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  1. Good day, We are currently looking for graduates located in Singapore for an internship with a Large Multinational firm. Please email resumes to mark@realdigitaltwins.com should you be interested. No previous experience required, yet will be an advantage. Mark
  2. Both of you need to start utilizing tables to build and drive your model logic. Have a look at the models under: Support Tab -> Examples -> SchedulingSomething.spfx Understanding how to utilize table based input logic will elevate the pain of modelling large supply chains and associated data sets. Ditto with your issue surrounding input distributions....
  3. You need to re-assign the x and z coords of the node during run time (i.e. Node.Location.X and Node.Location.Z).... Best way to do this is with a table with an object reference property.....
  4. We are looking for an intermediate skilled Simio engineer for a 3 month contract. You will be able to work remotely with myself, whilst engaging through an online or VR platform, should you have a headset. Please pm me your details if interested. All conversations are treated as confidential.
  5. It can indeed...Have a look at the jib crane library as well...there are numerous ways in which the robot can be constrained....if you need help to alter it...send me a pm....
  6. If the person who gave you training did not tell you about the simbits (See Attached), I would suggest to ask for your money back....
  7. Honestly, if you are just starting out with Simio...you are looking at utilizing a server per stop, with a secondary resource to act as the traffic light control mechanism.
  8. Set the buffers to zero...instead of using specifi time for processing, utilize task sequences and set the processing type property to process...I would then look to an add on process to check the stay post a delay.... Note their is a better way to do this with freespace routing, yet I think you will find that more challenging.
  9. Look towards the simbits under the support tab. Specifically the datatables simbits will show you how best to interact.
  10. All the levers you have at your disposal may be found here...
  11. There is definitively a better way to approach this, yet it would require substantial changes to the existing top and sub model. A detailed understanding of table Schemas and repeat groups will set you on the right path. As a quick work around, yo want an Object Reference property of Type Object placed within your submodel. In the main model, you need to place the name of the Secondary Resource which it may use. Send me your email in PM then we can do a quick screen share and I can show you if you dont come right.
  12. So I have a rather complex issue that needs to be resolved basis multiple entities in a wait block. I think this is actually the first decent use I have found for a storage queue as it seems to allow me to shuffle the entities within the wait block, basis entry and exit ranking rules. I can then just use the condition in the wait block to match the specific or subset of entities that adhere to the condition in the storage queue (see attached)
  13. Hi Luu. If this is help for the Simio Student Competition, it kinda defeats the purpose for us to assist you.
  14. Very Interesting as I am grappling with the exact same issue at this point in time.... In short the answer lies in the condition (see attached)...If you are looking for the first entity to be released in the queue, the screenshot will work....Still looking at how to select specific entities and will let you know once I have figured it out....
  15. Yeah send me you email in a private message. I will need to show you over a quick web-conference as it will take some time to write out what can be explained verbally and visually in 2 min. Would be great if we can record videos on this blog.
  16. Good day Luu. Happy to have a look at your model (you can pm me if it is confidential) to help resolve your issues. There are a few key steps you are missing. It should not take more than 10 min to correct and set you on the right path. Mark
  17. Stations or storage queues....stick the base of the robot in a station or a storage queue that is situated inside the subclassed transporter....
  18. Yeah mate...get onto the Shared Items Folder and download both the Robot Arm...as well as the Jib Crane Libraries.... You will need to put those objects on a transporter....Happy to assist you with doing that....
  19. Search the entity whom needs to be reassigned a priority, and use an assign block to give entity.priority a new value. Hope this helps.
  20. Trick is to disable to timer, and re-enable it. That should rest the time interval. Also, have a look at the available levers for the timer element.
  21. Classic age old problem that has been the source of many a wasted hour and frustration.... Try candidate.ModelEntity.EntityType.Is.productA || candidate.ModelEntity.EntityType.Is.productB Hope this helps...
  22. Cant open your model... use a monitor element and set the condition to i.e. 75% of processing time...catch the process and seize the required resources with a move the objects...be sure to reserve the resources (block) upon arrival.... You will need to take your resources assignments out of the task sequences as currently defined. I am online today if you want me to have a look.
  23. So the first BIG no no is your use of WorkStations instead of Servers....Simio is looking to phase out workstations so I would suggest to change those back to servers....(i.e. right click and select "Convert To Type"). If I am not mistaken...its your Keys and relational setup of the tables that are causing your issues...i.e....the "display name" is not referencing the table you think it is refrencing.... Try adding some groupings and you will see what I mean....Hit F1 and read up on how to do that.... Also....Make sure you set this to True, and understand what it does....It will mitigate the need for creating processes as you did....
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