taking a look to the crane vehicle and I've realized the crane is released once the load is unloaded. I was trying to modify it in a way that the crane will be released only when the hook reaches the top (after unloading), but it quite complicated to follow all the internal processes. Can someone point me where should I look at in order to modify that? maybe changing a release step position or something like that. Thank you very much in advance
  3. I'm starting to use it. So far "great work!". I'm currently using the Clone feature. I'll give you some feedback if I can. Rds. and thanks for sharing
  4. Thank you very much Caleb. Delay & Clear Statistics works perfectly. Rds.
  5. I was wondeing if is there any way of doing a warm up period for the model. I know that's easy to do in the experiments mode, but It whould be great to be able to do it somehow in the facility view. Any suggestions? Rds.
  6. I need to simulate a crane moving entities between different points. But the problem is the load and unload time are not the same in all those points. I need to be able to define somehow the crane load & unload time as a variable (node depending). I wonder if anyone has dealed with this problem before? Rds.
  7. Thank you Mark, by any chance, do you have any example on how to do it? I don't know how to stick it. Rds.
  8. Thank you very much Mark, I honestly have no idea how to put the robot into a transporter, but I'll investigate in the formum a little bit. Rds.
  9. Hi all, I'm trying to simulate a robot with trackmotion. For those who doesn't know what it is taka look at this video: Has anyone simulated this kind of material handling before? rds.
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