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Found 2 results

  1. Please help, I am at a loss, I have been trying for hours now and I assume the solution to be very simple and I'm just overlooking it. I have three entities going through my system; Ship, Truck and Train. All three entities have different carbon emissions. I want to create a status label that shows the total carbon emissions per entity based on kilometers traveled in the system. The label should show something like 'ShipEntity.Totaldistancetraveled * 0.323 (or whatever co2 output is for that entity)'. However you can't set 'totaldistancetraveled' or record it with any variable for these entities, only the 'ModelEntity' that I didnt create myself but is always there when you start. Also, I don't want to use vehicles. I just want to use entities through my system. Please help me. I have attached the model for your reference, I dont know if that is necessary or if it helps. Kind regards, Jason Corridor Model 0.05.spfx
  2. Rusty

    tagging Entity

    Is there a way to label an entity with an ID (customer vechile ID) as it moves around the different maintenance shop? The ID is coming from an excel file. Thanks
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