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  1. MEagar

    Tank level expression

    All the levers you have at your disposal may be found here...
  2. MEagar

    Entity selection from queue

    Search the entity whom needs to be reassigned a priority, and use an assign block to give entity.priority a new value. Hope this helps.
  3. MEagar

    Search step

    Classic age old problem that has been the source of many a wasted hour and frustration.... Try candidate.ModelEntity.EntityType.Is.productA || candidate.ModelEntity.EntityType.Is.productB Hope this helps...
  4. So the first BIG no no is your use of WorkStations instead of Servers....Simio is looking to phase out workstations so I would suggest to change those back to servers....(i.e. right click and select "Convert To Type"). If I am not mistaken...its your Keys and relational setup of the tables that are causing your issues...i.e....the "display name" is not referencing the table you think it is refrencing.... Try adding some groupings and you will see what I mean....Hit F1 and read up on how to do that.... Also....Make sure you set this to True, and understand what it does....It will mitigate the need for creating processes as you did....
  5. MEagar

    Combiner does not combine entities

    Would be helpfull to share the model or screenshots as that is what the combiner does. It can also combine entities in various ways. Alternatively, if you add a station to the "parent" entity, you can always transfer other entities into the station as a means of a make shift combiner. Hope this helps.
  6. MEagar

    Dynamic Server Capacity Management

    So I see what you are trying to achieve, and your approach can be moddelled yet you will need to really know what you are doing if you want to start transferring entities in and out of queue's, as well as adjusting capacity of vehicles to circumvent default routing logic. Alternatively, I would set the Retailer capacities back to one and treat an entity as a shipment from the warehouse to a retailer. I would also look at add a material element to the transporter and each server and utilize Simio's produce and consume functionality to drive variation in supply and demand. This will allow you to utilize the base functionality of the transporters, without dabbling in capacitative resource allocation, unless you fully understand the intricacies of the inner workings of a transporter. Task Sequences embedded within the servers should allow you to easily accomplish your objective (basis production and consumption of material), without needing to utilize process logic and corresponding Produce and Consume Blocks. Hope this Helps.
  7. MEagar

    Storage Queue

    I would avoid the storage element. A station is a better option as all it is is a capacitative storage queue. The stations results are additionally automatically tracked. From the error message, it seems to me that the entity was never removed from the queue ?? Did you perhaps duplicate the entity with a create block prior to inserting it into the storage element ?? If this is a commercial application, send me a pm and we can web conference to resolve the issue. Mark
  8. MEagar

    Storage Queue

    What is the error ??
  9. Further to the above, understanding the functionality behind queues is paramount. Of particular interest would be the difference between statically ranked and dynamic selection algo's. What Simio does very well is allow the user to place entities into a queue, at a given location basis a certain condition, but also how to pull entities out of a queue, basis their current location given a certain condition. I cant see your model as its n academic version but it seems you have solved the problem. With a million and 5 ways to effect the request above, dynamic selection is most definitely one of the most preferred.
  10. Using a conditional Math.If(Condition, True, False) which sets the processing time to 0 if the specific condition has been met may be of use.
  11. We have an opportunity for an intermediate to advanced modeller to join us for both a Simio and Operational related role. Relocation to Australia/New Zealand is a prerequisite with Visa sponsorship provided. Please note that a minimum contract duration will be in play. Should you be interested, please pm me, or send your resume with contact details to mark@masterschedulingsolutions.com All conversations will be treated as confidential. Mark
  12. MEagar

    Jib Crane Library

    Thanks, I will look into it. The whole library needs to be updated by someone, and reposted for all to use. ?
  13. MEagar

    Jib Crane Library

    Seems to be working fine once updated to sprint 173...Please find attached...let me know if you have any issues....Generic Crane Model v3.spfx
  14. MEagar

    Extras Library

    Yeah the elevator library needs some work. It is not written for a generic Simio application, hence it is difficult to exact "default" Simio Logic. What I found of particular difficulty was assigning control logic to entities entering and exiting the elevator nodes. More generic controls are also needed to exact and mitigate the need to repurpose logic as a subclassed object. i.e. as a quick and dirty solution, I moved the on entered process block in the subclassed myelevatornode object to the front (attached), else the process call is omitted for all loading entities entering the node. I think the object needs a good dose of standard simio logic governance, i.e. when does an add on process trigger fire, or when does a state assignment get made...etc...before it can be released as a standard Simio object.... Nonetheless it is a very helpful and cool object. If I get the project we are bidding on I will give it go !!
  15. MEagar

    Jib Crane Library

    [UPDATED] We had the attached library developed a couple of years ago. Not sure who the developer was but recognition to him. Would appreciate if someone would update, extend, and re-post, afterall sharing is caring !!  I think it a great idea and leap forward to start pushing Simio towards volumetric modelling, opposed to just utilising the 3D space for animation purposes. JibCraneLibrary.spfx Generic Crane Model v3.spfx