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  1. please don't use many object to represent female or male. just use one Entity class. you can define a statevariable called gendertype to the Entity Class. then either assign it to 0(male), or 1(female). in the source ,just create the Entity ,and assign ModelEntity.gendertype with random distribution such as Uniform(0,1)..or any empirical distribution you like. If statement : if ModelEntity.gendertype=0 , then Do something.. For the symbol. you can just use the symbol index as ModelEntity.gendertype, and make sure the index 0 is a female symbol and 1 is a male symbol..
  2. jzhou

    Add new station on Vehicle

    Editing Vehicle behavior can be complex. I subclass it and do some modification , as attached. However, this example must be refined ... Model1.spfx
  3. jzhou

    Agent-based modeling UserExtension

    You will find there are new Steering behaivor options after installing this addIn, such as Path Finding, Pong ,etc.. can we refer to the source code in C# for this agent lib?? thanks !! Or what example can we refer to study this ....?
  4. jzhou

    AND / OR Conditional

    The following logical operators are available for use throughout Simio: == (Equal To) > (Greater Than) < (Less Than) >= (Greater Than or Equal To) <= (Less Than or Equal To) && (And) || (Or) ! (Not) , such as !Is.Transporter (is not a Transporter) != (Not equal) Boolean (True/False)
  5. Sean Do you get the solution you want?
  6. Hi, You can even use process logic in Evaluating Seize Request AddOn on server. and set Token.ReturnValue=FALSE if the incoming ModelEntity does not fit your criteria..
  7. Please kindly post your model here so that we can try to debug for you...
  8. Dear Flora, I build a sample model to interrupt a task and afterwards resume that task with the remaining processing time pls kindly find the attched model. thanks! I am not quite understanding your approach, however the error you mentioned is the token is not targeting at Worker, thus the error... InterruptingTaskExample_byJeff2.spfx
  9. jzhou

    Simio Drawing Exchange - Visio

    cannot download ,download a few times , files got corrrupted. do we have more fast download link?thanks a lot!
  10. Would you please post the model?
  11. jzhou

    More popular 3d FORMAT?

    Thank you, Joaquim。 I am not expert on 3D . just a reference... Below is the 3D importer from a competitive product: “*.wrl; *.3ds; *.dxf; *.stl; *.skp; *.dae; *.obj; *.ac; *.x; *.ase; *.ply; *.ms3d; *.cob; *.md5mesh; *.irr; *.irrmesh; *.ter; *.lxo; *.csm; *.scn; *.q3o; *.q3s; *.raw; *.off; *.mdl; *.hmp; *.scn; *.xgl; *.zgl; *.lvo; *.lvs; *.blend”
  12. Do we have plan to introduce more 3D format that is also quite popular in the market , I list some of them . a few of them quite popular ... Rhino *.3dm Cult3D *.cd Google Earth *.kmz IGES *.iges Object Propertities (*.csv) STEP *.stp XAML *.xaml VRML *.wrl *.vrml - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Thanks!
  13. I suggest to improve the documentation on Dashboard, that bring a lot of competitiveness in presentation. thanks a lot!
  14. jzhou

    Jib Crane Library

    good job! Running in 10.173,there is a runtime warning of status label ...
  15. MARK, topmember...