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  1. Any chance anyone knows how to access or circumvent the Route Requests Triggers of the default Routing Group within a node ??
  2. With data driven modelling, being able to colour code the Table Heading Tabs would be of benefit.
  3. We need to fix density as a matter of urgency. It needs to be a referenceable, and should be made available to change dynamically during run time. No point in having a 3D environment that does not account for flexible volumetric modelling. This fix will automatically fix all the issues with the stacked bars. Actually I will pay for a Simio developers time (within reason) to get this done !!
  4. It would be fantastic if we could specify the start time of a shift for day patterns as not all work days start at 12:00 am.
  5. MEagar

    How to make routing process

    May I suggest to stop using paths. You will find free space is a better approach.
  6. Actually when subclassing an object, if we can have tables auto generate, and referenced by tuples as default, I think we will save a lot of time setting up and making changes to models. Food for thought.
  7. So what you need to do is pulls the statistics only for the states you require...i.e....processing....and add them up... Server1.ResourceState.averagetime(1) Server1.ResourceState.Totaltime(1) Server1.ResourceState.NumberOccurances(1) Here are the default states..you can also create your own by means of a list state variable...
  8. Right so this is something that I have found Simio does really well... What you are after are list state variables...They work like PLCs...i.e....each variable accounts for each second of the simulation run time. The idea is to just through the entity into different states, and Simio will automatically record all the output statistics. This is similar to the resource state variable of a server.
  9. It would be optimal if we could display the total time spent in a submodel on the planning board of the main model. Resource usage can be logged yet you have to basterdise resource logic to effect the same end. Ditto for the Flow Objects. Not sure why these were omitted from the planning board ??
  10. MEagar

    create object during run-time using API

    It defeats the purpose of understanding a capacitative system, and how one should design for a steady state solution. But as such what you are trying to achieve is completely doable in Simio, as it is pretty flexible. Heads-up that the results Simio auto generates may not be of use basis this approach. Happy modelling !!
  11. It would be great if we can generate the table with all column headings setup and linked to the tuple. Currently it is doe the other way around i.e. allowing reference to the table automatically. Additionally, we need a .availiblecolumncount property to be added such that we may replace variables with output tables.
  12. MEagar

    create object during run-time using API

    Create Block in a user defined process triggered by an event. Don’t over complicate things. The beauty of Simio is in its simplicity...i.e....when building a model, you should aim to maximise default functionality whilst minimising customised logic.
  13. MEagar

    Add new station on Vehicle

    Yeah I will caution you against your approach as it is the entity's Destination property that resides in the the transporter's ride queue which dictates the transporters steering behavior. I will subsequently leave that entity in the ride station. If you need the transporter to pickup more than one entity, simply increase its capacity.
  14. MEagar

    Reliability Logic for Workers

    A worker may be assigned a work schedule similar to that of a server or vehicle. I would just leverage the default logic by throwing the worker into an Off shift State. There are numerous options as to how assign a work schedule. From your problem description, a Table Based Schedule may be more optimally suited.
  15. MEagar

    Combiner does not combine entities

    Would be helpfull to share the model or screenshots as that is what the combiner does. It can also combine entities in various ways. Alternatively, if you add a station to the "parent" entity, you can always transfer other entities into the station as a means of a make shift combiner. Hope this helps.