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  1. JBeltran

    More popular 3d FORMAT?

    Hi Jeff, Most formats you list (and others) are suited for CAD/CAE and are difficult to handle into a process simulation-oriented environment. Probably the effort should be put in ensuring compatibility with the Collada neutral format (*.DAE) with an eye kept on the upcoming BIM protocol (IFC files). Regards,
  2. Hi, On the first point, maybe I wasn't clear enough, I meant create a "custom" token that can hold states, properties, etc. (btw I don't know why the "regular" tokens lack those) On the 2nd point, you must be right, ...I don't know Arena at all. I can't imagine a use for tokens when using an agents-based model, but in my opinion Simio is not an agents-based modeling tool as others. Only some capabilities to a certain extent. Btw- how's going with Shingo? he's a nice guy, isn't he? Regards
  3. hello, I think that the answer comes in the form of the tokens themselves. I would create a new token able to hold more variables. Thus, the original data retrieved at the beginning of the process will be "protected" all along. Tokens are really "the thing" in Simio. Regards,
  4. A classical one (from Berlin 2012): X,Y,Z coordinates and lenght management for the queues (green lines representing stations). A must : a navigation window displaying the content of the model. A new one: better graphics rendering (only with Nvidia GForce GTX 1050 and up can Simio graphics measure up to competition) cheers
  5. JBeltran

    Simulation of plastic injection

    A status label only displays the value of a variable. In order to obtain the information you need, you can use one predefined variable, as the number of entities entering a specific buffer (that will be something like object.inputbufer.numberentered ) or create your own variables.
  6. JBeltran

    .dxf base/insertion point

    jarrodthome, you might want pay attention to possible 3D "debris" present in your dwg/dxf files. Very often, those files have been created with a 3D software and after they are saved in 2D-dxf/dwg format, there is still some unwanted code related with 3D. After Simio imports the file, you will find that your 2D "layer" is in reality a 3D "cube" beacause of the presence of those 3D residues (that may be well invisible). You will notice that because of the difficulty to "grab" your objects placed at the inside of that "cube". So, pay attention to flatten your file before proceeding to import. After import, as dsturrock suggests, you may want to drag your "layer" up and down ("down" is mandatory in case your links are at ground level, otherwise you cannot select them)
  7. you may want to use a random probabilistic function to select one row of your sequence, and then using SetRow to point to this randomly obtained position as your actual one.
  8. JBeltran

    Visibility Expression

    It shouldn't be very challenging, I just want entities be fairly arranged in queues. When you position them in a single line, it's fine. If you wish them to position them on different, separated lines, the segments linking those different lines also display the entities, what ruins the effect.
  9. Hello, I want entities on an detached queue of a station being visible following their position(index) in the station. That is, only positions, say, 1 to 5 are displayed on my first animation line. The idea is that I can have many lines , displaying 1to5, 6to10, 11to15 and so forth. has anyone found the evaluating expression to make it possible? cheers,
  10. JBeltran

    Creating simulation model of multistory hospital

    Good luck AvinashPatel! Movement of drawings are not properly managed, it's enterely done "by hand" as stated by willem, you try-and-error to place them at the precise height but you will give up after some time. My advice: place a "dumb" element like a resource and declare the drawing as being its symbol. This way, you will succeed at placing it at a precise height by entering its coordinates. Btw, don't forget to place it some milimeters down the level where you want to place nodes and links, otherwise you won't be able to click on the latter. Last but not least : ensure your drawing is completely "flat" -- many 3D architechtural packages export to a 2D dwg with some "remains" of data on the Y axis that Simio recognizes....so instead of importing a "layer" you are importing a "cube" .... very difficult to handle then. Cheers,
  11. JBeltran

    Downloaded symbols appear purple

    I think I've seen this before on some of my students' computers. We traced the problem to some ATI graphics card. We got around it by switching the graphics mode from DirectX to "OpenGL" mode. Cordialement,
  12. JBeltran

    Memory Management

    Hello, How big are the tables you're running in Simio? Dealing with a 2-milion rows table feed by a csv file takes 4 GB in RAM memory (for each table). In case you are using manual import with such tables your PC gets hardly reactive. Automatic import slows down the system only when running the model, obviously. Then, defining a similarly sized matrix takes roughly the same amount of memory, approximately 3.5 GB RAM. One might think that a matrix data structure should be far much lighter than a table's, but it is not, apparently. A curious thing, memory occupancy remain the same if you quit the model, only re-starting Simio the amount of memory used is cleared. It migh be the backup function. HAs anyone found any trick to work comfortably with by those really huge data structures? regards,
  13. I find the use of the word Reserve in "Keep Reserved if" is a bit confusing, since it's used in another context as well. ( steps Reserve and Unreserve for the reservation of transporters by an entity). I suggest to replace it with another word, "Retain" for exemple. "Keep retained if"
  14. Ok, got it. You just need to ensure all the symbols representing animated carachters are no longer present on your model symbols repository. It works fine and doesn't take too much time. A good thing. Cheers everyone
  15. I can't find out how to update an existing model, built with a previous version, with the new animations' behaviours implemented in 8.142 (which are great, btw). Is there a way? Regards,