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  1. Hi Fabian, I see two (or more) possible alternatives for solving this. Assuming that the box only receives one type of entity you can: 1. Create a state variable (for example st_CurrentBoxType) and every time an entity enters the combiner you assign the entity type to this state variable. This way, one the box is completed and exits the combiner you will be able to assign it the st_CurrentBoxType. 2. The other way is to execute a search step once the box is full. You can use "ModelEntity.BatchMembers.FirstItem" as match condition to locate the first batched entity, then in the found branch use an assing step to assign the ProdType from the found entity I'm sure there are a lot of ways of doing that... hope this helps saludos
  2. Try changing the reference property units to hours, but not from the Controls menu, do it from where you define the rp. Rds.
  3. Lloyd, attached you can find one of many possible ways to do it. Hope it helps. Rds. Specific Picking and Droping Time.spfx
  4. I used to have a similar problem. My advice, avoid the pallet entering the combiner untill you have defined de @new@ batch size, elseway the batchsize wont be updated. In my case I put a scan step in a prevoious node, retaining the pallet ouside the combiner until I've re-defined the batchsize. Let me know if that works Rds
  5. Hi Piet, the easiest way I see is to add a state variable to the entity (called: st_batchNum). This way you can assign this BatchNum to each pallet. Later you can find them all together with a search step using that st:BatchNum as a match condition. Rds.
  6. I wonder if it is possible to pick one particular entity from the BatchMembersQeue and unbatch it. For example I have a pallet with 10 entities batched (9 red and 1 blue) and I want to remove only the blue one. I was able to find the entity with a search step, but I cannot transfer it or unbach it. Any ideas? TnksUnbatch one entity.spfx
  7. Hi, usually the time related values must be in hours. In your case i guess it would be: Run.Timenow-ModelEntity.TimeCreated < 1.0 Try that. Rds.
  8. Now I remember no so long ago it was added the periodic statistic element. You can use that. Here you have an example. Rds. Periodic Statistics.spfx
  9. Usually I add a state variale that records the last value, so this way you can substract it from the current value.
  10. Hi John, you can set up a timer. This timer fires a process every 365 days. In the process you can register the destroyed entities. Hopr this helps Rds. Mauricio
  11. One easy way is to build an output table and write there the timenow every time the vehicle fails o it's repaired. Here's an example. Hope this helps Rds. Mauricio Example Failing Vehicle.spfx
  12. What happened with the Simio animation contest? any news?
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