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  1. Better specify what type of Simio license you are using before post to Forum. Model created in academic license are not compatible with commercial license, and vice verca.
  2. Have you tried the Extra Library,containing the Rack Object? https://www.dropbox.com/s/cqy4enjp6awdsmv/ExtrasLibrary.spfx?dl=0
  3. you could use a Combiner object to represent the assy station. and on the combiner's After Processing Add-on trigger , you create a processes like below..
  4. you can use 'Write' Step to write out the TIS of each entities to a csv file...
  5. click Passenger entity, and draw a queue 'BatchMembers' on the passenger...
  6. http://cdn2.simio.com/Simio-11.192.18835.zip
  7. How can we use Process logic to do the same things?? :-
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