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  1. 2) How can I extract the total amount of times or distances that a vehicle is traveling empty (without load)? you should subclass the vehicle and create a list containing all the loadstus(string) and in its process logic( like OnRiderLoaded, RideStation.Exited....) you need to assign its loadstatus appropriately. then you can get the results using a pie chart:
  2. you can set Vehicle1[1].CurrentCapacity=0 to make it offshift.
  3. Do we have a newer version of ExtraLib ,with the release of Simio V11.........?Thanks
  4. works here too.. in China
  5. Are you using Licensed version of Simio 9 ? or Evaluation License?
  6. You can first create three properties, then in the table you create a Expression type column called Percentage, and reference the created properties above In the experiments tab you will see them as controls. Hope that helps!
  7. You might need to use PLANVISIT step to search those passed entities to see if it meet the conditions now
  8. you can do that on the worker's On evaluating transport request addon, use process logic to check those conditions, can you attach a model that we can look at.
  9. which sprint do you use?
  10. Simio Personal Edition can use those addIns...it is not a problem. you may need to refer to posts in SI-API to see what is the default folder to put those dll in... as I can remember, they are put into folders like: C:\Users\\Documents\SimioUserExtensions
  11. "Source, Server, Sink" is the only default AddIn provided , you need to install other AddIn by your self( ie. putting dll files into simio user extensions folder ).... AddIns in Simio are powerful and flexible . Best regards/Jeff
  12. Maybe you could create several property of type 'Interger' and reference them in the value row..like below... and in the experiments you should be able to see them as controls to optimizer. Best regards/Jeff Zhou
  13. Dear Sean, you can create a new referenced property on WorkSchedule property of Server. and in Experiment windows reference to various pattern-based workschdule name. Best regards/Jeff
  14. ModelEntity.NextEntityAheadOnLink != Nothing
  15. Storage is a logic queue....not a physical queue.
  16. Alternatively, you can use a Resource as the Control at the intersection.....
  17. You can not directly move a entity currently still ON the Path to a node...
  18. finally I can use the addIn, it's kool stuff.thanks Glen.
  19. The following logical operators are available for use throughout Simio: == (Equal To) > (Greater Than) < (Less Than) >= (Greater Than or Equal To) <= (Less Than or Equal To) && (And) || (Or) ! (Not) , such as !Is.Transporter (is not a Transporter) != (Not equal) Boolean (True/False)
  20. Hi, You can even use process logic in Evaluating Seize Request AddOn on server. and set Token.ReturnValue=FALSE if the incoming ModelEntity does not fit your criteria..
  21. cannot download ,download a few times , files got corrrupted. do we have more fast download link?thanks a lot!
  22. good job! Running in 10.173,there is a runtime warning of status label ...
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