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  1. Have you tried the Extra Library,containing the Rack Object? https://www.dropbox.com/s/cqy4enjp6awdsmv/ExtrasLibrary.spfx?dl=0
  2. you could use a Combiner object to represent the assy station. and on the combiner's After Processing Add-on trigger , you create a processes like below..
  3. you can use 'Write' Step to write out the TIS of each entities to a csv file...
  4. click Passenger entity, and draw a queue 'BatchMembers' on the passenger...
  5. http://cdn2.simio.com/Simio-11.192.18835.zip
  6. How can we use Process logic to do the same things?? :-
  7. hard to understand your model. there is a lot of questions: first one, bad naming convention for steps, you better assign a meaningful name for each steps instead of using' Assign1', 'Search1' etc... In Search1 step, you used BOM.prodotti.Name == MyToken1.productname,but you never use MyToken1 as the Token Class Name for that process, and I did not see you assign any product name to this token??
  8. can you tell me what do you want to achieve here,
  9. this match condition should be wrong....
  10. You can use a trick to do that, as attached...I used a transparent png picture as texture for the resource. haha:) Model toggle resource picture index.spfx
  11. Hi ,please see the model I did , thanks ! Best regards/Jeff Model_TIMER_JZ.spfx
  12. Repeat Arrival Pattern=True in Timer Setting
  13. OutputBuffer is 0, ModelEntity balked due to being blocked into Source.Output Buffer.
  14. maybe you need to give us more details. for example, what is the entity priority lists for each vehicles..and what next load the vehicles will choose ? need a example...
  15. can you elaborate? i think you can.....
  16. can you elaborate? i think you can.....
  17. 2) How can I extract the total amount of times or distances that a vehicle is traveling empty (without load)? you should subclass the vehicle and create a list containing all the loadstus(string) and in its process logic( like OnRiderLoaded, RideStation.Exited....) you need to assign its loadstatus appropriately. then you can get the results using a pie chart:
  18. you can set Vehicle1[1].CurrentCapacity=0 to make it offshift.
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