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  1. Dear Flora, I build a sample model to interrupt a task and afterwards resume that task with the remaining processing time pls kindly find the attched model. thanks! I am not quite understanding your approach, however the error you mentioned is the token is not targeting at Worker, thus the error... InterruptingTaskExample_byJeff2.spfx
  2. jzhou

    Simio Drawing Exchange - Visio

    cannot download ,download a few times , files got corrrupted. do we have more fast download link?thanks a lot!
  3. Would you please post the model?
  4. jzhou

    More popular 3d FORMAT?

    Thank you, Joaquim。 I am not expert on 3D . just a reference... Below is the 3D importer from a competitive product: “*.wrl; *.3ds; *.dxf; *.stl; *.skp; *.dae; *.obj; *.ac; *.x; *.ase; *.ply; *.ms3d; *.cob; *.md5mesh; *.irr; *.irrmesh; *.ter; *.lxo; *.csm; *.scn; *.q3o; *.q3s; *.raw; *.off; *.mdl; *.hmp; *.scn; *.xgl; *.zgl; *.lvo; *.lvs; *.blend”
  5. Do we have plan to introduce more 3D format that is also quite popular in the market , I list some of them . a few of them quite popular ... Rhino *.3dm Cult3D *.cd Google Earth *.kmz IGES *.iges Object Propertities (*.csv) STEP *.stp XAML *.xaml VRML *.wrl *.vrml - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Thanks!
  6. I suggest to improve the documentation on Dashboard, that bring a lot of competitiveness in presentation. thanks a lot!
  7. jzhou

    Jib Crane Library

    good job! Running in 10.173,there is a runtime warning of status label ...
  8. MARK, topmember...
  9. jzhou

    Change my software version from 32 to 64 bit

    In the install directory, there is a executable called Simio64.exe. that is the 64 bit simio, you can create a shortcut to this..thanks.. No need to uninstall anything.
  10. jzhou

    How to track costs

    Not sure what cost you want to monitor. For example ,you accmulated various cost elements to a server, you can separate them like below... Server1.CapitalCost Server1.Capacity.UsageCostCharged Server1.Capacity.IdleCost etc... Best regards/Jeff http://www.simio-china.com
  11. jzhou

    How to track costs

    can you try {Cost} in floor label??
  12. congratulations, gocken! welldone
  13. you can write a sorting algorithms with process steps. I attached one example (built in sprint 10.171) I wrote two weeks ago. It use simple Insert Sorting algorithms, the purpose is : a timer trigger the sorting process and sort the vectors in assending way. then excecute according to the sequence...I only write one cycle, you should resetting some values in the algorithm to make it work ... This is Before Sorting: 26,25,16 ,18,22 This is After Sorting :16,18,22,25,26 This is the main sorting process Resetting values in algorithms(not in attached model). Hope it helps. You can wrting whatever sorting algorithms you want, like shell algorithms, bubble algorithms, cocktail algorithms, name a few...which can be reusable in your future projects. BTW: if you wrote this algorithms in C#, it takes 26 lines, we use 18 steps...can be less.. or just as David suggests, you can write a customised sorting STEP using simio C# API , it makes model look neat... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- static void InsertSort(int[] dataArray) { for (int i = 1; i < dataArray.Length; i++)//外层循环用来确定待比较的数值 { int iValue = dataArray; //保存索引1的位置,不然会被覆盖 bool isRightInsert = false; for (int j = i - 1; j >= 0; j--)//内循环确定最终的位置 { if (dataArray[j] > iValue) { dataArray[j + 1] = dataArray[j]; } else { dataArray[j + 1] = iValue;//如果0索引位置比1索引位置小,就不用移动, isRightInsert = true; break; } } //标签在循环后面,先循环确定n-1个数的顺序,最后与dataArray[0]进行判断0索引位置是否已经前移,是的话iValue为最小元素被插入到0号索引位置 if (isRightInsert == false) { dataArray[0] = iValue; } } } Model-sorting.spfx
  14. jzhou

    Simio API Helper

    Thank you ,Dan!