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  1. Do not worry. Thanks for your suggestions and the clarify
  2. Thanks, but I tried with a decide step before the tally that verify State>0. And it works perfectly. How ever, Where comes from the .lastrecordedvalue? Because it didn't appear in the expression tab but the Simio's model accept the expression and it surprised me pleasantly
  3. Hi, It works using ProcessName.Enabled. I think It could work also with the delay step generally, but in my case I cannot do it in that way because the process with the period time was related to a server that accomplished the funtion of allow passing depending of the type of entities to my system model. Thanks a lot, for both of you, for your answers. Sorry to bother you again, but I just wondering If someone know how can I exclude the zero numbers on a tally wich value is determinated by a state. I tried in the Tally's advance options in exclussion expression like State==0 and also as Tally==0, but inmediately does not appear in the results tab
  4. Hi, I need to execute a process only during three hours per day, but I cannot use the timer because It just represent a point in time and I need a period of time Someone can recommend me an simbit, or give me some advice in topic Thanks in advance
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