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  1. Hello Pascal! Thank you so much for your reply! I tried the method you proposed this weekend and it worked quite well! It fixes the issue with updating the table too! So I'd like to thank you and @GFurtado for your replies! Without your help I'm sure I wouldn't have being able to fix this! Have a great day! Best to both! George
  2. Hi @ATSProThiede! Thanks for the reply! I did try using both types of blocks before and they're pretty good for updating states in real time, but I wanted to create the entities based on a Date/Time column from a table and I wasn't able to do so with either of those. As "barbaric" as it sounds the clicker solution actually works fine, and allows you to up or down the simulation time with no problem while still refreshing the tables, but it doesn't allow fast-forwarding and let's be honest, it's not professional at all. Yet until I find out how to use the API it's the best I can do with my knowledge! Thanks again! George
  3. Hi @GFurtado ! Thank you so much for your reply! I tried using the following to make the table go in order: TableName[ Math.Ceiling(Random.Uniform(0,TableName.AvailableRowCount) , ColumnNumber ] As @willem once posted in the forums, but instead of columns I used rows. Your logic works perfectly! And yes, now I find that there's no way for the tables to update themselves, I tried messing around with logic for a while but I found nothing of use. I posted another question about that kind of update too! But I guess I need help from one of the developers now... I mean, my computer skills are not bad but I'm not a software engineer, so API use is a bit out of hand for me. I tried creating a clicker or something similar in Python with low click time (around 0.03s/click) and it actually works, but it really slows down the whole system and it's probably the most barbaric solution that problem could have! I'll keep searching for a solution, and once again, thank you so much for your time!
  4. Hi again! Ok! I must've missed it because I tried to use it as a time table (for arrival times) , but now I've tried what you told me before with it as a State and it does update both the table and the simulation! (It takes values at random, but it works! I'll try to find a way to make a time index!) So I'll update my question! Can arrival time tables be modified the same way? Because it didn't work for me using the method we both described! It changed the units and got a bit fuzzy with it, like taking values at random instead of following the order of the table! Referencing the pictures above, it would be like it started following the arrival table in order (3,3,3,4,8,9...) and after I update it it just goes full random and takes whatever value it wants(making it quite hard to check if it actually used the new ones which it usually doesn't for some reason) , is there a way to keep the arrival times following an order after I update the table? Or am I doing something terribly wrong? (Which being honest, is much more likely! haha) Thanks to everyone in advance, and so sorry for my mistake!
  5. Hi GFurtado! Thanks for your answer! I'm using Simio 11.189 as my testing ground, and even though the ribbon is not the same, I can import data trough it, the problem is, even tho the data is imported into the table, it is not updated mid run so Simio keeps using the values previous to the new import, I'll elaborate a bit. Imagine these are the original values in the binded table I created. With those original values, I start the simulation and after a while I update the binded file (the .csv where Simio is taking values from) and I click on update table with the following options enabled. (Bear in mind! I've tried all of the options in the image below to no avail!) (Options used before clicking update mid-run) (Updated mid-run table, values get updated but Simio doesn't use them!) While the values get updated, Simio doesn't use them in this run (in the example I posted, it would only use the original first 9 values instead of all of the 19 values provided). As further context, I am indeed trying to make kind of a 'wacky' simulation, my idea is to update the .csv providing the data to the table at periodic intervals with new data from a real life reading from a machine, or something similar, and use that data as the entity creation time to try and make kind of a 'parallel' simulation with the actual readings of the system. But of course, for me being able to do that I need to know if Simio can update tables with new data and USE that new data mid - run! Thank you so much for your reply and for your time! Have a great one!
  6. First of all, Hi! This is my first time posting after some months of stalking in the shadows of the forum and after what I've seen, I'm certain I'll find my answer here! I've been working with Simio for some time now, and there has been something bothering me for a while, if something in a binded file changes, so does in Simio after you import the table again, or (if you have it on automatic) restart the simulation. But what if mid-run you wanted to add some values to one of your tables after a change in the file was made but you can't allow yourself to restart again? (A bit of a dramatic case, I know!) I've already seen that you can re-import data mid-run, but the values Simio uses don't get updated instantaneously while running, it's like it adds them to the table but waits for the next run to use them! So, my question is, is there a way to make Simio take in those new values in the binded table without the need to restart the simulation? Thanks to everyone in advance!
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