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  1. Is there any way for me to assign a setup time to a combiner? Is the setup time property only available in workstation object? Under the Advanced Options of the combiner, there is this Expected Setup Time expression. Can I use it to specify the setup time needed before a batch can be processed? Thank you
  2. In my model, I have a combiner that batch 1 parent entity and 9 member entities together. I then need these 10 entities, when travelling out of the output node of the combiner, to go to 2 different paths. 5 of them should go on a path to node A and 5 of them should go to another path to node B. I tried using Combiner.BatchQuantity at Output_Combiner_Entered Add-on process but it doesn't work. May I have some suggestions? Note that the batch number is not fixed and will vary during the simulation run.
  3. Hello I would like to revive this thread. So In my model, there is a combiner that generates a batch by batching 1 parent entity and 29 member entities together. After the combiner, I want to assign exactly 30% of 30 entities(i.e: both the parent and the member entities) to state "A" and the remaining 70% of the 30 entities to state "B". May I have some suggestions as to how to do so? Thank you!
  4. Ah, I didn't know that I can use the step Create. I will look into it. Thank you!
  5. Hi gocken Its a model-level(i.e global state variable. For example, initially the value of currentrownumber is 1. It is used to make reference to the first row of a data table to create a particular number of entities as the first arrival event. After the created entities of the first arrival event reached some downstream workstation in the model, the Keep Track Population global state variable is set to zero. Then at this point, I want to create a second arrival event by referencing to the second row in the data table. I do this by incrementing the gobal state variable currentrownumber by 1 and fire an event right after. I would like to use this event to trigger the second arrival by making reference to the second row in the data table. In my model, i would like to continue generating the next arrival events by referring to each row of a data table from row 1 to the final row. Hope this clarifies my question. Thank you very much!
  6. In the source of my model, I would like to generate arrival events by looking through row by row of a given table. However, I only want to create the 2nd arrival event when all the entities of the created by the first arrival event has moved beyond a certain point, where Globalstatevalue = 0. So in my process flow, I did something like this:When the globalstatevalue = 0, I want to go to the next row of my table and generate the 2nd arrival. I did this my fire an event The setting at my source: Arrival Mode: On event Triggering Event Name: name of event that I fired in the process flow. I managed to get the initial arrival to make sure that the Globalstatevalue = 0. condition is reached. However, the 2nd event is not triggerd at all and the CurrentRowNumber is not incremented as well. May I have some advice please? Thank you
  7. Hi Watsons Thank you very much for your explanation. Mine is the case where I have to use the process SetRow to assign an entity to an associated row in a given table. However, I'm a bit confused about how to refer to the values of this associated row. For example, I assign an entity to row 1 in TableA, in which there are 3 columns. What I want to do is to get the value of col1,row1 in TableA from the model entity itself: so I'm looking for something like ModelEntity.col1 which gives the value of col1, row1 in tableA. Can such a thing be done in Simio? Thank you
  8. Hi Watson Thank you for your detailed answer. I still have another question about searching rows in a table, especially relational data table. In the search step, there is only 1 match condition. How can I search a row based on 2 or more conditions? Can I still use Search Row? Or must I use something else? Thank you!
  9. According to the reference guide, I can attach a status label to a model entity by first choosing the model entity and the creating the status label. It works for me, but not all the time. May I know if there is a way to fix this? My simio version is 10.174 Personal Edition. Thank you
  10. Hi Watson, my table is in fact a relational table. May I have some clarification on what you meant by the row within the relation? For example, if my table is like this: Brand Quantity P&G 100 Vendor1 20 Vendor2 30 Vendor3 50 And I would like to search the row with Vendor 2 30. Then may I ask which row number will be returned in this case? Thank you
  11. Is there any way to return the row number of a row or rows found by a Search add-on process? This is because I would like to use this number for other purposes in my model. Thanks!
  12. I have 3 questions: 1) I have a data table, each row representing an entity to be created. I create several entities and assign each of them to each row in this data table, using a SetRow Process. I have read somewhere that after I set a row to an entity, it becomes or token? So what is a token exactly? 2) Also, after a created entity is set to a row in the data table, is there any special syntax I can use to make reference to values in other columns in this row? Or I still need to keep track of which row in the data table the entity is set to and make the references using the normal table referencing syntax accordingly? Thank you !
  13. I would like to refer to the BicycleAssembly Simio Simbit as I'm using it as a reference to set up my own model. As I set the Initialization step of my model, I read the Orders table row by row, using a global variable called CurrentRowNumber. However, when an order entity is created, I would like to keep track of the row in the Orders table that entity is created from with a model-entity level state variable. However, I'm not sure how to do. I cannot just assign the value of this ModelEntity.State = GlobalCurrentRowNumber as the GlobalCurrentRowNumber continuously changes as the simulation runs. May I have some suggestion as to how to do so? Thank you
  14. In my model, there are 2 types of entities created by 2 sources: Entity Type A and Entity Type B.The changeover setup time matrix is something like Previous Entity Type A TypeB Incoming Entity Type A 0 Random.exponential(15) Type B Random.Exponential(10) 0 I know how to do it using the changeover matrix, but apparently, the changeover matrix can't take random distributions. May I have some suggestions as to how to go about this? Thank you!
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