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  1. JBeltran

    Simulation of plastic injection

    A status label only displays the value of a variable. In order to obtain the information you need, you can use one predefined variable, as the number of entities entering a specific buffer (that will be something like object.inputbufer.numberentered ) or create your own variables.
  2. you may want to use a random probabilistic function to select one row of your sequence, and then using SetRow to point to this randomly obtained position as your actual one.
  3. JBeltran

    Creating simulation model of multistory hospital

    Good luck AvinashPatel! Movement of drawings are not properly managed, it's enterely done "by hand" as stated by willem, you try-and-error to place them at the precise height but you will give up after some time. My advice: place a "dumb" element like a resource and declare the drawing as being its symbol. This way, you will succeed at placing it at a precise height by entering its coordinates. Btw, don't forget to place it some milimeters down the level where you want to place nodes and links, otherwise you won't be able to click on the latter. Last but not least : ensure your drawing is completely "flat" -- many 3D architechtural packages export to a 2D dwg with some "remains" of data on the Y axis that Simio recognizes....so instead of importing a "layer" you are importing a "cube" .... very difficult to handle then. Cheers,
  4. JBeltran

    Workstation as an autoclave

    An alternative approach might be using a combiner upstream to the WS to create a fictional entity, let's call it "block", which contains all 3 objects. This way, the workstation process a single entity (the block). All 3 original entities enter and leave the WS at the same time, obviously. Downstream the Ws, you can split the block into its 3 original entities, and it's all done. Meilleures salutations,
  5. JBeltran

    Decision by Condition

    easiest way might be giving a different priority to each one of your entities, and create a condition on each link to match that priority So, on the link, you'll have a Link Weight with an expression like this: ModelEntity.Priority == X, being X the priority given to each different entitiy.
  6. JBeltran

    Graphic symbols

    Dear colleagues, we're starting to post a number of graphical symbols that can be useful for your models. Greetings, Note: We built them with SketchUp on purpose to be used within Simio. You're free to use them and share them with other Simio customers, but please don't divulgate them on Google Warehouse. Symbols4Simio.ZIP
  7. JBeltran

    How can workstation choose entities on priority basis

    By "choose entiites on basis of color" do you mean that your workstation process times are different based on the "type" (color, a sting variable) of the entity being processed? If affirmative, you could use a Math.If expression to determine process times for a short number of cases, or a table if you think that the number of different types ( = colors) of entities could be high. There are some Simbits that could be useful to illustrate this case, you may want to have a look at the one called "Discrete lookup table" .