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  1. In the spirit of continuous improvement, two things that will really help improve the speed of model development are: 1. Similar to the notify Step showing up in the trace window, if we can add a true/false property underneath General/Color for a process step to indicate whether to display the process's data in the trace window, when Trace is turned off, it would be of great help for monitoring model behaviour and debugging. Time is saved by not constantly needing to add and delete notify steps replicating logic as specified in the process block, or having to run to break points and step the process. 2. What would really be of GREAT help when renaming and color coding process blocks is for the General tab to be expanded by default. For all models, commercial models especially, good developers adhere to naming and color coding standards for governance and ease of understanding what has been done at a later point in time. It is a real pain to have to expand the general category every single time you place a process block to either rename it, add a description, or a color code basis its intent. Thanks in advance.
  2. MEagar

    IProperty missing

    Hi Glen. The EnumTypeName property, as per the released API Reference (Screenshot Attached), is not showing up as part of SimioAPI.DLL (when referencing the property in Visual Studio). It would be great of we could get this included in the next release. Mark
  3. MEagar

    Product vs Order Based tables

    Hi Team, Noob question that I cant seem to find an answer for. What is the difference, or rather the purpose behind order vs product based tables ?? Mark
  4. Same challenge...Its been a while since I used Simio...Any luck in solving this ??
  5. MEagar

    Scaling Simio Objects at the onset

    Good Day Team, It would be optimal if we could set a default scale measurement for all objects prior to start of development. Typically when modelling to real world scale, we need to drag e.g. a server into the facility, adjust the size of the server and reposition the input and output nodes. This needs to be done for every e.g. server which is not only time consuming, most often than not one tends to rather just scale the animation down. Could we perhaps have a default setting where we can specify that we want all objects (e.g. servers) to have a default scale of 10m. When we drag a server to the facility view, by default all objects are 10 x 10, opposed to 1 x 1. Its a nightmare when using e.g. streetmaps to sit an resize everything. Thanks. mark
  6. MEagar

    Evaluating Transport Request

    Not sure if the functionality extends to Separators and Combiners as we seldomly use them. The Suspend and Resume steps (object movement) might assist to stop the vehicle dead in its tracks.
  7. MEagar

    Evaluating Transport Request

    Have a look at the new "Keep if reserved" functionality in Sprint 123. It may be set on the node where the entity is being picked up.
  8. Try using the suspend and resume blocks prior and after the delay step.
  9. MEagar

    Scheduled maintenance

    Use as timer which executes a custom process (timer_MTBF.Event). You may then simplify the MTTR logic within the event driven process. Hope this helps.
  10. No Problem, I think Skype is probably the best. DO you have a skype user name or email I can contact you on ??
  11. MEagar

    Shortcut Keys

    Arbitrary request, open for discussion. Whilst debugging (especially mid runtime)... Fast forwarding to break points (Shift-F6), stepping the model (F6), and then running the model (F5) and the fast forwarding again (Shift F6) breaks my brain. Perhaps its a lack of hand eye coordination. Could we possibly get the short cut key "Shift-F6", which FF the model, moved to "F7". This will allow us to perform debugging with one hand.... AND... The amount of times I have erroneously pressed "Shift-F5", which stops the model during the debugging process, instead of "Shift F6" is super annoying. :D
  12. MEagar

    Export Import Model Using A Text File

    Hi Glen, Speaking about these properties. [attachment=972:name]
  13. MEagar

    Export Import Model Using A Text File

    Could we possibly include user defined properties within this worksheet ??
  14. MEagar

    Route Step and Transfer Node

    It would be great if we can get access to a addOn process in the transfer node, or a state assignments in the route block to adjust states of objects contained within the routeRequestQueue each time objects in the queue is re-evaluated for routing.
  15. Some default reliability logic for flow entities would be a great help. This would assist tremendously up until tankers and docks have been developed to the same level of maturity as fillers and emptiers. Better failure logic, or access to default add-on processes governing failures effecting flow specifically would be great. Failures may include something like Flow Time, or Volume/Weight flowed based failures.