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  1. dsturrock

    Default Unit Settings (Imperial vs. Metric)

    I assume that you are aware that on the Run Ribbon > Units Settings you can set any of the units defaults. For example, you can change the default Length & Distance from Meters to Feet. While this does not change the default in any object, it does change things like: the grid in the facility view will now be in feet, distances in the trace window with be in feet, and output statistics of type length or distance will be reported in feet. I expect that you are requesting that when you place a object with a distance-related property like Initial Desired Speed on ModelEntity, that it would automatically be labeled in Feet per Minute rather than Meters per Second. Of course you would also want the corresponding default value to change along with it, for example from 1.4 m/s to 275 f/m. While I expect that is possible, it seems to me that is best as defined object behavior. For example, you could easily subclass ModelEntity to create a ModelObjectImperial that has those values and units as you desire and simply use that in all your models.
  2. I suggest exploring Task Sequences on the Server. It has much better capability than the Workstation.
  3. dsturrock

    Combiner does not combine entities

    Without a model its difficult to tell your problem. One common problem is perhaps you have not left enough space in your input buffer - the entire batch must fit. For example if you are combining groups of 10 your member input buffer must hold at least 10 and your parent input buffer must hold at least 1.
  4. dsturrock

    Extras Library

    I just reposted what was previously there.
  5. dsturrock

    Help a Noob Create Entities

    Use the Entities Per Arrival property on the Source
  6. dsturrock

    Moving Worker to a-priori unknown position

    Entities don't have a facility view , so they can't contain nodes, so they cannot themselves be a destination. --One option is that when the machine fails, have it move to a node to fail, and then have the worker go to that node to work on it. --Another possible approach is to model the machine as a node or a server. As long as there are no links to the node(s), you can use the RelocateObject user defined step to move the object around at runtime. Then you could move the worker through free space to get to the machine's current location.
  7. We have immediate openings for an early-career IE, a mid-career IE, and a "programmer". See the Simio careers page for more details. https://www.simio.com/about-simio/careers/
  8. dsturrock

    Vehicle with Driver

    In the manufacturing example you can see that the vehicle sometimes carries 2 packages from the conveyor. Use the same technique.
  9. dsturrock

    Vehicle with Driver

    I just added a second model to that same project (see end of main post above) that illustrates use in manufacturing (e.g. a lift truck and driver).
  10. dsturrock

    I can’t set table on simio

    Yes, I'd study these SimBits (in order, each builds on the previous): EntityFollowsSequence - Single entity type EntityFollowsSequenceMultiple - Multiple entity types EntityFollowsSequenceWithTable - Entity’s job table refers to its sequence data EntityFollowsSequenceWithRelationalTables - Sequences using relational data tables
  11. dsturrock

    I can’t set table on simio

    Try SetRow step. It sets both the table and its associated row.
  12. dsturrock

    Synchronous transfer logic help

    You might look at the SimBit named TransferLine.
  13. dsturrock

    Internet of Things

    There are lots of early adopters doing this (or starting to do it) because Simio is ideally suited for SmartFactory operations. Here's a short summary from a WSC presentation.
  14. If you look at the default statistics for vehicles you will find both time traveled and distance traveled. But if you decide you need custom behavior or statistics, I'd suggest looking at the ElectricVehicle SimBit for an example.
  15. dsturrock

    Multi-Variable Transportation

    You might start by looking at the ElectricVehicle SimBit. That should give you an idea how to add states and properties to a vehicle. Vehicle automatically collects a lot of statistics. You might need to add some custom statistics to supplement.