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  1. Hi, in my workstation what is the easiest way of making the Bill Of Materials (BOMs) consumption vary according to the entity that is being processed? For example if I get entity A I'll consume the BOM "BOM_of_A": If it is B I'll would consume "BOM_of_B". Thanks!
  2. Yes it is. But not in the same project, they're included as a library. So in a project I have Encomenda and a Model that has expression refering that Ecomenda. Then I have a greater model where I include this "Encomenda and a Model" as a library. Can I reference an object in an expression that doesn't exist in the project but will later be included in the model where this one will also be included? Thanks!
  3. This is the references from the project that includes that library: This is the references from the library: You can see that the ID is the same but the version is not... That could probably be easily modified in the XML, but we can't edit the XML. What should I do now?
  4. Hi, I'm getting this error when I sometimes unload and reload some libraries into the same project: This library in particular has an entity defined and now after load he says that... The entity is called "Encomenda" and its instance is "OPA001.161" in that particular screenshot. This happens ALOT with Simio, it messes up the project's references and there's no way to solve this. Ofcorse I've tried replacing all Encomenda's instances with new ones based on the new library I've loaded, but nothing changes, it is broken really bad.... What now? Do I need to start the project over? This happens alot with Simio.... Thanks!
  5. How can that be done? I can't find such option.
  6. ... unless they come from an external information source to simio, where we haven't object references
  7. Hi, can I get an object reference from a string with its name? Thanks!
  8. Can I associate a table and a row to an entity without using a source and without creating new state variables for that purpose?
  9. Hi, I have Academic version of Simio and recently I could try a Team version, but I see that the AssociatedObject property is missing in the Token object... What now? Did it change name? Is it a limitation? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I have this separator and I want to make copies based on a table. I have this table: What should I put in the expression property "Copy Quantity" for him to associate the current ModelEntity with the number of copies? I only know how to do this with processes... Thanks!
  11. Why can't we define arrays with dynamic sizes? It is is supported by many frameworks why can't Simio support it?
  12. Hi, I'm getting this strange error with the traveling step. It is easier to show you a video of it. What improper use am I doing of these steps? I want the entity to go to Server3 then comeback to the node and then go to the Server3 again. But I get that wierd error... Thanks!
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