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  1. Yes it is possible. You can exceute a process by picking the hourly event as fired by the timer (as attached). Subsequently you can use process logic to release the worker, move the worker, then re-seize the worker. A second alternate is to use the default functionality included under advanced options within a server's "On Resource Releases" option. This should allow for you to specify the hourly interval for release as you require.
  2. In the sub classed object, you need to check the "External" view under the definitions pane. You can set custom symbols there. Also, Please up vote the suggestion made below such that we can get some traction to resolve this issue. Thanks !!
  3. You need to search the queue when the server goes off shift (Search Block_Queue), and Transfer the Students back to the Decision making node (Transfer Block -> Make Sure its the last block in the process). That is the easiest fix, other than setting the input buffers to zero.
  4. Using a conditional Math.If(Condition, True, False) which sets the processing time to 0 if the specific condition has been met may be of use.
  5. MEagar

    Minimize direct distance to object

    Personally I would use the search block set to search the entity population opposed to the find block. It should also be noted that the Exclusion Expression is evaluated at the start of runtime (if I am not mistaken) hence if this is false, the block will default to false for the entire runtime. Hope this helps.
  6. MEagar

    Ground operations airport.

    Good day Pete. If you could pm me, I can show you airport models where this has been done. It should serve a good example as to what to work towards. Have a good day !!
  7. Also for the one server that is not adhering to the sequence, click on the server’s output node and check that the routing destination is indeed set to By Sequence.
  8. Yeah this is not a routing problem but a network problem. It seems to me that your network is not setup correctly, i.e. the entity can’t get where it needs to go. That is why it is ditching the network and cruising through freespace. Perhaps have a look at paths that need to be bi-directional, as well as if an entity can select from I.e. 3 servers, you need a clear path to each of the 3 servers. Hope this helps.
  9. A Move to the left button will be truly appreciated, as to reorder display on the Planning Board.
  10. A better way to dynamically handle Lists, specifically once allocated to changeover matrices.
  11. Whilst stepping the trace window, should you click on the trace window to investigate or drag a pane, you lose the active window which is the facility (specifically if the Trace window is on another screen). Before being able to step again (hit F6), you are required to first reclick on the facility view. What would be great is we you can step with either the facility or the trace window set as the active window.
  12. We have an opportunity for an intermediate to advanced modeller to join us for both a Simio and Operational related role. Relocation to Australia/New Zealand is a prerequisite with Visa sponsorship provided. Please note that a minimum contract duration will be in play. Should you be interested, please pm me, or send your resume with contact details to mark@masterschedulingsolutions.com All conversations will be treated as confidential. Mark
  13. MEagar

    Path decorators

    Well post further investigation with the help of support, the step that I was missing was: once you have made a copy of the Tracks.spdfx file; changed its name and extension to TestTracks.zip; unzipped the file to get to the xml; change the cross sectional attributes (Silver Rail) as well as the repeating attributes (Brown Blocks); The step I was missing that post save, you should actually just zip the pathdecorator.xml file and save that zip as a new .spdfx file. I failed repeatedly simply due to trying to re-zip bot the pathdecorator.xml file as well as the folder containing the .png file. Will build a roller conveyor when I have some time and post it to the forum. Hope this helps.
  14. Best place I find is a combination of the "F1" key, Simbits, and most importantly, the model trace window. That is how most of us learn. ?
  15. First prize if we can effect an online video recording medium (with possible screen capturing capability), to demonstrate errors and anomalies encountered whilst developing in Simio. I think it will cut back on time currently spent on creating email chains from both the user and Simio support side of things, as what is wrong can be verbally and graphically depicted such that it is more easily understood from both side. Emails and screengrabs articulating a sequence of events is not time efficient. Understanding that costs are involved for data storage and hosting, perhaps this functionality can be made available and managed from Support side as a second round or escalated support query. Mark