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  1. I'm making a simple simulation model of a hospital and I'm having trouble with the routing of my model. For instance, a patient first goes through ED and then to OR. if there is no room in the OR, then the patient must stay in ED. How can I model this? I don't want the patient to wait at any input or output buffer, because then it assumes that the ED bed that the patient used to stay in is now free but it actually isn't. Each bed is modeled as a server and there are more ED beds than there are OR beds. Naturally, all ED beds connect to a single transfer node, which then connect to all OR beds.
  2. is it possible to implement several timeline sequences for each model entity? For example, a patient goes through both a physical movement and a service movement, and they are not necessarily correlated. I have the timestamps for both movements. A patient could have a physical route of (start in bed1 @ 4pm -> move to bed 2 @ 5pm -> move to bed1 @ 6pm -> exit hospital @ 6:30pm) as well as a "service" route of (start in waiting mode @ 4pm -> nurse1 checks for 20 minutes @ 4:30pm -> nurse2 checks for 10 minutes @ 5:10pm -> doctor checks for 3 minutes @ 5:30pm -> exit hospital @ 6:30pm). I know how to implement the physical route by using sequence tables but what about incorporating the service route into the patient?
  3. Yes, I'm looking for hospital-related (and ideally emergency-room-related) demos online that has an audio explanation of what's happening in the video.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has access to and could provide me with either the audio file or a subtitle script to the following SIMIO example videos: I'm not too familiar with SIMIO yet but I'm hoping to show this demo to several department heads at the hospital so they could give us approval to purchase and use SIMIO as the analysts's simulation software.
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