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  1. It would be really good and would save a lot of time. I know it is something that we can do through coding (e.g., R) but wanted to know if Simio does it.
  2. Hi, Sometimes when a long question is asked, no one answers. Here is a short question: how can I enable the Write add-on step to report all replications into one excel file rather than reporting replications into multiple excel files, one for each replication? Thank you,
  3. Hi, I have an issue related to workers going off-shift and abandoning the reserved entities in different servers, depending on when the shift change happens (picture attached is an example). The shift change is based on switching from Worker of x number of population to y number of population to meet my WorkSchedule. The Worker should always carry different entities throughout, entities cannot travel alone. The logic issue happens as a result of entities left in servers or buffers that were not picked up by workers due to the end of shifts, causing too many objects/entities in the system not destroyed. An expert suggested to build process that checks the Worker's Allocation Queue when it goes off shift to see if there are any entities in it, and if there are, turn the Worker back on shift. I tried to build that process, but I could find the right steps. Any help on identifying the right steps or a different way to model workers shifts is appreciated.
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