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  1. Hi guys, I stopped working on my model some weeks ago and now that I restarted my work I noticed that all the Decides on my model were cleared - the decide property is set to "0.0" in all of them! The only think that I can think of is that after these non work weeks gap I did a Simio update - I think it was to the latest version. Can somebody help me retrieve my model with the deciedes? Or help me in any other way? Please, this is very urgent...
  2. Hi everybody! About this topic, I wonder if anybody has a 3D model that could share of a vehicle used to perform the pickings on their supermarkets. Here we call it milkrun but I think you might know it as logistic train (not sure). Similar to these: http://www.linde-world.de/mh-products/images/highlights/8950_reliab1.jpg http://www.linde-mh.com/media/images_mainpage/news/2011_1/logistics_train/3715_8214_b_456_456.jpg Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone! In the project I'm developing I need something similar to what was done on the Simbit "EntityFollowsSequence". The difference is that I need to be able to change the destinations (update the contents of the sequence table) over time (the number of rows of the table can be fixed, although it would be ideal if they could be dynamically created). Could someone please explain how it would be possible to do this? My edition is NOT Enterprise. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I thought about solution 3, but the rows of the data table are imported from excel (the number of rows is indetermined), so I can´t set the number of rows of the array. Is there any way to set the number of rows of the array while running or do I need to think of another solution?
  5. Hi everybody! Here is my problem: I have several types of products of the type string (e.g. ref123g). I need to build some kind of data structure that enables me to have on 1 column these types of product (string) and, on a second columnon, a number that could be changed over time. If anyone could give me a suggestion as how to do this I would be much appreciated.
  6. After viewing the model more carefully I was able to figure it out. Thanks anyway for the reply
  7. Great job! How did you create the CombinerNode? Is it a sub class of basic or transfer node?
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