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  1. I've got multiple workers going to single server. As the title implies, I'd like these workers to mimic the real-life behaviour of randomly going on leave for a random amount of time. Ideally I'm looking for something that's shown in vehicles or servers, but for workers. Does anyone here know an easy workaround for this? I did think about adding in a add-on process after the worker releases an entity with a counter, and after a certain count the worker is seized for a random amount of time. I just thought there would be a better way. Another alternative would be creating a work schedule for each worker, but there's over 60, so that might take a while.
  2. Hi, I'm thinking about taking the online course for the level 2 Simio Certification. Has anyone taken it? I have moderate experience in Simio (+- 1 yr experience), and have already built a few models on my own. I'd just like to know if I'll really need this certification or if it will be a bit too easy.
  3. Hi all, Was wondering if Simio has machine learning capabilities? If so, are there examples/tutorials on how to do it? If not, are there plans for it to be included in the future?
  4. Hi all, I'm still a bit new to simulations, but here is the first one, it's a Dice Game used to reflect the effects of variation in a business. Often people will assume that just because you have good and bad days, your variation will eventually average out. This uses a simple claims process, where a task is dependant on the previous task, and can only handle what is currently in its work in progress pile (not what is coming next). The game works like this: - Each day, a person rolls his/her dice - This determines his/her current capacity (same for the customer) - The process can't take from the previous pile (even if they have excess capacity) The simulation highlights the effects of balancing flow, not capacity. I've added some properties that you can change at each one of the stations, such as a constant dice role or reduced variation. Last week my BPO team played the game (only for 10 days), then I showed them the simulation that runs for 200 days. Playing around with the different properties was also interesting and insightful. Any improvement comments are more than welcome, like I said, I'm still learning. Have fun! DiceGame_V3.spfx
  5. Hi all, I'm busy with creating simulation games that replicate the various concepts in Lean Six Sigma. These include impacts of variation in a system, multitasking effects, etc. If anyone is interested I can clean them up a bit and share them here. They work great for teaching people the various concepts, as I've added the ability to change the inputs to get different throughput/cycle time and work in progress results.
  6. Great thanks @gocken and @dsturrock for your responses!
  7. Hi all, I'm setting up a presentation to get accross the benefits of using Simio over Excel. They are pretty stubborn, as they've been using Excel for years now for project predictions. I just wanted to know has anyone here been in a similar predicament? If so, what tools (examples, interective games, slides, etc) did you use to get your point accross? I've set up a presentation, using old project examples as well as the benefits of the analytical vs simulation approaches, just wondered if there's anything else that I'm missing. Thanks!
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