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  1. This was a feature request I raised last year:))
  2. Initialise wip Model-INITIALISE Wip.spfx
  3. Maybe you can refer to the attached model for some hints. Best regards/Jeff Zhou Vehicle Weight SUM.spfx
  4. You can rename it to *.spfx and open it up .
  5. You can upgrade to University RPS by a nominal fee.
  6. Good to know Simio has embeded ANN in new sprint
  7. there is another paper similar: https://dl.acm.org/doi/abs/10.5555/3427510.3427538
  8. Pls refer to below paper for integrating simio and M/L algorithms. very good read. SIMIO和机器学习算法的整合框架【AI】Aston大学Andrew Greasley博士.pdf
  9. Hi bennodual You can create a table inside your customised object(say MyObject) and the column type match your properties, ie,he first of type datetime and the second of type real. and then convert it to a repeatgroup ,for example its name : tableA and on parent model you can instantiate your object and on the property panel, you will see the repeatgroup to assign. you can create a table directly via the schema dropdown list with the name MyObject, select MyObject.tableA and the table will be automatically created. the next step is refer to this table on the properties panel.
  10. try simproj format , read it in user manual...basically xml stuff..
  11. Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S328/1
  12. you could use a Combiner object to represent the assy station. and on the combiner's After Processing Add-on trigger , you create a processes like below..
  13. you can use 'Write' Step to write out the TIS of each entities to a csv file...
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