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  1. jzhou

    Checking if an entity ahead exists.

    ModelEntity.NextEntityAheadOnLink != Nothing
  2. Storage is a logic queue....not a physical queue.
  3. jzhou

    Modeling Traffic Flows

    Alternatively, you can use a Resource as the Control at the intersection.....
  4. jzhou

    Transferring Entity from a Path to a Node

    You can not directly move a entity currently still ON the Path to a node...
  5. jzhou

    Export Import Model Using A Text File

    finally I can use the addIn, it's kool stuff.thanks Glen.
  6. jzhou

    AND / OR Conditional

    The following logical operators are available for use throughout Simio: == (Equal To) > (Greater Than) < (Less Than) >= (Greater Than or Equal To) <= (Less Than or Equal To) && (And) || (Or) ! (Not) , such as !Is.Transporter (is not a Transporter) != (Not equal) Boolean (True/False)
  7. Hi, You can even use process logic in Evaluating Seize Request AddOn on server. and set Token.ReturnValue=FALSE if the incoming ModelEntity does not fit your criteria..
  8. jzhou

    Simio Drawing Exchange - Visio

    cannot download ,download a few times , files got corrrupted. do we have more fast download link?thanks a lot!
  9. jzhou

    Jib Crane Library

    good job! Running in 10.173,there is a runtime warning of status label ...
  10. congratulations, gocken! welldone
  11. feel wonderful helping others and feel greatly honored for such an recognition!Thank you!Simio team!
  12. i posted a example model for your reference http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2866
  13. jzhou

    Six Sigma & other Lean Concepts

    simulation itself can apply lean sixsigma framrwork~