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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, We have a model where we have multiple entity states. This creates interface challenges in defining and populating these states or changing many of them at a time. My question is, can the UI be bypassed in some way using some kind of batch operations? For example suppose I want to assign 150 entity states using string construction and naming conventions easily set up in a spreadsheet. Is there a way to define all those states and import them from a file rather than hand editing each one in the Definitions UI? Another example is I want to set large numbers of these states at appropriate points in processing. Is there any way to do so by just importing name value pairs from a file rather than hand editing each one and copy pasting from a spreadsheet built up accordingly. Thanks Very Much, Jim
  2. Hello, this is probably a trivial question but I've already read a lot of material and tried a lot of things but I've been unable to do what I need. I have a Top Model which represents the general view of my facility, and a submodel consisting of a Workstation and some additional logic of combiners and separators. This submodel represents a machine that I want to instantiate in my Top Model multiple times. Now, I'll need to assign an operator present in the Top Model to perform the setup and teardown steps in my Workstation. And so, I've tried to reference the Secondary Resources, so I can assign the operators in the top model. But referencing the secondary resources it does not seem to work since the top model does not get access to the subfields in the Secondary Resources (Object type, Object Name etc.). I've also tried to individually reference each subfield but this also does not seem to work, since the referenced subfields do not seem to be part of the Secondary Resources Repeat Group. Which is the cleanest way to achieve want I want? Thank you in advance, Pedro Prates
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